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Absinthium- 05.12.07

What is one to think when your favorite candy company comes out with an incredibly gorgeous line of absinthe products… with some of the most breathtaking graphics and packaging? Chic City Rats pointed out this collection, and noted that Torino based, Pastiglie Leone is turning 150 this year! (If you’re feeling nice and seeing this in france or italy, send some over!) Far more pics below…

(click to view massively)


And what’d my attachment to these Pastiglie Leone candies? LOVE the packaging for starters (something about the paper wrapped boxes with such gorgeous vintaged graphics), and it was one of my usual pick me ups that i’d suck on during lectures while living in Milan. The Cinnamon ones were my fav, and yes they do look a bit like erasers…


Additionally - apparently you can get custom printed wrapped boxes!!! and also tins! The next notcot schwag might need to be these…

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Lovely! I received the absinthe candies as a stocking stuffer a few years ago. And as an absinthe spoon collector, I’m completely coveting that special edition spoon!

----- Toni 11.01.12 12:31

fantastic. inspirational. thank you :-)
christopher hanlon sydney

----- Christopher Hanlon from Sydney 16.08.09 19:55

My colleague is from Torino and brought me back some when he last went home for a visit. The chocs are delicious. I want more but Italy is a bit far. Is there anywhere to get them in Venice, I wonder. I will be in Venice later this year but can’t go all the way to Torino for more chocolates. My colleague will just have to get me more!

----- Marcia 13.11.08 05:21

Okay, I’m hooked. Can you email me to let me know where I can get Pastigile?

----- tami 19.11.07 12:04

NotCot - Still looking for the Pastiglie? Email me, I’ll hook you up. :)

----- Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy 12.06.07 13:52

God! I have to get the whole collection!

----- jc 19.05.07 08:13

I am a Leone freak, and here I thought it was just me! Thank you for this…

----- wind-up-bird 16.05.07 22:47

Nice! I’d definitely vote for pastiglie leone notcot swag… Anice flavor for me ;-)

----- oO 12.05.07 18:44

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