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In Philly at the Ritz

ritzphilly1.jpgOn strange days ~ i woke up at 6am in LA, jumped on a flight at LAX by 9… didn’t take off for well over an hour after that (which was a result of mechanical issues, followed by what i only later found out to be a 30 min delay b/c VP Cheney was taking off at the same time)… end up hanging out at the airport in philly for a while, end up on a shuttle full of dieticians… then find myself at the gorgeous Rae Restaurant at the new Cira Center… and now i’m curled up in a big plushy bed at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia. So before i can process everything, here’s a random post to show you the bizarrely lush world of the philly ritz around me right now… things to note? The over the top Chocolate Thursday Nights… with a lobby filled with choc fountains, etc. And this cloud of comfiness of a giant bed to work from. And the beautiful glass dome in the lobby.

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NOTCOT Pinning

bigpin.jpgI think this Moosejaw flag is just about full… So here’s a pile of pins that i wanted to share with you that have ended up in my room since NOTCOT started, and not knowing what to do with them, they kept ending up on this flag… sharing some of the randomness in my everyday that inspires me… here is everything from yahoo devil pins, flickr pins, obama pins, design public, icff, copenhagen design days, lil’ gamers, my absolute favorite pagne “i need more money or cheaper taste” button, NOTCOT buttons!, good magazine, nasa planes, lower haighter smoking pigeon, doe-sf, diesel style lab metroscope, moleskinerie, sid-lee, digital freedom, ihatetimesheets.com, heifer international, curry house, gigantic brand, cardboard robot, oddica, people like us, happy lucky me, hot wheels, diesel sweeties… and i’m sure there are even more if you look closely at the bigger image below. And of course you can still buy NOTCOT Buttons! (but i might need to reorder soon! and, well, if i do sell out, we’d have to design some new ones to add for tastespotting and notcouture of course! no pressure to help buy them up or anything.)

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FM Conversational Marketing Summit

Ok fine, i’m jetlagged in denial. But its 4am and i am wide awake suddenly. I apologize for the post lull because… well weds i flew to paris, saturday night i was back in la, monday i drove up to sf, and then tues 8am i was at the FM Conversational Marketing Summit until 7:30, at which point i ran home, and then as much as i told people and wanted to, i kind of crashed ~ couldn’t formulate sentences let alone make it to the after after party. BUT i saw Ask a Ninja LIVE! (totally worth being deliriously tired at 4pm but waiting it out till 6).

Just a quickie rant ~ it was a sea of iphones. Highlights? Well, Ask a Ninja… getting to meet a dozen or so of the really nice FM folks in person… being on a panel with Core77’s Stuart Constantine and Merlin Mann!!! Seeing our logo on the materials… Hearing about how the marketing/media guys perceive and approach the digital/social/video spaces. Really feeling that vast divide between networks that spawn out new sites because they feel like the traffic is there and how they hire people to do the heavy content work… versus networks like us which people don’t seem to believe i still naively launch sites simply b/c we’re kind of obsessive about those topics. Hearing about how boing boing (disem-vowel-ing) and ars manage their communities ~ all about the boing boing redesign. Xeni saying the conference should become a drinking game with a shot for everytime ‘conversation’ is said. Getting caught up on the video space… Having Brianna from Illustration Friday hand me an awesome moo card and polaroid print (sorry i was totally starting to crash around that time!)…

SO, i’m not sure if i’m going to make it over for today’s session, i’m so terribly behind in posting, and i must admit if there’s one thing i heard the most yesterday it was “WHAT? You are doing all of the content AND trying to do this business stuff?” So, yes, so far, that’s pretty much the deal… but i’ve JUST taken on some help in addition to FM! So anyone wanting to work with us as far as advertising/marketing ideas, drop Jared, the new NOTCOT Advertising Manager a line (jared-at-notcot.com) - he’s helping ease my load by dealing with all things ad related (for anyone who has contacted me about this in the past ~ well, response times will be infinitely faster now!) And i think i’m finally learning the advertising/marketing side of things does feel a little dirtier? And if it ever came between content or money, well i’m a content girl. (but you knew that). Ok 5:30am rant concluded, lots of pictures below!

