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Hooks and such

Remember before i was hunting for coat racks and such? Well, i just noticed these over at Anthropologie… playful and interesting colors and curves, there’s something about a fleur de lys in bright bold colors that is fun to look at (not sure if i could imagine putting these up though) ~ but the lines and curvature on these were mesmerizing today.

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Coat Rack Help?

Not to send you all on a mission or anything, but i’m terribly frustrated this saturday morning… i have this skinny hallway that is pretty much useless for anything but walking through and the scribbling on the giant whiteboard on one wall… and on the other side i want to have a long strip of coat rack/hooks… but i want them to be pretty functional, and not stick out TOO far, but enough that i could not only hang coats, yoga mats, tennis rackets, etc but also hang hangers with fresh dry cleaning or what not as well… so up top are the things i’ve found that amused/intrigued me, but nothing seems quite perfect. Perhaps it is time to get crafty? Also thought i’d just ask to see if someone has seen something really nice/minimalist/functional. (FYI, i am currently reviewing in my head the hooks of some of my favorite store dressing rooms that are more unique for inspiration even.) Listing below of what those are in the image.

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Solid Poetry

solidpoetrytiles.jpg When I was a wee kid I loved playing with water. In fact, I used the backyard patio as my giant canvas, drawing stuff on the concrete with just water and my little fingers. And then *poof*, it all disappeared and I had a blank canvas again. Notcot and I are always dreaming of a future studio and how we’d decorate it and what stuff we’d have in it… Well we agree these Solid Poetry slabs by Amsterdam based designer Frederik Molenschot are a must! The hidden design appears when it comes into contact with water. We could enjoy our future studio’s patio/deck even when it’s rainy outside. And it’d make me feel like a kid again… Check out images of multiple slabs put together after the jump!

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Julier’s Magneto

Henry Julier’s Magneto Shelves have a hidden splash of color coating a few neodymium magnets embedded in the wood… spotted these over at design*sponge, and suddenly wish i had more large magnetic surfaces to stick these to! Modular, flexible, and subtly playful.

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Chive Tears

Took a stroll down Haight and noticed these gorgeous glass vases - Tear by Canadian company, Chive, over at Doe. Couldn’t decide between the colors and sizes so opted to run home and post them first while i mull it over. More images below. There was something so beautiful and simple about how well it hung from a single nail, and had such a nice organic giant water droplet feel. I think i’m leaning towards the clear ones.

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Also from the brilliant folks at Every Space Design ~ and continuing on the CA Boom trend of living art/furniture… here is Arrange ~ a cute little bamboo shelf, with a grid of test tubes for you to arrange flowers, etc in accordingly… as the shelf to put your keys in, i know i’d probably have a pen and pencil taking up a tube or two in no time! Also fun was their booth itself, which went for the ultimate in simplicity using sharpies on butcher paper to label each piece (more images below).

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Not Edible #21

Possibly my favorite piece i stumbled upon at CA Boom ~ Every Space Design’s solution to keep pigeons off window sills, etc… and no its NOT EDIBLE… it just *looks* like frosting. Another picture close up below of #21… and its only 10$ for each piece!

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Carolyn Mendoza

CA Boom 4 started today ~ and i must admit, a bit small, and quite an odd assortment of goods… standouts were the new section dedicated to toddler/baby goods and some incredible living art (i feel a new obsession with aerial plants coming on).

Fell in love with the work of Venice based Carolyn Mendoza ~ particularly her mixed patina techniques/metalwork/aerial plant pieces… absolutely stunning, mesmerizing, and easy to take care of! (they just need to be misted regularly)… see some pics of her booth below, as well as a unique corner sink unit she created in collaboration with Advanced Concrete Enhancement. Thing to watch out for? She tipped us off that she’s working on a large movable wall (yes, picture a large scale of one of these incredible living artworks in your loft or patio!)… should be ready in a month or so, can’t wait to see them!

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Le Dauphin

Anyone who knows me, knows my biggest weakness (yes, over design even) ~ is the beach… something about vast openness of sand and ocean just chills me out like no other… and today is definitely a beachy day in SF! So couldn’t resist posting these gorgeous umbrella, beach towel sets from Le Dauphin that i got im-ed. This vibrant red of the white coral pattern is beautiful, and just what we need more of, instead of those 10$ drugstore beach umbrellas that are so easy to end up with.

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Waste ~ Barcelona based company recycles automotive interiors for handmade bean bags of sorts…. designs reminiscent of Fatboy and Sumo Lounge. “Waste recycles discarded automotive upholstery to produce unique and limited-edition products. Ideally, no waste would be produced, but as it is, we are committed to transforming the reality of waste into something positive.” via TreeHugger.

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Method Pill

What imagery is more perfect for an aircare product than a giant pill? Afterall, if the need for an air freshener isn’t a giant pill/cure all… what is? Couldn’t resist the draw of method home’s gorgeous packaging and design today ~ so below are some shots of the details that made all the difference to me: 1) there is a scratch and sniff sticker as the seal of the box. 2) you can turn the plug depending how your plugs are oriented to keep the pill upright 3) playful use of language “Do not turn sideways, or else fragrance oil will spill. Gravity is mean like that.” So true.

Also, i’m in love with the OMop ~ cleaning floors has never been more fun to me… again with the great packaging and incredibly well designed (for form and function) product.

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Wall Invaders

It’s not what you have, its how you use it. This Wall Invaders set by french design team Radi Designers, is perfect example of how else you can use a a dart gun, rubber stamps, and an ink pad… well, combined with a wall. Not much to say here really, but visually and conceptually this one made me giggle a little… also reminded me of the opening scene from A Scanner Darkly… imagine if he had been shooting the bugs he *saw* with this gun…

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Veuve Clicquot Loveseat

On sleek furniture designs… i fell for the Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Loveseat this morning over at Luxist. There’s something about the infinite curves, yet a nice separation of space (with a bottle of bubbly as the border?) thats enticing, and the photography for the piece is beautifully surreal. More images below.

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Come In/Go Away

For anyone who loves a good ambigram, or is terribly indecisive on whether they want people to come or go… SuckUK’s latest are a doormat and door hanger with a beautifully designed Come In/Go Away Ambigram.

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Recently been apartment/condo/loft shopping ~ and one of my biggest priorities are sunlight and big windows and balcony/patios/roofdecks. Too bad i can’t simply pop in a Bloomframe from Hofman Dujardin Architecten in Amsterdam. As a two in one, balcony and window, the design gives “the possibility to use the surface of an apartment to the maximum.” More imagery of it in different angles below.

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