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The Food Loop- 12.27.05

HA. freakishly appealing in a strange inexplicable way. (yes yes, i know people are now claiming studies are showing sillicon appeals to women, but don’t researchers realize maybe there’s a part of that due to how practical and amazing the functions and features silicone provides are?)… but either way, the FOOD LOOP is a trip, and a fun website, with some of the best product photography i’ve seen in a while. Its imaginative and captivating, and they are just these hot pink crazy silicone straps!

Click to read more to see the pic of their great packaging as well. Design group Fusion Brands out of Atlanta really did an impressive job on the design and website of this product… and you MUST watch the video (with Snatch like music, and a playful simple cooking walk through, anyhow just watch it here)


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