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.org + TasteSpotting

NOTCOT.org #3709NOTCOT.org #3710NOTCOT.org #3699NOTCOT.org #3694NOTCOT.org #3669TasteSpotting #1080TasteSpotting #1052TasteSpotting #1045TasteSpotting #1043TasteSpotting #1039
In case you missed it ~ here are some highlights over at NOTCOT.org and TasteSpotting this week ~ click the images to see each post!

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.org + TasteSpotting

roundup.jpgNOTCOT.org #3648NOTCOT.org #3657NOTCOT.org #3667NOTCOT.org #3661NOTCOT.org #3651TasteSpotting #981TasteSpotting #973TasteSpotting #959TasteSpotting #945TasteSpotting #926Here’s a quick roundup testing out some new adventures in coding… all image maps, so click away up there to test out some of this weeks goodies on .org and TasteSpotting… everything from whiteboards evolving into gorgeously framed frosted glass, more diy print+cut toys, magical undo (crtl+z) cream, princess cake, baked pancakes, and rolled lasagna…

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ICFF in May

NY! ICFF! May 19-22 ~ i finally put aside much travel planning procrastination, and booked flights and hotels, so for everyone that’s been asking, i’ll be there! Any tips on things that i must see, attend, find, eat? leave a note!

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I am not a geek… well not totally… ok well, maybe sometimes? Denial aside, i don’t usually post this kind of thing, but the ladies over at GeekSugar were far too sweet and asked some fun questions… SO. Here is their “*Geeky Girl We Love: Jean Aw of Notcot” interview with me ~ and some gadgets i can’t do without! Big thanks to GeekSugar ~ honored to make their list of geek girls!

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NOTCOT.org + TasteSpotting

So apparently my laziness on the org/tastespotting roundups lately has bothered some enough to request them back… so not only will i try to start doing them every tuesday… i even gave it an image map, so you can click directly on the pictures to go to the actual notcot.org and tastespotting posts (you can tell which one it was on the page, from the specially colored post numbers ~ well, that and recognizing which pic you just came from!)… Top row are some fun things from org, bottom row are tastespotting yummies. There has been so much great stuff on both lately, its been hard to keep up!

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Want a Wii?

We love the wii here at notcot ~ the whole team has one pretty much… well we’ve randomly picked up 5 at targets luckily, so decided to share one with a lucky reader. All .org readers know we’ve been closely following the great design, UI, and innovative games and wii ready sites like wiiminder, wiitoob, wiihear, etc. And our favorite game/animations lately… Rayman’s Rabbids!

Additionally, i’m sure you’ve noticed the ad spaces i’ve been slowly adding to .com and .org ~ its been a really hard decision on my part, but the last year of running the sites has been so fun, i’m excited to move closer to making NOTCOT my full time gig (i still do a lot of UX/design consulting). The ad spaces aren’t perfect yet, and design wise been trying to work them in nicely, but don’t be surprised to see them evolve quite a bit on both in the upcoming weeks… have ideas on how the layouts might work better? lets hear them!

SO. What does this mean? and how to win the wii? Federated Media needs another survey to be run to get us more innovative/creative ads… so ~ basically fill out the survey here… and in the comments section (bottom of the survey), leave your email address (and if you’re feeling nice, what you love about the wii?), and the winner will be contacted Friday!

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NOTCOT.ORG #037 - vids

Welcome back after the gorgeous long weekend… to all you stateside kids. I’ve decided to do my .org roundups still weekly, but more of a whenever i feel inspired to do one as themes pop up. And this week there has been so many great videos i get lost in… if notcot has a tv channel, this is the type of stuff you’d be watching… So as you sit at your desk and need some inspiration to sit back and zone out too:

- 3135:: Pleix’s Birds :: what feels like dogs on trampolines in slomo with Vitalic in the background… i can’t stop watching this one.

- 3173:: Pes’ Human Skateboard Ad :: Mesmerizing… and you must check out all of his other shorts and ads as well, i particularly recommend the Roof Sex and the Making of Roof Sex.

- 3169:: Ok Go’s Do What You Want Video :: Banksy’s elephant stunt meets crazy Ok Go fast paced tune is a sure waker upper.

- 3158:: Guinness’ Hands :: You can even cut and paste your own video… it will make you look at your hands differently for at least a few minutes.

- 3192:: Podlove :: It really is a few shorts about life, love, and the technology that effects them… especially “i love like blood”.

- 3112:: Rabbids Don’t Date :: Rayman’s Rabbids are the BEST game ever on the Wii especially… and their animated shorts are pure brilliance. If this doesn’t make you smile, i worry for you.

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Valentine’s 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ also happy first .org roundup since i’ve missed the last two? It’s been 36 weeks of .org! and week 4 of Tastespotting already!