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In Paris

Remember i mentioned Chanel was bringing bloggers to Paris? Well i’m there now (hence the lack of posting) and as you will see if you peek at my quick random snapshots, i’m actually getting some of that much needed relaxing in the big cushy bed right now - although i should be sleeping, not acting like the internet junkie i am paying for my few hours of hotel connection to check the 100+ emails today, check in on the sites (the editors and submitters are too good at what they do, thrilled to see so many great posts up!) and upload a few pics… Real posts coming sometime after Saturday night when i’m back in LA probably…

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Wow its Tuesday

NOTCOT.org #6020NOTCOT.org #6019NOTCOT.org #6018NOTCOT.org #6017NOTCOT.org #6016Yup ~ i lacked the energy to do a proper post today ~ so instead i added some links i loved over on org in my laziness to write/code up something longer… so click those pics! And think of it as a 5-in-1 of wonderfully cool inspiring projects worth looking at!

In all honesty this failed vacation hasn’t gotten better ~ i haven’t exactly stopped or relaxed exactly, nonstop meetings/calls/emails/decision making… so i’m off to Paris with Chanel on weds ~ back in LA saturday night ~ then driving up to SF monday for the FM Conversational Marketing Summit ~ then trying again at this vacation thing perhaps?

SO silly 3:21am question of the night/morning ~ Paris ~ if i have a few hours to spare, any must see recommendations of unique stores or art exhibitions going on? (Colette is on my must visit list already) Thanks!

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ORG Roundup!

NOTCOT.org #5821NOTCOT.org #5820NOTCOT.org #5808NOTCOT.org #5799NOTCOT.org #5789NOTCOT.org #5763NOTCOT.org #5764NOTCOT.org #5761NOTCOT.org #5749NOTCOT.org #5744NOTCOT.org #5726NOTCOT.org #5716NOTCOT.org #5841NOTCOT.org #5793NOTCOT.org #5783Click pics to see more! Ahhhh there’s something so satisfying to me about seeing all these great posts from NOTCOT.org together in mini form. RUGenius picked these out as her favorite 15 of the moment ~ quite the random assortment of paper folding (for transformers or in silver) - laundry shaped like Europe - naturally inspired illustrations - kids in viking beanies - an inflatable twist to a classic chair - bioshock tee - you know, the usual at .org. And the site is only ever as interesting as what YOU help contribute… so don’t hesitate to share the great things you find in your everyday!

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Footers & Navs

newfooters.jpgApologies for two self referential posts back to back. This whole “vacation” thing has kind of equaled more of a “coding+design” thing the last two days… and as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now i got the new Navigations (top top and below the main content) as well as the new Footers (easier access to see what’s going on on the other sites! Although we haven’t gotten to coding it to pull the latest from each yet… so i’ve hand coded in the top Nice/Starred ones for the moment). I feel silly saying this ~ but it feels like the old days of NOTCOT, when it started as a css/html experiment ~ so being the transparent designers/coders that we are, this is a work in progress (still) , so if you find bugs please tell us, we’re working on it!

Also, weird RSS issues seem to be popping up across the web… we’re trying to learn about Atom feeds, and this whole UTF situation… if anyone has some insight, feel free to leave a note.

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sfworld.jpgHello, world. I am here to officially say that i am ON VACATION. To do things like stare out the window at that view above… perhaps wander into that world a bit more… hopefully go back to my usual jetsetting and beach bumming while wandering the shops. Ok ok, in all seriousness, that’s what i WANT to be doing, but probably will not be doing as soon as i had hoped… and i just wanted to give you all a little update on the status of things here at NOTCOT. For those interested click through below… if not, keep going about your day! I’ll have more posts up shortly (because posting IS what i do for fun… its all the other stuff i need a vacation from!)

