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Sumo Review- 07.29.06

SUMO LOUNGE REVIEW!!! Andrew over at Sumo Lounge sent over this black Omni and Otto about a month ago, and i’ve been test driving it and having others come play with it as well. It is extremely comfortable for sitting and working outside i’ve found ~ a bit large for people crammed for space, but i love relaxing and working out here on the patio, where i’m posting this from. For the full verdict see below.

So here’s my breakdown —-

….initially i was hesitant on this product, because it reminds me so heavily of the Fatboy “the Original” from the Netherlands ~ which i lounged around in at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair earlier this year for a few hours… also i’m somewhat in love with their Headdemock which they launched there (and will be available in early August, aka now?)

First reactions: Giant box shows up at the door. Pop it open and out comes the Otto - so cute. And then the rest is the huge Omni folded in half. It took a bit of shuffling and smooshing the filling around to try all the different *positions*. I was surprised how close to square the proportions were - it is 4.5’ by 5.5’. And it was much larger and flatter than i had expected.

Trying it out on people: It has the illusion of quicksand as you settle into it - depending on the position, the more my friends moved around in it, the lower they seemed to get… with every shift you get sucked into it, until you possibly reach the floor! But it is still pretty fun - just takes a little to get used to your favorite positions… the one in the picture is mine. Its my lounger to work in these days.

Real Product vs. Product Pics: the question that came up most frequently was how’d that girl in their product photos do it? Something about the proportions and the amount of filling don’t seem to be quite the same… we kept trying to replicate the product photos by trying those positions and usually ended up far more embedded into the bag than she was.

EVERYONE LOVES: the OTTO! Possibly the best footstool we’ve played with - while i imagined the Omni to be the most enticing, people seemed drawn to simply balancing on the Otto, or dragging it over to the nearest mouth chair and propping their feet up… not to move again for a few hours. Also makes for a good side table when i’m at my desk and somehow magazines pile their way up on it. Might need more of these around. People keep coming over and claiming it.

SO, my final verdict? I like the set for outside usage, personally i do not like the feel of the material of the Omni after long periods of time against my skin if i have the option of the couch or something nearby. The “space age rip-proof nylon” is a bit intense for curling up in, throwing a blanket over it might work well, but having a bunch of these out on the deck or the beach during a party would be ideal. The Otto is fun and versatile and you already know i love it. Overall its at a good price point, makes for good dorm/first apt type furniture even, and can definitely survive the elements. With a bit more stuffing in it - and a few more Ottos i think the patio would become the new office.


UPDATE!!! NEW USE DISCOVERED! Hey - quick update on what i love about the Sumo Omni… i was just playing around with shooting the image for the Fail Harder Shirt and have found that the size and material of the bag make for a GREAT backdrop to shoot objects on, especially since it can hold products at various angles due to the filling, and the material itself is so easy to clean off. Not sure how the white would work out as a backdrop, but the black works like a charm like you can see.

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