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For starters, the name [OOBA] makes you NEED to say it over and over. Yes the primal chidish side of me has emerged this morning. Stumbled upon this breathtaking bassinet over at Greener Grass Design, and its seriously objects like these that make me swoon. And this photo with the matching chair, in the grass, how calm and peaceful and simply modern does that feel? The story behind this line is just as sweet, “Ooba was created when designers and first-time parents Scott Wilson, Kathleen Brandenburg and Dan Kraemer realized the need for baby furniture that complemented their home and lifestyle.” Basically, taking a trio of the most influential designers and brand strategists, and then giving them the biggest inspiration of their lives (their first kids)… and out pops Ooba, the beginning of a children’s line of furniture unlike any other. Eagerly awaiting the crib, rocker, and glider.

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Ugly Home

The Parisian store, Ugly Home, also has these interesting pieces… for those who need light and lack a proper green thumb, these funky lamps… for those who can’t deal with real birds hanging out on wires, this adorable wallpaper… and then just a set of plates that caught my eye… Ugly Home, i have mixed feelings, for while the site is a bit painful to navigate, it is strangely appealing none the less.

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Ugly Stickers

Ugly Home has these interesting stickers…

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Whimsical Baubles

bauble.jpgWord of the day may be Whimsy. Funkier than whimsical, still has that bizarre appeal. Menu has these great little hanging glass baubles (to the left), rightly named “Galerie Spheres” - and they evoke such a clean floaty feeling, ideal for holding or showcasing nearly anything from frogs on lily pads, to that random fingerpainting masterpiece your kid did … or even to just toss your keys into when you get home. The genius is that the shape and design of the piece will make pretty much anything look precious. I also love the sperical shape of the metal piece which attaches the glass to the cord (reminds me of those keychains where you could swap keys which were preattached with the little metal ball on a stick on and off).

Then to our right, CB2 has [for a mere $3.95!!!] a similar piece. Ok so it is similar in general visual feel, but the details are at a very different level. It has a flat bottom, air holes for the candle’s heat to escape, and a blown glass space to hang it from.

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Law of the Lever

prod1060153_lg.jpg Found a pic of this in the treo as well, i take snapshots of things to remind myself to show them to you. Restoration hardware, stumbled upon this while xmas shopping… gorgeous wine opener, nice use of leverage, beautiful rosewood handles.

Here’s what they say:
Chalais Corkscrew :: $24
True to Archimedes’ “law of the lever,” our corkscrew has extra-long handles that provide greater leverage for easier cork removal.
+ Rosewood levers span a full 10”
+ Levers conceal a pullout foil cutter and bottle opener
+ Stainless steel with nonstick corkscrew

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Barsky Signage

“i love my dog and my dog loves me” - “i’m a happy camper” - “please don’t feed the wildlife” [with that great image of a mosquito - playfully implying we have much of a choice in the matter!] - These 8x10 signs have a baked on silkscreen finish, and hangs from an attached hook on the back. Clean, simple, playfully vintage graphics and text provide just the neccessary cheekiness for any home or office. I personally am a huge fan of the happy camper one at the moment. Who wouldn’t be? Pamela Barsky also has a great line of vintage scarf pocket mirrors and magnets as well as dog tags i adore.

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Scandinavian Details

scandino.pngScandinavian Details is a shop i came across in SF the last trip that i’ve waited months to tell you about simply b/c they had not yet gotten a website up. This Dinosaur pull toy is just precious… and the smooth simple quality of the creature pulls so sleekly, it made me wish i was a little kid so i could justify having one… “In the belief that less-complex toys create more ingenuity at play, our Swedish toys are simplified, cheerful and natural wooden toys. Brightly painted and carved from solid birch, this collection of whimsical animals and machines is highly mobile. Perched on rockers or dragged along on wheels, each toy is certain to provide hours upon hours of delight. ” For this and other well picked Scandinavian design elements visit their store and their site pronto!

