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Roundup Maddness!

notcotorg #8541 notcotorg #8533 notcotorg #8560 notcotorg #8513 notcotorg #8500 tastespotting #8589 tastespotting #8580 tastespotting #8559 tastespotting #8470 tastespotting #8389 notcouture #1518 notcouture #1557 notcouture #1522 notcouture #1554 notcouture #1516Roundup time! Trying something new again ~ i LOVE the roundups, i think its such a nice way to get a condensed speedy overview of what’s been going on across the curated user submissions sites (NOTCOT.org, TasteSpotting, and NotCouture), but i’ve been finding myself quite torn. I just don’t love the look of NOTCOT.com being cluttered with so many roundups on the front page at one time… yet there is so much awesome stuff on all the sites, i can’t bear to pick one of the three… anyhow, so here’s the new idea. Above you see three rows of 5 of my favorites across the sites! And after the jump you can see the top 24 from the last week of all three sites! So as always: Click the pics to find out more! and yes TasteSpotting’s row is themed for people who might need some Valentine’s inspiration.

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mevote1.jpgHappy Super Tuesday! GO VOTE! If you haven’t already done so… and when you do… don’t forget your CAMERA! Because DesignObserver, AIGA, and the NYTimes have teamed up once again for the “Polling Place Photo Project”, which is exactly what it sounds like, “a nationwide experiment in citizen journalism that encourages voters to capture, post and share photographs of this year’s primaries, caucuses and general election. By documenting local voting experiences, participants can contribute to an archive of photographs that captures the richness and complexity of voting in America.” So you can see my contributions to the project here, and more images after the jump! GO VOTE ALREADY!

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

notcotorg #7907 notcotorg #7897 notcotorg #7899 notcotorg #7894 notcotorg #7874 notcotorg #7878 notcotorg #7892 notcotorg #7901 notcotorg #7886 notcotorg #7937 notcotorg #7879 notcotorg #7884 notcotorg #7927 notcotorg #7915 notcotorg #7895Click the images to see the posts! So continuing on my new tradition of roundups across the network on weekends (it is kind of nice to see what was popular the week before) ~ here is whats been going on over at NOTCOT.org! Looks like, as expected, sex, or the implication of sex, always wins… and Juno (best movie in a long time!) has been popular… as well as the genius decapitation street artist!

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Still Shopping?

all.jpgYou’re running out of time! For all the xmas shoppers out there ~ good luck with the crowds and madness in the real world. It seems like you only really have today left to be ordering online where you can still cross your fingers and hope for it to show up with Santa Mr. UPS and/or Ms. FedEx by xmas day. SO here’s an insane collage of all 30 gift guides to date… with over 350 items. *phew*. Last one drops tomorrow!

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New Feature: Live Footers

tsorg.jpgThe footers for NOTCOT.org and TasteSpotting are now live and actually showing the latest posts on the other sites in mini-form! I designed these a few months ago, but didn’t have the time/resources to get them coded to show you the latest, so i’d been making them by hand in the interim… and now that Dan has joined me full time to work on our sites, this is the first of many exciting new features and ideas we’re working on! So next time you’re checking out the sites, take a look at the far bottom to see what is new across the network! (and if you have ideas for other features we may not have thought of, feel free to leave a note)

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Gift Guide Day 6

day6com.jpgGift Guide Day 6 ~ for this last sunday gift guide, i surprised myself and going through archives and shopping online a bit, i came up with my personal wishlist of items that didn’t make it into my other guides (in all honesty, i either want or have every item on these guides!). And as always, if you want, you can also view all of the gift guides from day 31 to 6. Can you believe there are only 5 Gift Guides to go!

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NOTCOT Stickers

stickersnew.jpgSo you know i got a vinyl cutter! Well, people have been asking about when NOTCOT stickers would be available… and between all the insanity of gift guiding (nearly 10 days left!), holiday madness, and some big development/business transitions going on, i wasn’t sure if i’d have time… BUT i’ve been having SO much fun with them, i couldn’t keep them all to myself, so while everyone around me keeps getting random stickers this weekend, i’ve decided to do a limited edition NOTCOT Stickers Series 1 ~ available from now until Dec 21st (yup, i’m going to sell this series of stickers until the Gift Guide ends!). So for 20$ (and shipping) you can get a giant sheet (approx 24”x10”) of 33 stickers ~ from NOTCOT logos (even one mirror image for inside windows) to pirate brontos (outlines and full bodied) to an assortment of random scissors and safety pins as well… all hand printed, weeded, transfer papered, by ME! See below for close ups and to purchase!

Also, for anyone interested in seeing the vinyl sticker making process, you can see images in the gallery.

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Gift Guide Day 19

day19com.jpgWow it’s Monday Dec 3rd already, I find it hard to believe how quickly these few months are flying by… for Gift Guide Day 19 (and counting down) here are some goodies from our sponsor, Shop Modi! And for a sneak peek into the future of gift guiding, due to a little planning ahead, you can be sure to look forward to some great designer travel goods tomorrow… fun grooming potions and gadgets… dark gifting… gifts for the designer weekend warrior… and more!

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Gift Guide Day 21

day21com.jpgFor Gift Guide Day 21, i teamed up with RUGenius to bring you some of our favorite nature inspired finds, this is only part one, since as far as flora and fauna go, we accidentally filled today with fauna… so part two focused on flora coming tomorrow! And as a side note, i’m a bit disappointed i can’t REALLY buy a crocodile for $50, a sheep for $45, or a camel for $175… well i can, just not ship it to a friend as a surprise… loving the Oxfam America Unwrapped initiative though.

