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Green Clean Kit (follow up)- 03.15.05

cleankit.jpg Now that you’ve seen the picture, you know why i followed up on the Clean Green Post… it’s so CUTE. Just when i thought i had found it all, there is this perfect gift for that someone who is picky about their cleaning (or for the person who should be).

The ecological heavy duty counter cleaner takes out stains on a whole variety of surfaces, while the ecological heavy duty home cleaner works wonders for floors, walls and furniture. The natural carpet deodorizer is specially designed to eliminate odors impregnated in carpets and thick fabrics, and it fills the room with a lavender mint scent, too. The botanical room and fabric deodorizer, on the other hand, has a blue lavender scent and does the same for cushions, curtains and upholstery. And finally, the microfiber wipe completes the set and can clean and polish all types of surfaces. Uncommon Goods 24$

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