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Genius Jones

What kid doesn’t need a “precisely proportioned, 2/3 scale edition of the 1929 classic. Made exclusively for Genius Jones in the same US factory that began producing the adult-sized version almost 60 years ago”? Ah, these are the moments my mom emails me “i’m glad they didn’t have that when you were kids, imagine how much money i’ve saved” [this comment also came up when we discovered paper denims for kids - SO cute.] But seriously, this Mini Mies is just too adorable - a must for any chair collector with the prospect of kids. And look at some of these other products over at Genius Jones? Absolutely loving their selection of modernist kiddie options - and they dont even have a fully functioning store up yet! Hopefully it will show up soon. via .org by oO.

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Popoutz are these great bird feeders with incredibly simple/reusable/flat pack design. Simply pop it open, fill it, hang it, and there you go! Nice vibrant colors, and a few other designs over at their site. Designed by Zelo Creative of the UK. Noticed this via .org this morning… also go check out the censor bar glasses, they are hilarious.

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Bone China Gnomes

From Vitamin, A Life Less Ordinary - the ones who brought you the incredibly cute IV Drip Plant Pot…. also have this funky twist on the garden gnome. The Gno’s are a black and white glossy bone china “urban gnomes” - ready to take on those old school guys with little red hats, fishing poles, etc. I think they’d frighten me if i woke up to a troop of them lined up like in the picture all over my lawn. Are these possibly almost cooler than the vinyl figurines that are everywhere?

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Trash Bag Capsule

I think i must raise the question - Has SimpleHuman OVERsimplified? I noticed this “bag capsule” over at FreshArrival and upon looking into it further the capusle basically holds a giant tube of trashbag material (i say material, since if its just a tube, can you really call it a bag?) - and the idea is that you pull out as much as you need, and tear it off, and tie a knot at the “bottom” - fill it with trash - then tie off the top too? Sweet design on the packaging though. I just don’t know if i’d trust the bottom being simply tied, less secure for the liquids and gooier substances?

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This is about the size of a disposable razor - and that clear bit is rubbery - and its just about the most bizarre thing i’ve played with in a while - and when it cost a mere 2$ i had to get it. Turns out its a face massager - could be a sculpting tool, or some crazy hair streaking tool, or who knows? Well weird as it sounds it actually feels pretty sweet as a face massager, and i just like sitting here playing with it while i try to work. Massive sale going down at L’occitane.

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Inner Mess

innermess.jpgThis is the new “organizer” (perhaps its more a mess-pile-maker?) called Harry, designed by Reinhard Schmoelzer for Mocha It comes in two sizes, and an array of colors, and is basically your catchall in the form of a mess of maleable wires ready to do your bidding. So bend away - have a cluster everywhere, put many together and have a wall to suspend all your crap… or toothbrushes… or tech… or jewelry… so versatile! Fun idea.

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If ever i were to fall for a bed, this is the one. Just as the day didn’t seem like it could get any better, i love this one. I like bed frames that have the tilt in the headboard, AND you can put stuff on it. It floats beautifully in a room like a work of art, and still managed to look lushiously inviting. This is the Silence bed by Zeitraum Moebel.

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Cucumber Lab

The founders of CucumberLab, Ben Blanc and Andrew Reed, are RISD Furniture Design Alumni, and when asked about their design philosophy they told me “Objects are about connection. We try to find stories from the past to help guide us in our own formation of stories told through the object today, in hopes that these new tales will become relevant to our future. It’s intriguing that generations can have a different, while at the same time very similar perspective over a single thought or idea.” In a time where technology is flying past us, trans-generational designs are key. Even though i already featured this dynamic duo below, their goods were worth of a second post. With this Flow lamp, they create a contemporary perspective on vintage lighting using found materials (is that a bundt pan?) . These Bling rings come in 24K gold plated and polished stainless steel and are available in 5 iconic styles, for any mood. (These three were my favs.)

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Can you believe this is the “highchair for modern life”? Take a look at the Calla Chair (like the lily?) by Yves Behar for Fleurville… neoprene seat (comfort, easy cleaning, kids won’t slide right out) - telescoping height adjustment - enamel coated flute - sturdy aluminum base. So pretty. [via Luxist]

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Doggie Dish Sale!

I’m sure you’ve seen these dog/cat dishes around - they were featured as one of I.D. Mag’s “Most Intriguing designs of 2005”! Well these caught my eye a while back, and they almost make me want to get a puppy more, simply for an excuse to buy them - especially with this crazy 48% off for ONLY 48 hours starting at 12:01 eastern time, June 14th, 2006. So check out Susan Kralovec’s Everyday Studio.

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DIY Radio

Tune’N’Radio - this DIY radio is such a brilliantly basic idea with so much variation and personal character ready to show through in each and every unique piece - and i love that the end user HAS to customize it somehow, creating the need for one to be creative whether they realize or not. The concept is simple - you drill your own holes to let the sound out of the metal box… and you afix your own antenna like piece to get reception. Its really like a magic box of sorts you have to work at to make it look cool and work (although i think whatever you do, will make it look pretty sweet.) From Rotterdam group : Wouter Geense Design Studio.

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The name cracks me up, the irony of the whole line feels like it should be some insane art project - but infact it is Ted Baker’s ENDURANCE line of camping goods exclusive to Blacks. Firstly, lets look at that Tiger Skin Printed Inflatable Mattress, no last minute visitors can fail to have a good laugh as you inflate that for them to sleep on. But more seriously, imagine going camping - to actually go hunting or fishing, and when it comes time to set up camp, you whip out a tent covered with trout, and a graphic of a cat on the side swatting at them… or one covered in bamboo print with a deer’s head graphic “mounted” on the side? [there is even one with a rose patterned print and ducks flying along the side] Ted Baker has always had some interesting fashions, but this Endurance line blew me away. There are also sleeping bags and those foldup lightweight chairs!

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Eiko designed by Schaffer, produced by German Authentics is a great solution to soft boiled egg consumption. After many “breakfast included” european hotel experiences, i’ve come to see how pretty but not so functional little egg cups are, or i have yet to master the art of tapping away my shell with a little spoon. (i tend to pick it up, tap tap tap, and then put it back to the cup to eat it) With this design you can hang it on the side of the pot while boiling, simple lift it out, rinse in cold water, have a handle to hold while cracking the shell, and enjoy! [Authentics also made that great line of flatware and glasses by Tord Boontje]

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Spark design by Thomas Pedersen was another Danish group showing at the Copenhagen Fair, and they had this fun Stingray chair. Also check out some of their other lamps, more brilliant examples of flatpacking lamps that you pop and zip together.

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Minimal Canopy

This sweet canopy bed caught my eye at the Copenhagen Fair - could only find a close up of the model with the nice slanted headboard and side table, so imagine that with the full bed image. It was a nice take on the overly ornate traditional canopies or asian styled ones. From Wissmann.

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