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Coca de Mayo- 05.04.07

On the list of things i blame the internet for - add this case of Mexican Coca Cola - $17.99 for 24 at Costco, in those fabulously irresistible classic glass bottles - and REAL SUGAR. Not that i can’t get these at the corner store around the… corner. Or the little taco place less than a block away… but i blame Digg followed by YumSugar and also SFist. In one of those morning RSS skims i hear, “Digg says there are cases of mexican coke at costco!”… Figures that when my response is “But which costco, you don’t even know if they are in SF”, that the only ones the articles know have them for sure are here. So a day early - FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO. Costco and the marketing frenzy for this holiday are in full force, and between the “beers of mexico” cases and the bulk sized frozen burritos and tortilla chips… its true, you can find bulk cases of the *real sugar* coca cola bottles. More silly pictures below, couldn’t help myself - on design details, i love that bottle made of bubbles graphic.





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damn it!!! may 5th is not the mexican independece aniversary.. is the conmemoration of one of he few battles won in the war that we lost during the french invasion. That holiday was taken by mexican americans as their own holiday.
So when you are in mexico during this “holiday” dont go all “wooo 5 de mayo!!! hell yeah!!” on us.


i love this site

----- Mau 16.06.10 22:13

Yeah I just picked up a case at Sams Club and its sooooo good! Dose anyone know if it will be avalible in america for long?

----- mitch 27.04.10 15:26

where can i order these coke bottles from??

please reply
thank you

----- Ryan 21.05.08 20:29

its true im lucky i have corner store near my house and they sell coca colas from mexico so im lucky!! they should ban the plastic botles they release all the gas once u opened..

----- miriam 03.05.08 13:21

Ernst, get your conspiracy theories correct. The bottler of Coca-Cola in Columbia was alleged to have hired paramilitary thugs to assassinate union organizers. But investigations by a Columbian court and the Columbian Attorney General found no evidence or proof of connection.

----- Jay 11.05.07 11:39

but why buy coke in the first place? I firmly believe that the Coca-Cola corporation are extremely evil. There’s even evidence that suggests that they had government officials assassinated in Mexico because of some regulations they were going to implement.

----- ernst 08.05.07 08:03

It’s funny you mention them. we take it for granted here in South East Asia and drink from these bottles, from Malaysia, to Cambodia and Vietnam

----- juliana 08.05.07 00:10

i think what you, i mean, we, appreciate is the diversity, the different of the cola. I’m from DomRep and here i will always prefer crystal bottled Coke over the plastic ones but there is one thing im sure of, there is nothing like a good can of a good ol’ atlanta (US)made coca-cola. You people are not even grasping the goodness of it, you take it for granted! But seriously i think is the change, the different kind of cola makes us tingle… Kudos for those bottles.

----- RicKs 07.05.07 22:53

Amazing images… all lined in a row = very dramatic

----- *Terramia* 07.05.07 15:11

here in Brazil we have plenty of sugar cane….
it’s interesting how americans get amazed about it and for us is just like an usual thing.
you should really quit this high-fructose corn syrup you have up there….is just not good/healthy

----- rafael 07.05.07 12:33

I sometimes have to go to BevMo to get old-time-like sodas with real sugar cane. They are so much better. Coke in other countries always tastes different. I like that. It’s like finally meeting the brother of a good friend.

(thanks for the buttons by the way! I’ll try to take pictures of them soon)

----- david 06.05.07 00:14

I just got back from Mexico on Thursday. I was dominating them Cokes. I had to bring a few home, i also grabbed a few Sprites in the bottle too.

----- Complexone 05.05.07 19:12

there is an amazing difference in the amount of liquid in those bottles. we get that in the plastic ones at work when the pressure has been let out. the ones that are nearly full are flat. Same deal? or just quality control on the filling a bit off?

----- michael 05.05.07 02:08

Its true, you have to get Coke and other classics like it from a foreign country for the truly original flavor and bypass the altered ‘health’ of America. And the taste will stick with you. I remember full sugar, glass bottle, 7ups and Cokes in Baja on the beach with a course of lobster, fish, fresh tortillas, real beans and lemons/limes. Good times :).

----- Lone 05.05.07 01:51

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