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Green Clean Kit (follow up)

cleankit.jpg Now that you’ve seen the picture, you know why i followed up on the Clean Green Post… it’s so CUTE. Just when i thought i had found it all, there is this perfect gift for that someone who is picky about their cleaning (or for the person who should be).

The ecological heavy duty counter cleaner takes out stains on a whole variety of surfaces, while the ecological heavy duty home cleaner works wonders for floors, walls and furniture. The natural carpet deodorizer is specially designed to eliminate odors impregnated in carpets and thick fabrics, and it fills the room with a lavender mint scent, too. The botanical room and fabric deodorizer, on the other hand, has a blue lavender scent and does the same for cushions, curtains and upholstery. And finally, the microfiber wipe completes the set and can clean and polish all types of surfaces. Uncommon Goods 24$
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Clean Green

Recently got into a conversation about green products when it came to home cleaning, and the implication was that they were hard to find and few on options… going through the latest Organic Style (fresh thinking, fresh living), and reinspired to research the options online, i was pleasantly surprised.

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(book) Shelve it!

Book junkie. Or perhaps, really a paper junkie… Next to my digital toys they are the first thing i’d grab in a fire… box and run i suppose. After many apartments these books ended up in many a box, and suddenly had no space, but needed a quick temporary place to put them (preferably decent looking as well).

Believe it or not (or if you’re a college student you probably have one too)… as much as i try to veer away from the ikea-fication of the world, (when i’ve been in Singapore, Milan, Los Angeles, New Haven… far too easy to end up with the same furniture in every apt. tempting even when so cost effective)… IKEA! 49$ most aesthetically pleasing solution i could find for fast and efficient.

Oh, and those are my prized posessions. Years of design, cartoons, art, children’s books that can’t help but make me smile… and i suppose its almost time for yet another shelf already.

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Recontextualize the everyday.

from a spanish site last night, it amused me. makes you think a little different. and i need something in another category to try my category listings on the sidebar…

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