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Justincase - portable bar

Friend just sent this over… and it blows my mind. First - YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE FLASH ANIMATIONS ON THE SITE. Now… This is a portable bar… in a case ready to be flown/put in the back of your standard rental car/carried by YOU the lone bartender of the night. It’s edgy simplistic design combined with brilliant functionality… not to mention flexibility in branding/customizing… is just incredible. “Our portable bar weighs approx. 27kg and can be completely set up in less than 3 minutes. After all you want to use your mobile bar, not spend time setting it up. And the best: The bar comes in three pieces only, no tools are necessary to assemble it, no screws or other small parts can be lost.” JustinCase They also just won the Austrian Design Award 2005.

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desiron.pngComfy. And aesthetically gorgeous and minimalistic. This is the Desiron Chelsea Platform Bed… also comes in your choice of many woods. Greg Finney from 2modern dropped notcot a line, and showed me his great modern furnishings site, just in time for some holiday shopping! Also take a look at his helpful blog… some nice insights on decorating and making your perfect space.

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mistic.jpgPosted to C&M This one was too pretty to pass up, and i can imagine it on a modern take of a massive dining hall… imagine if Lumiere was pyrex? This ‘Mistic’ is a visually stunning new piece which creates what feels like a carefully entwined batch of test tubes. Israeli designer Arik Levy’s new candelabra for Turkish company Gaia & Gino is a breathtaking use of Pyrex. Coming in three sizes, its versatility allow it to be used as a candelabra, vase, centerpiece, or whatever your heart desires. Gaia & Gino are the firm which also brought you the Karim Rashid series “Happy People”, who’s goblets were all double sided.

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Canvas Lounge

canvaslounge.jpgPosted to C&M… Found this when hunting for new alternatives to quick and unique (well relatively unique) wall coverings The Canvas Lounge provides “original & affordable art for your home or business”. When Marie needs a quick fix for decorating a new house, apartment, room for unexpected guests, the Canvas Lounge is the perfect place to find unique placeholders that liven up a room, and provide that much needed edgy conversation piece… whether an abstracted woman on bold colors, or a lively cityscape of tokyo in matrix like greens and blacks. You can even choose your own imagery to have printed onto canvas or 10mm perspex with a flame polished edges and chrome or satin finish fittings. All pieces are available in a range of sizes to suit your space.

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These Garcia Chairs by Martin Mostboek are sucking me in with their graphic design beauty… there’s just something about griffins… found it on d*s

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enook.pngAnthro is a designer of high quality modular and ergonomic computer furniture, all with a Lifetime Warranty. They recently launched the eNook, which is the best tech space saver i’ve found for any home or space where you have your laptop, mp3, psp, mobile phones, camera, bluetooth gadgets, and more. And a great way to keep it out of sight, cables and all. Its the murphy bed of portable tech, with a build in power strip and a full system of cable management clips, its the cleanest way to store your gear, and still have the slim wall mount serve as a fold out desktop. Beyond the tech, the design details and customizable options make this worth exploring for your space… Fabric patterns range from “Morph/Autumn” and “Dwell/Coop” to things like “Quantum/Beeline”… and the main finish comes in Maple, Cherry wood, or a white finish. eNook starts shipping in mid-November, and the base unit is $399.

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French GD meets Tile

industreal.pngCarreaux enchantes “A reinterpretation of the classic square ceramic tile. Form is freed from its shackles and plays with volume and thickness. Everyone can compose their own fresco, decorate their walls and play with these building blocks.” Designed by Chou Cailou, a french graphic/product design duo. Love the hedgehog… found on industreal.

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Ron Arad’s Victoria + Albert

This is the first divani (couch, but divani sounds more exciting) i fell for when i moved to Milan for design school. Wandering through the streets upon one of many exquisite design showrooms, this one has me breathless. So i had to post it when i ran into it again while researching some other pieces…

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Floral Doodles

I fell for the floral ways of Tord Boontje designs long before i realized who they were… they are in fact the brilliant minds behind much of the floral laser cut garland styled lamps, lace, silks, chairs, and patterns you’ve seen around the last 2 years at all design shows… (see more pics post jump)… but i just found these plates at the London Design Museum Shop, and they are just gorgeously playful. Yes i’m grinning to no end posting this post. Enjoy.

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Kai Richter design from 2002 titled “Cups”. I crave expresso right now… These were a cool idea. But two cups = two one sip half expressos? [i’m sleepy, so this is a quickie random post before doing more work]

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Pink Pigeon -

It is a pink pigeon, that emits light. By Ed Carpenter. Wall mounted light made of 3mm vac-formed Perspex with 25W light bulb.Available in white, grey, pink and orange with either white or orange flex. Ha.

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Skateable Furniture

furnitureskateab.jpgReg at WMMNA found this great piece that finally embraces the use of external furniture and spaces to be inevitably used by skaters, and instead of trying to fight it, embraced it.

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Woven Glass

To be honest, the last few weeks, life and passions have been conflicted and busy. Trying to get back to what drives me, a few sites pointed me to this amazing Woven Glass art, and its just blown my mind. Absolutely gorgeous, in both a tactile and visual way, i had to share it. Gorgeous and fascinating isn’t it? Enjoy. Also like the design and simplicity of the website… Markow & Norris

p.s. any socal (esp LA or SD readers, who would be interested in getting more involved, or finding new people to embark on ideas and projects with, please email… on a hunt for invigorating, passionate new people to design with!)

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Wine Bottle Flutes?

464-1.jpgEden project glasses…

Green Glass Flutes:: These glasses are made into recycled flutes without melting them down. Colour and style may vary. Box set of 2. Price: £11.95

Playful glasses, kind of like the lizard sandblasted into it…

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Seatbelt + Hammock = ?

Fun design. “Ting’s ‘Sling’ is woven using end of line seatbelt fabric. Soon to be available for personal commissions in a choice of bright shades including hot pink, orange, camel, turquoise, chocolate or chic black. For a stunning alternative the hammock can be woven into a colourful or black and white check. Available in two widths: 80cm wide x 2m long forone person or 1.5m wide x 2m long for two people - great for those that want to cuddle up and swing on the sling.”

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