*notcot - 03.04.05 , 18:10 -

A QuickPost Test

Picture 1.jpgBrowsing through everyone elses blogs and sites to learn and absorb fascinating little details that help make a site more than just a site. Although he doesnt post all that frequently, i just LOVE this guys site, and he has done amazing work as well.

journal : // hicksdesign

His menu close up

seriously though, how can you not love someone who appreciates/collects up menubar icons too? and just incredibly nice/usable design.

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*notcot - , 07:08 -

Second Day of Camp

backbones1024x768.jpgWOW 7am… aka bedtime, but it is so sunny out, how does anyone get to sleep? did i mention i’ve been at this all day? since waking up from yesterdays 6am bedtime and being too ill to move for a while. adding an entry just to add an entry right now… got the title bar, linear timeline of a calendar up… tomorrow/future to dos….

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*notcot - 03.03.05 , 03:38 -

First Day of Camp

3171.jpgBlah blah trying to get educated on CSS… blah blah blah, probably wishing i was doing what will pop up in the picture here if this works… finally. there is no problem v.2 yea. work damnit. pop up. and pop up normal sized not monstrously freaking big sized. pop up.

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*notcot - 02.28.05 , 12:12 -

You gotta start somewhere…

Bored Frustrated Pinkyou gotta start sometime… so why not start now? this is the beginning of something. If only to stop being bored and having anyone around get annoyed with my restlessness, and perhaps even propel me out of this lull that i’ve rolled into. A little momentum is useful, and perhaps necessary.

*notcot - 01.04.05 , 00:16 -

so old it cant be real

and it isnt.

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