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So i added RSS feeds and easy adds for all of you who like to FEED NOTCOT TO ___________ , i think i covered most of them? and they should all work? But i dont use all of them, so test them out, let me know others to add, etc etc. I’m also thikning that maybe the banner needs a makeover - more like a reinvention. But i have no solutions as of yet - ideas?

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Ciao* Bit swamped today - but will get some stuff up later tonight (west coast california time) - quick question to everyone - Anyone going to be in Copenhagen for their design week May 5-8? I just decided to head out there for that - and will probably be in Sweden and around London/Oxford a little as well… and possibly more for the month of May - possibly into June… Any suggestions? Must see, places not to miss, cool events going on?

*notcot - 04.19.06 , 00:24 -


Quick update - links page is filling slowly - some interesting/fun stuff over there - so take a peek and keep them coming!

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links.pngHere’s a quick administrative post - many design sites haven’t been as fun as i’d like lately, and i think i might be missing some good ones you guys know about - so i’ve finally built a basic links page ! So here’s a chance to send in your great links/reads/etc and i’ll post them up there for all. Or if you HAVE a great site and have been asking to swap - here’s your chance.

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Quickie - little slow on posts today - been working on setting up these new ads for you. But this neccessary evil make more possible for notcot! Hunted for some that are more visually appealing - and pretty interesting actually! So, check them out and thanks for reading~ more regular content in a few.

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TODAY is the official RELAUNCH of NOTCOT! Although not too much has changed on your side of things - the migration and rebuild and sorting of files and much behind the scenes is complete, and the kinks in the new designs have been sorted out, and in the side strings (look left, look right) you are seeing the launch of the NOTCOT Gallery - a space that now and again may be used to showcase artists/designers/curated themes of images and objects which amuse and perplex us. [We’d love input or ideas if you’d like to be featured here, or know someone who ought to be seen.] So i’m taking this moment to say thanks to all of you for supporting us, and in the next few months there should be a lot of fun new stuff going evolving and emerging here… but one step at a time, so check back frequently! Also - can you believe we are officially 1 year old? It blows my mind.

*notcot - 03.19.06 , 12:03 -


TIME TO MOVE!!! UPDATE - The moving is complete, the site reconfigured and migrated and all is working. So you should be noticing FAR faster page loads, and less annoyances. And well, i suppose that means more posting should occur since i am no longer poking away at the DNS and MT settings.

*notcot - 03.09.06 , 00:32 -

Taxi Land

Ciao* bit slow today, just flew in to the land of these yellow taxis. Or NY. It was so early this morning on my 7am flight over from LA… proof of how tired i was? Apparently that Sex in the City/ex-Melrose Place girl was on my flight, and i didn’t even notice. My friend that was waiting to pick me up saw her come out before me. I got in the plane, sat down, fell asleep and got up groggy on this side of the country. Here for a week. Might be a bit swamped with a top secret experiment, but any suggestions for things i simply can’t miss? [leave notes up top, i am meaning to move/redesign that, but haven’t decided where exactly yet!]

*notcot - 03.01.06 , 16:34 -

Beyond Blond

247735_swedenlogo.jpgCelebrate Swedish Lifestyle Month in Los Angeles… and this great poster should be popping up around the state. Love the perfect blonde hair cut out on the Swedish blue (does remind me of the Debbies from the Oblongs though, which is a tad disturbing). But beyond the fun poster, some sweet events popping up all month including singer-songwriter José Gonzales performing in SF and LA (he’s the genius behind the music to the Sony Bravia Bouncing Balls commercial)… and a nordic walk at Santa Monica Beach… as well as music, art, and film screenings!

*notcot - , 01:44 -

work in progress

Ciao* playing with css this weekend, so consider this the soft launch of redesign… still working on all the details that crop up while actually using the site. Categories are simplified and more accessible. Comments (now notes!) can be made in the top right corner of posts. Top two birds will lead you places. Strands down the sides are showcasing products/art we love, and will link you to them… if you have great designs or products to show, space can be *rented to show them off. Also inserted floater text ads/announcement space between the first few posts. And overall cleaned things up a little… after all NOTCOT turns 1 sometime in March.

ok HELP - since you are the ones leaving notes, where do you like having the link to leave them? is it too obscure in the top corner? I also had it as a bigger comment flag graphic in the bottom right, but it seemed to bloat the posts. So, what do you want? and then balance that with what looks nice?

*notcot - 02.27.06 , 17:45 -

Fortune from me

fortune-sm.jpgHey here’s my present to you for the moment, a took a quick picture of it, but it’s now big enough to print out and cut out and try it out. So tempt fate and see what life has in store for you… with Wheel 1: we have the simple yes/no and a number to carry over to wheel 2. Wheel 2: first letter of your future spouses name (giving that apple stem/soda can top method a run for its money). Wheel 3: spouse’s profession, ok now i just can’t get over these icons. esp handicraft and engineer. Wheel 4: best of all how many KIDS you will have… scares me that it goes up to 12, in ADDITION to the twins and triplets. Anyhow, here’s a postcard i found. Ahhh 1810 people, lets just say i’m glad its 2006.

*notcot - 02.23.06 , 23:15 -

C&M update

Quickie reader request - not so involved with charles and marie anymore, since people have been asking lately… was just helping out with writing while josh spear was a main player in it, but pretty much dropped out when he did as he talked about here a while back. It was also making me stretch+sacrifice some of the better content… and as it grew, my tastes and those of the fictitous charles and marie parted ways as well. So i’m all notcot all the time these days.

*notcot - 02.16.06 , 11:15 -


Shade Elaine was telling me about this anti-valentine’s day pillow fight flash mobbing that happened in SF - i wish i was there - Perhaps the most amusing thing to us though, was not the concept of the pillow fight so much, as the number of people still using down pillows… or does synthetic really float and fluff like that as well? Either way, pillow fights - they aren’t just for fantasies of slumber parties anymore. We need more of them and frequently - can you imagine how much stress reduction could come of this? Read more about it here in the SF Gate. Also a flash napping occured in the center of this pillow fight at one point. And i am also amazed that the fighters also helped clean up all the debris post-pillow-war. My faith in humanity is slightly heightened today.

*notcot - 02.10.06 , 16:30 -


dohdough.jpgPart of my “asia is so asian” series - i just found this on the treo - totally forgot… i think i saw it in Takashimaya. It cracked me up. Enjoy.

:: Not to mention DOH-dough makes me think of homer for some reason. and click for a bigger image…

*notcot - 02.02.06 , 19:27 -


This was at the Bukit Timah Reserve near the house - MONKEYS. i hate monkeys - freaking scary. We watched them attack this plastic bag with (unopened vacuum packed) peanuts in it that was hanging from a stroller as soon as the parents left the kids unattended to go to the bathroom… VICIOUS. And yes i have traumatic monkey experiences from the crazy monkeys at an indonesian temple as a young child. But here this is “cute” click to see it close up, i have a whole series of this shot as the baby and parents turn towards me - and the no monkey feeding out of car windows sign is such a trip.

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