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NOTCOT.Org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #5619NOTCOT.org #5620NOTCOT.org #5625NOTCOT.org #5627NOTCOT.org #5633NOTCOT.org #5686NOTCOT.org #5685NOTCOT.org #5681NOTCOT.org #5673NOTCOT.org #5652You know the drill, click the pics and see more! NOTCOT.org has been really inspiring to me lately, and really the only thing that chills me out when the businessy stuff and personal life takes over the fun designy side of life… you guys find some seriously incredible stuff. So here’s a quick dose of stuff that i loved this week… (and yes i know some of the ones i picked are things i posted, but well, i really wanted to post them here but was too busy earlier!)… and that last corner post, i don’t know why it surprises me anymore, but people LOVED clicking on it… i guess turning your underwear into the ui for your video games really interests people. And can you believe that icy BMW art car? Or the videos of that top row middle black and white piece? I guess i just kind of wanted to say thanks to everyone for reading, posting, sharing such incredibly cool stuff on all of the sites ~ i don’t think i ever imagined how much FUN this could be, or that it had the potential to take over my life full time (in a good way)!

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NOTCOT Roundup

NOTCOT.org #5598NOTCOT.org #5591NOTCOT.org #5596NOTCOT.org #5581NOTCOT.org #5554TasteSpotting #3279TasteSpotting #3308TasteSpotting #3261TasteSpotting #3282TasteSpotting #3303NotCouture #732NotCouture #736NotCouture #728NotCouture #756NotCouture #765Click the images to find out what it is! Thought i’d give you a mix of design, food, and fashion to kick off your week. From Audi pedal cars and Flickrvision… to ooey gooey choc chip cookies and a gourmet grilled cheese… to an adorable jovich-hawk top on sale and fornarina’s Gotham Girls harley quinn hoodie. Happy Monday!

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Time Out Chicago

Just noticed this piece about the NOTCOT sites over in Time Out Chicago! Margaret Lyons did a really nice write up on us for Time In: Geek Out section, and it was the first im interview i’ve done ~ quite fun actually. Anyhow, take a look, and if anyone’s feeling nice and can help me track down a print copy of the Time Out Chicago Issue 122: June 21–July 4, 2007 ~ i’d owe you big! Thanks everyone for the help, I think we’ve found a copy now!

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #5367NOTCOT.org #5366NOTCOT.org #5359NOTCOT.org #5355NOTCOT.org #5354NOTCOT.org #5334NOTCOT.org #5330NOTCOT.org #5322NOTCOT.org #5308NOTCOT.org #5295
Click the pics to see more! .org roundup! Today i’m rounding up things i heavily considered writing larger posts about, but have been too busy to? So here’s a quick note on them l-r, top to bottom after the jump.

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NOTVIDEO! From those crazy marzipan knit cupcakes to FLAMING IPHONES to pixelated jewelry to smooshing cupcakes (and other things) on a scanner…. and they even stuck polaroids on the backdrop!

Ok, here’s the story. Sean Duran, of Out of Focus Studio, dropped me a note saying basically - we make videos, are you interested in making NOTCOT Vidoes? Being excited and not knowing at all what i wanted really - i told them, go for it, make ma pilot and lets go from there… SO, with next to no direction, a script written in their free time, and an episode filmed in under 3 hours… check it out? Let us know what you think, and what you would and wouldn’t want in a NotVideo! (p.s. its a little slow at first, but once the cupcakes are baked and the iphone is flaming…)

*notcot - 07.13.07 , 17:06 -

NotCouture in Newsweek

NotCouture in the July 16, 2007 Newsweek. Featured on the Checklist of The Tip Sheet, Newsweek says “SURF notcouture.com. Submit posts to this design-centric fashion Web site where editors pick the most stylish products for public viewing and voting and, of course, buying.”

We’re all really excited about this mention, and big thanks to all the readers who sent it in, and an extra big thanks to Victoria for sending me these scans (especially since i’ve been having a bit of trouble tracking down this issue!). We’re especially flattered to have this mention, since we’re still in beta, and the official launch (with goodies to go with) will be July 30th for NotCouture.

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ORG Roundup

NOTCOT.org #5050NOTCOT.org #5031NOTCOT.org #5036NOTCOT.org #5010NOTCOT.org #5006NOTCOT.org #4994NOTCOT.org #4993NOTCOT.org #4992NOTCOT.org #4974NOTCOT.org #4968Click the pics to see more! Rugenius does this roundup and says “a night of tunes at the museum, wooden speakers, beach cafes, raining time, voyeurism, lightwriting, custom converse, kiddy tees, animal puzzles and purificadora. really, is there anything we haven’t covered on .org recently?”

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