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Whimsical Baubles- 02.17.06

bauble.jpgWord of the day may be Whimsy. Funkier than whimsical, still has that bizarre appeal. Menu has these great little hanging glass baubles (to the left), rightly named “Galerie Spheres” - and they evoke such a clean floaty feeling, ideal for holding or showcasing nearly anything from frogs on lily pads, to that random fingerpainting masterpiece your kid did … or even to just toss your keys into when you get home. The genius is that the shape and design of the piece will make pretty much anything look precious. I also love the sperical shape of the metal piece which attaches the glass to the cord (reminds me of those keychains where you could swap keys which were preattached with the little metal ball on a stick on and off).

Then to our right, CB2 has [for a mere $3.95!!!] a similar piece. Ok so it is similar in general visual feel, but the details are at a very different level. It has a flat bottom, air holes for the candle’s heat to escape, and a blown glass space to hang it from.

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