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Simple Humans

Simple Human has been the talk of the town with everyone i know moving into new homes, settling into more permanent places in their lives. While the focus lately has been on their trashcans, i am quite impressed with their dishracks. This is the Swingarm Dishrack, which allows the multifunctional rack to serve as both a tray and a wine glass holder… something all of my previous racks have missed. Also innovative, take a look at the Compact Dishrack, which has a sleek integrated drip tray.

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Fish Hang

fish.pngWanting this. I must say i can’t seem to get my mind off of this simple piece since i saw it in Popgadget this morning. Its exactly what any living/working space needs to add some life in an aesthetically unique and playful manner. At 29$ at Post Modern Pets.

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DNA Art…

dna.jpgYour DNA, beautifully visualized and glicee printed on canvas… While i’m in love with the idea, and gorgeous implementation, you can’t help but wonder, is this like putting your credit card number on the wall? Assuming you have neighbors with the scientific power to clone you from the painting? Ok, all random possibilities aside, DNA11 has really done something interesting here.

In a nutshell, you send in a saliva sample, and choose color scheme… wait and recieve your dna as art. via Reluct & Mocoloco

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vornadofanc4in.jpgWow it’s hot in Socal these days… unbearably so. I couldn’t imagine getting through it without my trusty Vornado my mom got me back in the beginning of uni. So as i sit here melting less thanks to my infinitly variable speed tall Vornado… i browsed their website for the first time ever, and found this beauty!

So incase you didn’t know either, apparently the Vornados i know are a result of the “new improved Vornado company” of 1989, which inherited a history of fans dating back to the 40’s and 50’s in Whichita, Kansas… That new limited edition version combining the Vornado tech of today and the aesthetic of yesterday is gorgeous. (Also check out the History of Fans and the Green Vintage model)

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iron.JPG.jpgThis one’s from mom! Who, if we’re lucky will keep sending more fabulous finds, after all she’s the one i probably inherited much of my design aesthetic from. Here is Shane Inder’s IronMan…

“I wanted to put a bit of fun into it. They’re usually seen as a utilitarian item but now, with the Ironman, they are being seen as gifts. I think it’s pretty much on all the wedding lists at Living & Giving.” Just because they have become aesthetic objects doesn’t mean they have become less practical than ordinary ironing boards.

Cute idea, pity the man doesn’t actually put the shirt on, and magically iron like those 10 second machines? Still, absolutely adorable.

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ME box

jpg42c169157398d.jpgOooh, Design*Sponge has found my weakness. Filing boxes for moving, my poor books (the carefully selected one box worth of many) are living in an office depot box, but how much more fun would it be to have them all in these, with funky iconic images punched out at my will? Love them! Maybe me, a hole punch, and my office depot box can get crafty.

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Don’t Walk. SIT.

Dont-Walk-Chair-lg.jpgIt’s perfect, you don’t walk, you sit here.
Don’t Walk Chair
Working New York City signs.
Custom modified metal frame with galvanized self adjusting feet.
Adjustable flash speed.
Silly isn’t it?

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Clean iconography Also by the Blomus design group.

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Key Slit.

Such a simple idea. One of the ones that makes you wonder why you never thought of it.

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Finn Juhl

Work Table
designer: Finn Juhl
year: c.1950
manufacturer: Niels Vodder

Finn Juhl (1912-1989) was first and foremost famous for his furniture. In the 1940s, he broke with the established furniture tradition and designed a number of creations that regenerated Danish furniture design. At the MilanTriennials in the 1950s, he was awarded no fewer than five gold medals and won international acclaim for his furniture. But Finn Juhl was not only an excellent furniture designer: he worked with all aspects of the architect´s profession. He gained international renown as an interior designer for his work on the Trusteeship Council Chamber at United Nations headquarters in New York. As an exhibition architect, he was the man behind the major showings of Danish applied art abroad which created the concept “Danish design” and paved the way for the Danish furniture industry´s export triumphs in the 1960s.

He’s worth a google if you’re not up on his pieces.

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Vintage Danish Fetish

chair.jpg I have a thing for vintage danish teak furniture tonight apparently the following pieces just kind of struck me in a way i can’t describe. Show me more! Find me the Designers. Rationalize my new found thing for Scandinavian design.

--> to more images

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Time OUT

75Fa9rOzVWOAmEbarjzGcrTi26CM.jpgTIME OUT! ahhhh, grade school flashbacks. Found this little gem on Craigslist, and its cracking me up. So cute… love the caption

What a great chair. Very cute. And the best part it works… Asking $20.00 OBO.

So i suppose i was on a time out from posting due to massive computer moving/server moving/ me moving/ furniture carrying/ outlet installing/ painting and blech fume inhaling… but i think i’m back!

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Donnie Darko

glassblob.jpgNight before last, checked out the Donnie Darko Director’s Cut midnight showing. WOW. everytime i see that movie it gets my gears turning, and somewhat freaks me out at the same time. But the most interesting visualization within it is those clear gelatinous fluid paths that he begins to see. The ones that lead to the next place/thing a person does? Doesn’t ring a bell? Go watch it? I cant find a picture of it online right now.

Anyhow these gorgeous glass pieces reminded me of that today. Also from Karin’s.

These glass pieces by Fredrika Linder have a wonderful weight and are about 30 cm tall, inspired by tulips and elephant trunks. Fredrika works as a designer at Lindhammars glass works in Småland and she was recently cover girl for swedish design magazine FORM.

I find the most captivating characteristic of blown glass to be its ability to seem so fluid yet so fixed.

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5$ goes a long way.

ikeastool.jpgWow its been a while, but here’s a taste of what you’ve missed. Things have been crazy, spent all day yesterday installing electrical outlets, touch sensitive multimodal light switches, fire alarm, door deadbolts, and loads more… internet not exactly set up at the new place yet… hence the posting delay. But it doesn’t mean that art stopped evolving, or the amusement with no internet was any less…

Check out this new stool i got (shot at my hfriend’s apt, he got one too… and using jermacide as our very very tired and willing model… and othello the cute bunny too)… so just when you figure everything is pretty costly today, i find this stool/bench/coffee table/hat? at ikea for $4.99! and the boxes got built into a modern rabbitat for the bunnies to explore. Best few bucks i’ve spent in a long time. =)

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Wine Glass Bulbs

glassbulbs.pngGlassbulbs “The product offers two lives. Once the lightbulb has burnt out the wine glass comes to life.” Talk about instant reincarnation. Fascinating project idea, interesting aesthetic… can you imagine it sticking out of a light? must disperse the light in new ways as well… or imagine having some wine in there sliwly changing color through the life of the bulb… Ought to combine this with the wineglass chandelier. via DesignBoom

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