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Mogu!- 08.03.05

mogu.jpgHaving trouble sleeping tonight, can’t find a comfortable position. Found these online, wish i had one now. Before Brookstone’s FOM, there was MOGU, and MOGU comes in great designs and colors… tonight’s feature being the body sized ones… the angular one that emulates a side sleeper you can put between your legs… and a perfectly straight sleeper as well. … you MUST watch the video on the new Mogu Sleep System Pillow here.

Better than the product and website, is the story… of how these “powder beads” were invented and came to save a man and his company… inventing the new material while exploring ways to recycle the tiny beads left over from making bicycle helmets… You must read the full story (post jump).


“It All Started with a Bead
The entire Mogu phenomenon started with a tiny Powder bead. That little bead launched an international lifestyle products and entertainment company. Here’s how it happened.

The secret to Mogu’s totally unique touch-sensation lies in the first-ever pairing of tiny “Powder Beads” with a pliable, supple material covering. This remarkable combination was the fortuitous discovery of Yoshinobu Ishida, the young president of Ebisukasei Inc., a humanitarian and environmentally conscious manufacturing company in Osaka, Japan.

Mr. Ishida struck upon the idea for this new material while exploring ways to recycle the tiny beads left over from making bicycle helmets. It was the year 2000, and the economic bubble had recently burst in Japan. Mr. Ishida was trying desperately to sustain his company — one his father had founded — and protect the livelihoods of his family and his employees. Walking through the manufacturing facility one evening, Mr. Ishida scooped up a pile of these tiny Powder Beads and wrapped them in a soft cotton fabric. The feeling, or touch-sensation, of this new material was absolutely amazing! Mr. Ishida quickly put it to use in a new product called the Pom-Pom Cushion. By 2001, this simple, but magical-feeling cushion became a mega-success in Japan, with one store selling more than 300 in a single day!

Inspired by the mania for Pom-Pom Cushions, Mr. Ishida turned to the latest in swimwear technology to find a better, more versatile cover for his tiny Powder Beads. He tinkered with the density and size of the Beads. The result felt even more astonishing! Using a pliable, two-way material covering similar to bathing suit fabric, Mr. Ishida created a totally unique, joy-inducing line of toys and home interior products. He called this new division of his company Mogu. In the first nine months of 2002, its success took Mr. Ishida’s company from $10 million to $50 million in sales. Mogu’s wild success rescued Mr. Ishida’s company and secured the futures of his family and his employees.

Soon, all of Mr. Ishida’s manufacturing facilities were at full capacity producing Mogu products. His previously business-to-business Powder Beads company had fully transformed into a consumer products firm making Mogu products.

By early 2003, Mr. Ishida was ready to bring Mogu home furnishings to America. In Mogu’s first U.S. test market, a new line of products was offered to American retailers, most notably Brookstone and Urban Outfitters. The initial test was a tremendous success, yielding sales of as much as 20,000 pieces per week. Mr. Ishida was then ready to fully launch Mogu in America.

Working with American industrial designer Stephen Burks, Mr. Ishida opened Mogu’s international flagship store in New York City’s trendy NoLita district a few days before Christmas 2003. One month later, Mr. Ishida and entertainment entrepreneur Geoff Roesch launched Mogu Entertainment division with the introduction of Mogu People™, the first in an extensive line of character merchandising, game, book, television and motion picture products.

Mogu is now poised to release new developments across multiple product categories like home office, baby and maternity, therapeutics, wireless content, furnishings, soft toy and commercial design. These innovations work together to establish Mogu as an international lifestyle brand.”

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im looking for mogu pillows in singapore for so long. before that, i was bought 1 mogu pillow than its was very soft so i wish to buy another again. hope can get imformation from your side.


----- ivy 01.06.09 05:40

ok how do i clean these pillows i have 5 of them for 5 or more year love them and it would be nice to clean them for the first time let me know bigred07@comcast.net thanks !!!!

----- evan 23.05.09 20:11

They don’t make them anymore… :-\ I was so disappointed.

----- Andy 28.03.09 19:20

I already have one Mogu and I absolutly love it, but I’d like to buy more. Does the company have a website?

----- Jennifer 23.11.08 09:02

I want to purchase a mogu body pillow please help.”By the way to clean them I wash them in the washer on a delicate cicle with cold water and lay it flat to dry”.

----- tulip 08.08.08 20:39

I had one those but don’t know how to clean it up. Can somebody help me?

----- James 15.07.08 09:21

I can’t find the full body mogu’s anywhere. I’ve worn out two and now need to order several more like pictured on your web page

----- Jan Silsby 09.07.08 21:37

You should introduce these to the medical communitys. I have utilized a number of these to relieve pressure areas on patients, they are very effective.

----- gwen 11.02.08 10:32

where can i purchase one online????

----- c 17.09.07 20:37

I want to purchase a mogu full body pillow like pictured above. Please help me.


----- Patty Storie 20.04.07 15:52

Where can I purchase?

----- Barb Imblum 16.08.06 12:57

you should start selling polygon mogus in america.

----- nick 22.06.06 08:39

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