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Kai Richter design from 2002 titled “Cups”. I crave expresso right now… These were a cool idea. But two cups = two one sip half expressos? [i’m sleepy, so this is a quickie random post before doing more work]

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Pink Pigeon -

It is a pink pigeon, that emits light. By Ed Carpenter. Wall mounted light made of 3mm vac-formed Perspex with 25W light bulb.Available in white, grey, pink and orange with either white or orange flex. Ha.


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Skateable Furniture

furnitureskateab.jpgReg at WMMNA found this great piece that finally embraces the use of external furniture and spaces to be inevitably used by skaters, and instead of trying to fight it, embraced it.

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Woven Glass

To be honest, the last few weeks, life and passions have been conflicted and busy. Trying to get back to what drives me, a few sites pointed me to this amazing Woven Glass art, and its just blown my mind. Absolutely gorgeous, in both a tactile and visual way, i had to share it. Gorgeous and fascinating isn’t it? Enjoy. Also like the design and simplicity of the website… Markow & Norris

p.s. any socal (esp LA or SD readers, who would be interested in getting more involved, or finding new people to embark on ideas and projects with, please email… on a hunt for invigorating, passionate new people to design with!)

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Wine Bottle Flutes?

464-1.jpgEden project glasses…

Green Glass Flutes:: These glasses are made into recycled flutes without melting them down. Colour and style may vary. Box set of 2. Price: £11.95

Playful glasses, kind of like the lizard sandblasted into it…


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Seatbelt + Hammock = ?

Fun design. “Ting’s ‘Sling’ is woven using end of line seatbelt fabric. Soon to be available for personal commissions in a choice of bright shades including hot pink, orange, camel, turquoise, chocolate or chic black. For a stunning alternative the hammock can be woven into a colourful or black and white check. Available in two widths: 80cm wide x 2m long forone person or 1.5m wide x 2m long for two people - great for those that want to cuddle up and swing on the sling.”

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Fruits & Passion - Cleaning

The Art Home line of home cleaning products by the Canadian Company Fruits & Passion is eco friendly and gorgeously packaged… Their line includes Ecological Home Cleaners, Fabric Softeners, Detergents, Cleansing Hand Gels, Room and Fabric Deodorizers, Glass Cleaner, and more. Definitely worth looking into further when it comes to eco-friendly aesthetically pleasing products.

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It’s Hot. Zippi

Great idea, wonder how well it works, no Vornado has let me down yet, so i’m curious. CLOTH blades… folds down to store… supposedly extra quiet… NEW! pre-order for 40$.


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mogu.jpgHaving trouble sleeping tonight, can’t find a comfortable position. Found these online, wish i had one now. Before Brookstone’s FOM, there was MOGU, and MOGU comes in great designs and colors… tonight’s feature being the body sized ones… the angular one that emulates a side sleeper you can put between your legs… and a perfectly straight sleeper as well. … you MUST watch the video on the new Mogu Sleep System Pillow here.

Better than the product and website, is the story… of how these “powder beads” were invented and came to save a man and his company… inventing the new material while exploring ways to recycle the tiny beads left over from making bicycle helmets… You must read the full story (post jump).

--> to more images

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Cheese Board Inlay

cat_0153_large.jpgHandmade walnut cheese board with Turquoise gem inlays that flow like a river. This just struck me when i was browsing online, and the mixture of colors and organic flows create an absolutely gorgeous and functional piece, perfect for serving guests, or just brightening your own cheese and french bread experience solo. Found at Clio.

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Simple Humans

Simple Human has been the talk of the town with everyone i know moving into new homes, settling into more permanent places in their lives. While the focus lately has been on their trashcans, i am quite impressed with their dishracks. This is the Swingarm Dishrack, which allows the multifunctional rack to serve as both a tray and a wine glass holder… something all of my previous racks have missed. Also innovative, take a look at the Compact Dishrack, which has a sleek integrated drip tray.

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Fish Hang

fish.pngWanting this. I must say i can’t seem to get my mind off of this simple piece since i saw it in Popgadget this morning. Its exactly what any living/working space needs to add some life in an aesthetically unique and playful manner. At 29$ at Post Modern Pets.

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DNA Art…

dna.jpgYour DNA, beautifully visualized and glicee printed on canvas… While i’m in love with the idea, and gorgeous implementation, you can’t help but wonder, is this like putting your credit card number on the wall? Assuming you have neighbors with the scientific power to clone you from the painting? Ok, all random possibilities aside, DNA11 has really done something interesting here.

In a nutshell, you send in a saliva sample, and choose color scheme… wait and recieve your dna as art. via Reluct & Mocoloco

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vornadofanc4in.jpgWow it’s hot in Socal these days… unbearably so. I couldn’t imagine getting through it without my trusty Vornado my mom got me back in the beginning of uni. So as i sit here melting less thanks to my infinitly variable speed tall Vornado… i browsed their website for the first time ever, and found this beauty!

So incase you didn’t know either, apparently the Vornados i know are a result of the “new improved Vornado company” of 1989, which inherited a history of fans dating back to the 40’s and 50’s in Whichita, Kansas… That new limited edition version combining the Vornado tech of today and the aesthetic of yesterday is gorgeous. (Also check out the History of Fans and the Green Vintage model)

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iron.JPG.jpgThis one’s from mom! Who, if we’re lucky will keep sending more fabulous finds, after all she’s the one i probably inherited much of my design aesthetic from. Here is Shane Inder’s IronMan…

“I wanted to put a bit of fun into it. They’re usually seen as a utilitarian item but now, with the Ironman, they are being seen as gifts. I think it’s pretty much on all the wedding lists at Living & Giving.” Just because they have become aesthetic objects doesn’t mean they have become less practical than ordinary ironing boards.

Cute idea, pity the man doesn’t actually put the shirt on, and magically iron like those 10 second machines? Still, absolutely adorable.

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