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The Slacker Chair

slackerchair.jpg Ok perhaps chair wasn’t quite the right word for the Slacker… its really Fredrik Olsson and and Sam Sihvonen’s Slacker ‘throne’… part throwback to viking times… part wide comfy lounger… and part gamer etchings? With wooden engraved skulls and “Game Over” messaging along the side, there’s no mistaking this for an ancient relic. Fredrik Olsson and Sam Sihvonen are currently attending the master program at the School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University in Sweden, and this piece was just exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair… “Our aim was to try pushing the usual design furniture aesthetics to a more personalized look and load it with sentimental value. We have based the design on how we as teenagers sat while playing video games or acting as slackers. The chair is low with a stretched out upholstered seat. The design mix the styles of Scandinavian crafted woodwork with video games aesthetics resembling an Egyptian pharaoh throne.” Only thing i think is missing? Perhaps some fabric options and a side table with engraved cheat codes and holsters for your various controllers (and your beer?). See close ups after the jump!

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DayNa Decker Chandels

decker1.jpgDayNa Decker makes some breathtaking Candles - i mean Chandels. What’s the difference? According to their site, it’s their patent pending wood wicks, which not only create mesmerizing wide flames, but also crackle like a wood fire. They are also handmade right here in LA! The come in a range of sizes, from the perfect size to line around your bathtub, to huge centerpieces, they will certainly set the mood. I’m personally most drawn to the layering of the black within the solid clear glass candle… see a plethora of images after the jump!

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Four Design

0208four1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Four Design is a Danish furniture design company run by architects Christina Strand and Niels Hvass. I love the clean lines of their work but I think what attracts me most is the way the chairs look when they are stacked. There’s just something about the skewed geometries that is amazing. From the Four Cast line, I love the thinness of the chair’s back, and how it is creased for your body. These chairs would be amazing in an auditorium or in an office conference room…

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Angus Hutcheson Chrysalises

cocoon1.jpgIt’s incredible what can be done with raw silkworm chrysalises. While at FORDBRADY last week for Dwell’s cocktail party, i was immediately drawn to the work of Angus Hutcheson. He creates some breathtaking lighting pieces by wiring up hundreds of silk worm cocoons for wall, floor, ceiling, and table lamps, which come in both white and black, and the natural variation in the cocoons creates such a mesmerizing effect, particularly when casting fabulously dramatic shadows. The only thing that i couldn’t help feeling was… what if they missed one! What if one of the moths was waiting to emerge… and found myself peering into all of the tiny chrysalises. Images below of the lamps, as well as a roundup of from Angus’ collection.

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fordbrady1.jpgOn Thursday night i stopped by FORDBRADY’s cocktail party for Dwell Magazine, “Los Angeles meet Dwell” where they announced the Dwell on Design Los Angeles Conference and Exhibition event in Los Angeles as well as launch the new look, “environmentally friendlier” Dwell magazine. On June 5th and 6th, it looks like Dwell is looking to start some friendly competition with CA Boom.

What was truly fascinating about the event was the incredible space that FORDBRADY occupies. Their downtown showroom (and home to Willard Ford, his fashion designer wife, Michelle Yu, and teenage son) is set in the historical Chinatown Kim Sing Theatre ~ which was built in 1926 as a vaudeville house, and served as a cinema from the 40’s until ‘86 when it was abandoned… only over years of work, and with the help of Xten Architecture, they’ve turned it into an incredible loft/gallery space, with a gorgeous courtyard… really an unexpected modern oasis in Chinatown once you step under the original marquee and through the brilliantly orange entry tunnel. Check out their Interior Design Magazine feature for more details and images.

After the jump see many pictures of the incredible space as i viewed it at the party!

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Lobster Chair

lobsterchair.jpgLobster Chair! Designed by Lund & Paarmann for the Verikon Furniture. Fun how this chair feel part egg shaped coziness, protected by a woody exoskeleton with the plush leather within. “The shell is laminated, bend wood with a walnut veneer at the back. Inside the shell we have used Pantera foam, as it is very durable and probably the least damaging foam regarding our environment. The swivel base is chrome-plated steel. The fabrics and the leather we are using for Lobster are of the very best quality.”

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Harmonie Interieure

harmonie.jpgNothing like the use of aged polaroids in a beautifully styled site to grab my attention, and i couldn’t resist posting these once i saw them over at Decor8. Introducing Harmonie Intérieure, a french line of sticker/decals and prints. What i like first and foremost is certainly the little touches in their site design (see an image after the jump), and while the wall sticker trend is getting a bit tired (although i am certainly having quite a bit of fun with with the vinyl cutter and inventing my own), they certainly have a lovely twist on this, adding enough of their own character through beautiful typography and illustration, cheeky french sayings, and dainty adorable stickers for cups, mugs, boxes, laptops, etc.

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50 years of the Egg Chair

eggchair1.jpgArne Jacobsen’s world famous 1958 iconic Egg Chair makes me feel like i’m 5… spinning round and round in my grandmother’s egg chair ~ this design icon will forever make me think of her. Can you believe that it’s turning 50 this year? For its golden anniversary, Fritz Hansen is launching a limited edition Egg Chair with engraving and book, here is an excerpt from the press release, and after the jump are many pictures of the chair past and present!

