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Floral Doodles- 10.19.05

I fell for the floral ways of Tord Boontje designs long before i realized who they were… they are in fact the brilliant minds behind much of the floral laser cut garland styled lamps, lace, silks, chairs, and patterns you’ve seen around the last 2 years at all design shows… (see more pics post jump)… but i just found these plates at the London Design Museum Shop, and they are just gorgeously playful. Yes i’m grinning to no end posting this post. Enjoy.




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A unique style that is both beautiful and inspirational. I saw the show at the V+A lighting exhibition it was a magical space to walk through.

----- Jenny Lee 21.04.06 07:04

didnt we see these?

----- jus 19.10.05 14:05

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