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Clean Green- 03.14.05

Recently got into a conversation about green products when it came to home cleaning, and the implication was that they were hard to find and few on options… going through the latest Organic Style (fresh thinking, fresh living), and reinspired to research the options online, i was pleasantly surprised.

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So, my conclusion is the options are actually greater than expected, perhaps its more a matter of finding them, but most are quite accessible, and not even too costly in comparison to the usual chemically filled brands. Here’s a brief rundown:

Seventh Generation : (currently 10$ in coupons if you go sign up on their list)… Laundry, Dishwashing, Household Cleaners, Trashbags, Facial Tissue, Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Napkins, Baby wipes, Lightbulbs even.

Method Home : You probably know them as the Karim Rashid packaged line sold at Target (and Ralphs as well, but there are a few Target exclusives) There is an extensive line of Surface Cleaners [bathroom - shower - kitchen - glass - all purpose - wipes - floorcare - stainless - wood), Dish Soaps, Laundry, Hand Soap, and now Candles too. Personally i’m a fan of their Ylang-Ylang shower spray… helps keep the goop away, and smells nice too. Their whole line has refreshing less cleaner like scents.

Trader Joes: Not shown online, but found in Organic Style magazine… is the Trader Zen NO-Streak Multipurpose Cleaner. As well as the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Lavender Dish Soap. Clean simple packaging, biodegradable materials… Worth taking a look.

Whole Foods: Although no images, or links on their website, this market chain certainly had a few other options as well, i don’t recall if they were their own brand, but also had cleaners, detergent, trashbags, etc.

B_E_E Home Cleaning [Beauty Engineered Forever] “believe being green doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty and performance.” (Unfortunately their site doesn’t seem to be working as i write this now, but i know i have seen it before, so hopefully it works when you try.) From New Zealand, these guys will look familiar because their packaging made some waves in the design world a month or so ago.

ECOVER: I think these are the ones i recall seeing at Whole Foods… another line with Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, Home Cleaning Agents. These guys have history too, their first soap was created on a farm in Belgium in 1979.

Caldrea: Laundry Detergents, Dish Washing Liquids, Stainless Steel Cleaners, Toilet “Polish” even. A very old style elegant line, reminds me of Restoration Hardware’s style. Not to mention this cracks me up

The Caldrea Seal is our own private stamp of approval. We created a mythical role model, the Caldrea cleaning fairy, to serve as our inspirational spirit for tackling dirt and grime.

Just to be thorough, i found a few more as well, badly packaged, with “As Seen on TV” branding, and just rather distasteful websites and explanations of their products. So this list sticks to indulging my need for balance between health-eco conscious and appeal.

So that is the list for now, and it will probably keep growing. Or if you have more suggestions, send them in. After doing a little research i see no reason why someone WOULDN’T go for greener cleaning, seeing as not only is it healthier, its also packaged more aesthetically than most others.

But one thing to note: there are certain environmentally friendly trash bags that just aren’t holding up when it comes to pulling the bag out and not having it rip… so mission 1: find a replacement. As many of these brands claim, although you’re doing your part to help create a sustainable living… doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the efficiency of the products.

1 Notes

I use the EcoVer soap line, both for dishes and silk screen cleaning… and like them a lot.

I think Seventh Generation makes those trash-bags you are complaining about, but their paper-towels and toilet paper is indispensable, and 100% recycled and bleach free. =)

Oh and I always figured Seventh Gen was a Whole Foods brand, since that’s all they carry for plastic and paper products here, but I guess not…?

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