The world famous Egg chair designed by Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and manufactured by Fritz Hansen will launch its 50th Anniversary in 2008 with 999 limited edition designs. The limited edition collection will for the first time include chocolate brown suede on the back and dark chocolate brown leather on the front. The sophisticated combination of leather and suede is perfectly complimented with a base in solid bronze; hand polished to create a unique finish. The bronze base will darken in appearance, becoming more beautiful over time. Each of the 999 Eggs will be individually engraved, under the seat cushion, with a unique number and a brief text about the history and origin of the Egg chair design. A special, limited edition 50th anniversary book will also accompany the chair.

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Adler’s Apothecary of Emotion

adlerpots.jpgJonathan Adler’s latest is the Apothecary of Emotion ~ a collection of porcelain mugs and vessels ideal for those who have a need to compartmentalize their emotions not just mentally, but physically. There are matte translucent white porcelain jars for Hate, Anger, Joy, and Love… and two moody glazed porcelain mugs: Joy/Anger and Love/Hate. Spotted these over at Oh Joy!

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A Measuring Gaggle

measuringcup.jpgOn adorable twists to the usual measuring cups, i was looking for the black and white giraffe measuring cups on black.white.bliss and they don’t seem to be on the Anthropologie site anymore… perhaps you can get lucky in a store (picture after the jump of the adorableness!)… but while looking i did find this nestable gaggle of geese measuring cups!

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Mottainai Furoshiki

Furoshiki.jpgMottainai Furoshiki” has been created by Yuriko Koike, Japan’s Minister of the Environment, as a symbol of Japanese culture to reduce waste. Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is used repeatedly in a stylish way. “The utilization of this “Mottainai Furoshiki” will contribute to reducing household waste from plastic bags. The Minister presented the “Mottainai Furoshiki” at the Senior Officials Meeting on the 3R Initiative held in Tokyo, Japan on March 6-8, 2006.”

In the words of Minister Koike herself: “I’ve created what you might call a “mottainai furoshiki”. The Japanese word mottainai means it’s a shame for something to go to waste without having made use of its potential in full. The furoshiki is made of a fiber manufactured from recycled PET bottles, and has a birds-and-flowers motif drawn by Itoh Jakuchu, a painter of the mid-Edo era. The Japanese wrapping cloth known as the furoshiki is said to have been first used in the Muromachi Period(1392-1573), when people spread it out in place of a bath mat or wrapped one’s clothes with it. The furoshiki is so handy that you can wrap almost anything in it regardless of size or shape with a little ingenuity by simply folding it in a right way. It’s much better than Plastic bags you receive at supermarkets or wrapping paper, since it’s highly resistant, reusable and multipurpose. In fact, it’s one of the symbols of traditional Japanese culture, and puts an accent on taking care of things and avoiding wastes.”

Perhaps what i need isn’t a reusable bag… well i’m not sure how well i could do this for a BAG of groceries anyhow, but certain for gift wrap it opens up my options! Time to stock up on everything from Hermes scarves to fabric store scraps? See the chart of how to fold the designs after the jump. (Thanks, Craig!)

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Party Popper Chandelier

popperchan.jpgIn getting ready for another new year (Yay! 2008! I have no idea why i’m so excited for this one.) ~ just rediscovered this party popper chandelier by Stuart Haygarth, who collected up 1000 exploded party poppers on 01.01.00 after the MIllenium celebrations in London. Each popper is individually hung, and apparently create quite the organic swarm when hit (be it by a breeze or a bat). If he seems familiar, perhaps you’ve also seen some of his other found object chandeliers… like the one out of sun glasses? (images below!)

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Rotor Kitchen

cabinet.jpgJust got a fun email from the folks at Rotor over in Brussels ~ and they’ve done some kitchen cabinetry with industrial leftovers ~ talk about a nice way to do the recycled thing! As they explain: “The paneling of the cupboards for this kitchen is made out laser-cut plywood, an industrial leftover from a company specialized in die-cutting cardboard for the packaging of luxury-goods. The wooden boards were used as punching-plates for punching out the shape of unfolded boxes from larger sheets of cardboard. We had to extract the razor-sharp knives from the slits before being able to saw the boards. This is a project of Lionel Devlieger in collaboration with Eric Van den Broucke.”

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sagaform.jpgI know i said i couldn’t find anything i was desperately craving to put on wishlists this year… apparently as soon as i posted that i stumbled upon the Sagaform catalogs and have been pretty smitten with the whole Sagaform “lifestyle”… and their classically clean swedish lines and colors and approach to designing objects… so my huge collage of a wishlist is below… from watering pots, beautiful knife/cutting boards, carafes with wood to hold them closed, black mini-gym/yoga sets, a clear hotpack with a metal disc within, 30$ hiking set (was on the gift guide), genius “easy shopper” grocery bag that perfectly fits across a cart, a picnic trunk with built in TABLE, and more…

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Gift Guide Day 13

day13com.jpgGift Guide Day 13 of the countdown is Shade Elaine’s second installment from Gorgeously Goth Day 16… this one is mysteriously charming and fascinating.

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