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Gift Guide Day 26

day26com.jpgGift Guide Day 26 ~ are my picks from our sponsor Delight! Since someone asked on the last post ~ just to clarify (sorry i was slow about this, its been a crazy week) ~ all sponsors are stores i already admired and love, and during the gift guide’s 31 days i will dedicate one day to each sponsor where you get to see my picks from their stores (*luckily the stores trust my taste and let me do this*). Today, i’ve filled the guide with products from their Editor’s Picks which are always available… but don’t forget about their New Arrivals, because Delight launches a new product every day at noon (and keeps them in the store for 30 days, or until sold out, whichever comes first).

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Senseless Acts of Spraypaint

notbox3.jpgMy stencil, my spray paint, and i just went to town on a pile of boxes. Because i can! And because i’m a little zoned today after traveling last night then gift guiding till 5am… and there is something so calming and fun about not staring at a screen and spray painting! And if you happen to need boxes for art projects or gifting… just hit up the post office, they’ll fill up your car for you! Spray paint as gift wrap, and reusing the packing materials from the packages i’ve had this year is my way of reusing and wasting less than possible… bottom line really is that snail mail SO beats email. So while i’m not telling you anything about what these boxes are for or what they will be filled with, just wanted to to say ~ get away from your screens and go spray something or make something…

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Naughty + Nice [Holiday Music]

There have been quite a few questions about what the music on the NOTCOT Gift Guide is… so here’s the deal. The musical masterminds of Burst Labs (remember we wrote about their sweet flash music browsing nav?) have put together some Naughty + Nice twists on holiday classics which they’ve shared with our gift guide… read more about it on their blog post:

Favorites from the Naughty side :
* a Fela Kuti inspired version of Good King Wenceslas
* Joy To The World at a bar mitzvah?!
* trip hop and dub flavored O Come O Come Emmanuel
* our take on the New Year’s Eve standard Auld Lang Syne is sprinkled with more cabaret fairy dust than Michael Jeter dipped in powdered sugar

The Nice selections of Christmas music include :
* The Brightest Of Stars, a bouquet of warm and gooey spiritual Christmas sauce featuring members of The Farewell Circuit
* God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen has a gruff male vocal and an acoustic backing band
* It Came Upon A Midnight Clear features a confident but relaxed female singer

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Socal Fires

fires07.jpgThe fires in southern california are… I can’t even find the words to describe how i’m feeling right now, but i’ve been trying to keep myself busy and find things to post, edit, read, anything really… and i can’t stop refreshing the google maps, news feeds, twitter feeds, etc. I’m currently in SF, and was supposed to drive back down to LA yesterday, but at my mother’s wishes i’m staying put for now… and it’s almost worse just sitting here watching it all. With so many friends and family in coastal LA and SD areas who have been evacuated, packed, waiting i wish there was more we could do. But for now, since its been hard keeping track of where to go to keep up with the info, here are a few links, and if any readers have more resources, feel free to post them as well.

LA Times google map of the fires
SD Google Maps of the fires
LA Fire Department Email Alerts (you get them in real time when they go out to media)
LAFD’s Twitter version of the alerts
LA County Fire Dept
LA Times breaking news
Sign On San Diego has a live blog

For news resources LAist points to:
CBS2/KCAL9 has multiple live video feeds available here, ABC7 is live here. KNX 1070 is doing a commendable job, with several reporters on duty for over 24 hours straight now. KNX has been broadcasting commercial-free since the fires broke early Sunday. Listen in here. KFWB’s stream is here.

NASA Images of the Malibu situation (these are seen above - the middle two).

From all the NOTCOT kids (we’re all socal natives!) ~ our thoughts go out to everyone dealing with the fires, or with loved ones there. *fingers crossed* that those santa ana winds let up soon.

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elemente.jpgI was approached by Elemente Magazine a few months back, and i hadn’t heard of them. Apparently they are “Canada’s Alternative Design Magazine” on Architecture + Design + Lifestyle + International (as it says on the cover)… and they have been Nominated Best New Magazine in Canada (also on the cover). Well this is definitely one not to pass up on the newstands ~ its a nice super glossy design mag filled with a lot of content similar to what you find here at NOTCOT. In fact the O2 Cocoon i previously wrote about turned up on the cover of the latest issue! They have nice clean layouts, great typography, and i do love the super glossy paper. After being quite impressed with the back issues Elemente editor, Angus MacKenzie sent over, i even agreed to write a few short pieces for the latest issue (first time being in print as a writer!)… so i couldn’t help but share a few quick pics with you this Friday evening. You can check out my blurbs online at Elemente ~ but for frequent readers, it’s nothing you haven’t seen here… new copy, but i covered the Puma Urban Mobility line, Oxo Corn Stripper, and Art + Cook for them. Also check out the Elemente site for more insight on what else you can find in their magazine.

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Entrepreneur Magazine

entrepreneurmag.jpgThe novelty of seeing NOTCOT in print has still yet to wear off. It makes me giddy ~ maybe thats showing my age, but print still has that effect on me. HUGE thanks to Corey who emailed in while i was in Philly that NOTCOT got a tiny mention in the October 2007 issue of Entrepreneur - Rumor Has It section… managed to snag a copy while waiting around for hours at the Philly airport. No i’m not one of their Young Millionaires (yet. at 24, i’m running out of time i suppose though!)… but designer Ren Moulton (seen cozying up with his chew toy) did list us as one of the product blogs he visits! And it was in bold print in a larger font… so as tiny a mention, it’s big in its own literal way.

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