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Chairbag Adventures 2- 07.14.06

Had a little fun with the Chairbag on 4th of July… and since sometimes its all about context, and people have been asking me about how this chair is as an outdoor chair, and compared to normal chairs… well this should give you a feel for its size/style/etc relative to others. [click the pic to see it properly]

This is Sunset Blvd (closer to the beach than the clubs) - and this happens only once a year… the night before the 4th of July Parade all the locals put their chairs out - some chained to one another, some duct taped to trees, some with names sharpied on them, some even have cushions. And then imagine all the chairs you see, also in mini kids form. So i wandered out and took a lot of shots of this bizarre, surreal scene of chairs abandoned and waiting around 2am… and even brought the Chairbag out with me, NOTCOT sign and all.

[i have a whole series of shots from this night, all of which are incredibly surreal and a great study on outdoor chairs… not sure whether to put them up though, let me know if you want to see some]

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Hey, I’m all for surrealist photo studies!

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