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Freedom Of Creation

0802foc1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Gorgeous light fixtures from Janne Kyttänen of FOC (Freedom of Creation). The 1597 is made from a series of tubes and was inspired by the growing pattern of the coneflower’s seeds. All of Janne’s work seems to be inspired by mathematical patterns from nature. I love that the fixtures sit on the wall without any visible cords or fasteners.

[NOTCOT Note: This was previously featured as .org #4116, but Anna (of the lovely Sub-Studio) convinced me that it was definitely worthy of a post of its own! And also, one of the most interesting and innovative things about FOC is that it is “a pioneering design and research company, specialized in designing for Rapid Prototyping!”]

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Furnitosis [fur-ni-toh-sis] “A condition born from ill-fitting, unsightly office furniture. Symptoms include curvature of the spine hunching, fatigue, dementia, disillusionment, headache, shame, sagging and unplanned guttural noises.”

Ewww. Good thing this so called furnitosis is so easy to cure. Bad posture from a not so ergonomic chair has never sounded quite so bad to me before, but these images over at Steelcase certainly make their painfully exaggerated point. See their solutions for these cases below. Thank goodness my Think which i reviewed earlier keeps me from having that crazy twisty neck!

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0723toda1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

TODA (The Office of Design and Architecture) is a multi-disciplinary design office in New York City whose work spans industrial design, architecture, print and web design. I’ve been a big fan of TODA for years, especially of their furniture/products, because of their conceptual approach to design. For Frighetto’s debut at the 2007 Salone de Mobile in Milan, TODA designed the Bean line of furniture, which explores form through structure and skin.

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Ponton Fireplace

Even though it is a ridiculously beautiful day looking out at SF today, i’m already dreaming about how nice it would be to have this gorgeous Ponton Fireplace to curl up by. “fireplace I is the urban interpretation of a campfire. it burns bioalcohol. material: fire resistant glass, stainless steel, size: 30 cm diameter, 40 cm hight, design wolf udo wagner, branded by geniol”… i love the concept of an “urban campfire”.

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Dermond Peterson

For those who may not have noticed, i’ve been writing Surface - the CNET design blog on their new blog network on the side. I was writing about these Dermond Peterson pillows over there earlier today, and was so smitten by them i had to share them here as well. Founded by two sisters in 2001, Dermond Peterson has a great seaside line this season with hand printed aquatic creatures and motifs… i’m particularly craving the black octopus… isn’t it so very NOTCOT?

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Grapple Coat Rack

Design Milk featured these Grapple Coat Hooks… and i’m… well, hooked! Grapple Hook Coat Rack is by Ryan Frank, and available over at Bouf, which is apparently a sleek online store that sounds like a filtered/edited higher end etsy? [Sounds like the NOTCOT.org approach to having a store… love their products over there… if they like what you have, you too can sell there!]

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Poor Lamp

The Poor Light is a brilliant project by Poor.nl - which is “a module - pictogram accompanying the design, appears in various situations, emphasizing the places where the light, though present, is not encased within the frames of the object used to lighten the given area.” The result is a set of options ranging from the Lamp ScreenSaver, Lamp made of glow in the dark stars, and black cloth cut outs… (via Moco Loco)

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Trick My Sofa

For only $500? That’s cheaper than my iPhone that i’m considering returning! Just noticed this URBN Trick My Sofa on BLTD. And this fun little couch not only matches my bigger couch, but has adjustable arms! So you can totally make it the perfect little office couch for friends to crash on. Add this to my list of current cravings, and things i can totally buy if i return the iPhone.

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Polly George

Polly George has some gorgeous ceramic lines designed and made in Kent, which are unlike any other. She’s the designer behind the Mr & Mrs Jones lemon and lime squeezers we’ve seen around for some time. I just spotted the Butterflies series at Oh Joy, and they actually first reminded me of the Mixko rings… Things to pay attention to? The crazy toast rack, butter dish, adorable egg and soldier stand and cake stand. Also, the site is designed with enormous background images (large like 4500 width)… so some snippets of pieces i liked below, but check out Polly’s site here to see more.

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Dream Kid’s Room

Design*Sponge had a reader send in these pics of her little girls room, and i couldn’t resist reposting them to show you. It’s refreshingly girly… and has the tord boontje before dawn curtains (casting some awesome shadows)… the birds of a feather mobile, bird/tree lamp, some great stenciling on the walls that matches it all beautifully. Also, check out that cool teepee like nook and crazy slanted door? Inspiring design job on this lucky little girl’s room.

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Allegro Palm Coast

Saw the Palm Coast Furniture line over at Trendir, and there’s something about the large blunt cushioned resin shapes that is strangely inviting, or seems ideal for curling up in right now after that Social Atelier Benefit last night and then working till 5am. Also the matching armrest even comes in a light up version which looks gorgeous by the outdoor pool.

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I want these. How can i ever look at other outdoor chairs again? When i could have plastic stacking Eames’ Lounge Chairs and Barcelona Chairs? Dirk Winkel’s “A Stacking Hommage” has mesmerized me all weekend, and continues to do so. This was his 2007 University of Arts Berlin final project.

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Offi Overlap Tray

Fun Friday post ~ i’m typing this on my couch sitting cross legged with laptop on the Offi Overlap, and i don’t know if i’ll be doing much work anywhere other than here for a while! I’m a softy for bent plywood furniture, esp Offi + Eric Pfiffer (of Pfiffer Lab)… so when Matt Sanocki over at Design Public emailed about their outlet sale, stating “I should also note that if we clear out enough space we hope to put in an espresso bar and/or video game area so it’s *crucial* we move everything.” how could i resist this Offi Overlap and Offi Scando Coffee Table?

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To me the word Webble first looked a lot like Plaskool Weeble toys that don’t fall over… but i guess in a way this new Webble makes YOU into that those in a way, as you sit and wobble to and fro in your desk chair. There are two models. but i’m dying to give this Webble Air a try, because the amount i sit and work in my Think chair, its nice to move your feet a bit while thinking… is this the latest innovation in footrest technology? would it be good for airplanes too? It is launching June 11th at NeoCon 2007 in Chicago. Spotted this over at MocoLoco.

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Mike+Maaike ICFF

While in NY, i ran into Mike Simonian of SF based design duo Mike and Maaike at their great ICFF booth (some of my pics from that below). If they sound familiar its probably because their brilliant Juxtaposed: Religion bookshelf spread across the design sites like wildfire not all that long ago ~ and he led the design efforts of Astro Studios which led to the XBOX 360.

There are pieces you need to try in person (vs indulging on virtual design porn) ~ and this Windowseat Lounge is certainly one of them. Lets just say every tiny apt with more than one person needs one of these for that little piece of personal space. When i sat and talked to people in it, it felt like i was in my own sound proof room. Perhaps these would be perfect for that moment of zen while in a crazy club? Or at ICFF? Full upholstery over a foam-padded rigid molded frame on a swiveling steel base.

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