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Function- 06.14.07

I could use some magical functioning elixir right about now ~ just drove down to LA from SF a few days ago and have been running around non stop! Spotted these over at Josh Spear’s, and i must say i’m curious (although design wise, the packaging and branding of Vitamin Water still seem a bit nicer) ~ these Function Drinks are apparently the brain child of an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA, Dr. Alex Hughes. If these are the magical elixir they seem to claim, i think i might need cases of the Vacation alternating with Brainiac… and occasional doses of Youth Trip and Light Weight mixed in as well.

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light weight is my favorite. ive been drinking it as an alternative to my bad snackings and it actually makes me less hungry.

----- christine 05.12.07 10:54

Found this stuff in Austin at Whole Foods and I am hooked. I literally can’t go a day without my Youth Trip and Brainiac. I can’t wait to try the other ones, but if they work as well as the others, I am sold.

----- Brian 26.06.07 14:58

i’ve tried the Urban Detox, and it actually really works. got no hangover at all.

----- kputra 18.06.07 11:51

that’s some seriously horrendous naming going on. this is the kind of noise that Damon Dash might invest in as an effort to be as tight as 50.

----- Amit 16.06.07 04:55

hmmm, I’ll keep an eye out, although I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical of all these so called nutritional beverages- if they’re anything like Vitamin Water, I’ll pass- too much sugar, too many empty calories.

----- Shelby 15.06.07 12:26

where can i buy it?

----- alisha 15.06.07 08:02

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