ALSO : “To help celebrate our launch, we’re offering a 15% discount on all our online orders to our customers through February 4, 2006. Use this code when placing your order: JAN2006PROMO”

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The Food Loop

HA. freakishly appealing in a strange inexplicable way. (yes yes, i know people are now claiming studies are showing sillicon appeals to women, but don’t researchers realize maybe there’s a part of that due to how practical and amazing the functions and features silicone provides are?)… but either way, the FOOD LOOP is a trip, and a fun website, with some of the best product photography i’ve seen in a while. Its imaginative and captivating, and they are just these hot pink crazy silicone straps!

Click to read more to see the pic of their great packaging as well. Design group Fusion Brands out of Atlanta really did an impressive job on the design and website of this product… and you MUST watch the video (with Snatch like music, and a playful simple cooking walk through, anyhow just watch it here)

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As far as great use of CafePress goes, I’m very impressed with Split Design’s work. Seriously, how adorable are these mugs, while by now i’m sure you all know i’m a sucker for clean vector images, not to mention in basic black on white… so these mugs are getting high on my back up holiday gift list reccomendations… Who wouldn’t want one? Also great coasters and posters as well… check out the store here.

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Muji Wine Opener

aluminum.pngNice design. Can’t wait to try one to see how well it works… the concept seems like it should work well, and visually there’s something enticing about it. Another Muji holiday gift suggestion.

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Offi Roller bench

Much like those old fashioned roll top desks (i always secretly wanted one as a kid), combined with a nice curved bench, and then make it a functional storage space… You end up with this great children’s bench by Offi. Also: that little tab really looks like the bench is sticking its tongue out.

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Justincase - portable bar

Friend just sent this over… and it blows my mind. First - YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE FLASH ANIMATIONS ON THE SITE. Now… This is a portable bar… in a case ready to be flown/put in the back of your standard rental car/carried by YOU the lone bartender of the night. It’s edgy simplistic design combined with brilliant functionality… not to mention flexibility in branding/customizing… is just incredible. “Our portable bar weighs approx. 27kg and can be completely set up in less than 3 minutes. After all you want to use your mobile bar, not spend time setting it up. And the best: The bar comes in three pieces only, no tools are necessary to assemble it, no screws or other small parts can be lost.” JustinCase They also just won the Austrian Design Award 2005.

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desiron.pngComfy. And aesthetically gorgeous and minimalistic. This is the Desiron Chelsea Platform Bed… also comes in your choice of many woods. Greg Finney from 2modern dropped notcot a line, and showed me his great modern furnishings site, just in time for some holiday shopping! Also take a look at his helpful blog… some nice insights on decorating and making your perfect space.

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mistic.jpgPosted to C&M This one was too pretty to pass up, and i can imagine it on a modern take of a massive dining hall… imagine if Lumiere was pyrex? This ‘Mistic’ is a visually stunning new piece which creates what feels like a carefully entwined batch of test tubes. Israeli designer Arik Levy’s new candelabra for Turkish company Gaia & Gino is a breathtaking use of Pyrex. Coming in three sizes, its versatility allow it to be used as a candelabra, vase, centerpiece, or whatever your heart desires. Gaia & Gino are the firm which also brought you the Karim Rashid series “Happy People”, who’s goblets were all double sided.

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Canvas Lounge

canvaslounge.jpgPosted to C&M… Found this when hunting for new alternatives to quick and unique (well relatively unique) wall coverings The Canvas Lounge provides “original & affordable art for your home or business”. When Marie needs a quick fix for decorating a new house, apartment, room for unexpected guests, the Canvas Lounge is the perfect place to find unique placeholders that liven up a room, and provide that much needed edgy conversation piece… whether an abstracted woman on bold colors, or a lively cityscape of tokyo in matrix like greens and blacks. You can even choose your own imagery to have printed onto canvas or 10mm perspex with a flame polished edges and chrome or satin finish fittings. All pieces are available in a range of sizes to suit your space.

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