So in lieu of a proper roundup, or even a massive roundup to make up for it ~ here’s a V-day roundup, since seldom will you see this much pink, red, and hearts on NOTCOT. Love/Hate cards, Free Vday Photoshop Brushes (no this should NOT count as your present to that special someone), Heart and Arrow Necklace, Kahlua infused heart shaped brownie ice cream sandwiches, glossy red raspberry ganache filled, opulent white choc coated hearts in gorgeous signature circular Pierre Marcolini boxes, and last but not least heart shaped plum cakes waiting patiently for the oven.

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Netdiver BOTY 2006!

NOTCOT got picked as one of Netdiver’s BOTY 2006!!! (BOTY= best of the year) And since i know, if you’re reading this, you definitely like a good fix of designer goodness, the list is a must browse ~

Thanks, Carole! Who said in her email ~ Why do we do this crazy work which demands revisiting the complete news archive for the past year (upwards of 1,500 links)??? Because we LUV everything design! [Us too!]

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Busy week here ~ but some really inspiring + fun posts up on .org this week! From impressive larger than life sculptures, projection art, balloon messaging, broken engrish signage, and the ridiculously popular “You are a douche.” cards. Not to mention the droolalicious launch of Tastespotting!

(l-r, 2886, 2882, 2881, 2879, 2852)

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A weekend in the life of…

The last few days (between the Tastespotting launch and having adventures in SF) ~ my head has been stuck in the more theoretical side of design and where the web is heading… also in food. [Did you SEE the frito pie and the Hollywood on a cupcake???]

So while delving deeply into the potentials and ramifications that come with social networks, social shopping, and the flipside - privacy and editorial layers, and how to strike a perfect balance between them all while embracing user contributed content models… i’ve found myself radar-ing a lot. So up there are a few sneak peeks into my world this weekend as seen by my radar friends… from my dollar fifty “FRICTION POWERED” SPACE RAZER ~ new no laptop signage ~ tastespotting as seen on my wii ~ shade elaine and i watercoloring web design ~ plastic martinellis ~ gorgeous views ~ and caramel shots…

So just to throw it out there ~ what is your take on public vs private on the web? social vs exclusive? how differently do you act when on display… or knowing that all you say is google/youtubed? And is there any interest in joining a NOTCOT secret society? maybe starting via mobile pics/vids on radar? Shade Elaine and i were kicking around the idea ~ curious if there’s any interest ~

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NOTCOT.ORG has come a long way, been good fun, and we’re still growing and trying to figure out where to take it… do you love it as a place to over indulge in design/inspiration daily? do you want a resource? do you want to search by color? shape? theme?

It’s come to my attention that some people don’t quite “get” the difference between the two sites (notcot.com and notcot.org) so for quick clarification… think of it as two different filtration levels… with all that designer goodness in the world, first level of filtration is NOTCOT.ORG that gives you quick visual tasters with a blurb to help you out, and you can click to see more. NOTCOT.com is more magazine/feature style filtration… focusing in tighter on things we love that you will probably see on or from NOTCOT.ORG as well. NOTCOT.ORG is for user contributions ~ group bulletin board of sorts where we would normally stick inspiring magazine pages and such…

As for why i’m late this week on the roundup (and even then decided to post my favorite row of the week) - i up and drove to SF yesterday, and then proceeded to not stop until 2am, got a few hours of sleep, then was up and at it all day today as well between meetings and such, but don’t worry, i’ll be back on top of things tomorrow, and there is a lot of exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks!

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Yet another slightly belated .org roundup! This week there was a whole lot of art inspiring us all!

2630, 2634, 2638, 2644, 2657

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The last .org roundup of 2006 - RUGenius said it was time to get organized… so here you go: 2601 - spaghetti book, 2580 - paint splatter clock, 2572 - CARDBOY calendar! (if you haven’t made one, you MUST its sooooo sweet), 2592 - portable humidifier to breathe easy, & 2576 - the ultimate calendar… buon ano!

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It’s Practically 2007

HAPPY nearly 2007!!! Or rather - wow we’ve all come a long way! And in our nostalgia driven week, Shade Elaine and i started digging through our college files… and found a bunch of old comics and characters she created over the last few years that few have seen. So here they are - in the tags - a comic digest of sorts - NOTCOT style… my suggestion? start in the gallery and flip your way through… click the images to view larger as always. Enjoy. And grazie mille for giving us such an amazing 2006, you know i kid not when i say it wouldn’t have been the same with out you all!

(oh, and no worries, while every other blog seems to be taking a few days for the holidays, looks like what i do when i have time to breathe a little, is wander around and find more design/innovation that gets me giddy.)

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