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didcot.pngAh, RUGenius, so sad you’ve moved yet again to another far away place… out in Oxford… but at least you can serve as another foreign liason design wonders hunter. Ok so this is definitely a “what the…?” post. And i’m in a nostalgic rambly sort of mood… loving DIDcot. A wee town in England… cute crest, horrid websites. NOTcot travellers can now go find the town who’s name is the archnemisis of mine. Awwwww. Didcot.

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Burn Out

burnout.pngEver feel Burnt Out? How about Blown Up? So i am so panicked at the moment, this had to be posted. Here’s how it went down… little 5’4” me, balancing on a barstool in the bathroom hallway of my new apt, trying out a light socket… screw in. turn on. nothing. touch it. KAPOW*CRASH*eep!

It blew up. smells like fire. burnt my hair a bit. but no fire. no fuse blown. so technically everything is ok… except my nerves.

But now i’m left with the imagery you see there… and it reminds me of what its like to have great ideas (light bulbs dinging above your head)… and then the opposite… to have burnt out… or gone out with a shortlived BANG.

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Save the Endangered

050826_online_species.jpg DON’T DO IT. Like this bag i mean, or even consider buying it. I saw this image in the National Geographic site, and was just so horrified i had to post it.

During a one-week period in January the IFWA discovered unlawful offerings such as a gorilla on sale for $8,100 (U.S.) and chimps dressed as dolls for $60,000 (U.S.) each. The conservation nonprofit says the findings represent only a small fraction of the total online trade, because the investigation only looked at sales of live primates and products made from elephants, tortoise shells, reptiles, and wild cats.

It’s just insane, although probably not so surprising, that this is how the blackmarket trade of endangered species is evolving… and that purse, just makes me want to cry. Read it.

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woah, busy.

NOTCOT is laying low for this week… should be back monday… life got a bit insane with work/studies/sorting of some major moves… so hang in there.

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siggraph.pngTIRED… and overwhelmed with so many fascinating projects and ideas and animation bits floating in my head. Spent the day at Siggraph 2005 down at the LA convention center, will post some projects and finds that are not to be missed after a much needed nap. [if you’re in the area, google “Siggraph 2005 exhibits only code” to go check out the exhibits for free… but its worth spending the 25$ to see the Emerging Technologies, Art Gallery, and Animation Theatre]

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Comment Issue…

comment.pngOops… moveable type error? Or possibly human error… but just to let all the nice readers who posted comments the last week know that it wasn’t notifying me about receiving comments! So thats all been fixed now, and they are all up. Nice feedback from DNA11, Jenna found a place selling Capellini paper, a few people chatting about the Blackhole in LA… so go check it out. Drop them a line? Drop me a line?

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WEE Ninja

weeninja.jpgIt’s a wee ninja and it makes me feel better in this crappy day That is all. Go Shawnimals, you make me smile.

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It’s all about the voyeurism of the adorable hedgehogs. And that logo. Nice.

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Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

For anyone who ever wondered what that would look like. Wow. Too much free time. But must watch. Via Pixel y Dixel

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Necessity, Mother of Invention.

050607_fishapron.jpgOld news, but awesome to finally see the pic Thanks RUGenius… and incase you missed the story…

June 7, 2005—Bulging with bags containing 51 tropical fish, an alleged smuggler’s custom-designed apron—originally hidden by a skirt—was uncovered Friday at Australia’s Melbourne International Airport. After the unnamed 43-year-old Australian arrived from Singapore, “customs officers became suspicious after hearing ‘flipping’ noises coming from the vicinity of her waist,” the Australian Customs Service said in a statement released today.

Crazy what people will do for money, no?

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Happy 4th of July, Kids.

04bush.650.jpgIt’s all about perspective. Here’s a great pic from RUGenius found in the NYTimes. Enjoy, and constantly look at things a little bit differently.

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hey everyone, sorry posting is pretty behind this week, moving apartments and a bunch of stuff is all over, and internet connection, and maddness…. will be back on it really soon! thanks, notcot.

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Hic Sunt Dracones

I often find myself assuming you read all of these too… and more, here are links for the bored… an excerpt of relatively dailies, that i attempt not to repost from…

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A lil’ help?

notcotwants.jpgAlmost everyday, i share my random inspiration…sorry, i got cold feet on this one, didn’t think anyone really noticed it… but apparently many did notice the “disappearance”… thanks for the feedback! This has become a repository of the things that make me go “hmmmmmmm” or “oooooooo” or “ohhhh”. But i’ve been thinking lately, maybe it could be more? And since i figure you are the one reading it regularly, maybe you should get some say in what you like, don’t like, want more of?

The idea so far has been to keep it all text based, let the images pop off and be all you really need to look at. If you care because the image draws you in, fine, then read it. Otherwise text is almost just background that provides information when you want it. This also started as an experiment in CSS more than a blog… but where should it go now? How do you feel about Advertising?

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marchofthepenguins_poster.jpgGuest post… Leave it to RUGenius to find the one dorky thing in trendy “In Style” magazine. On June 24th, Warner Brothers Independent is releasing “March of the Penguins”. As we all know, penguins are freakishly and obligately monogamous, mating for life. So now you can witness Antarctica in its full and wintry glory and understand why emperor penguins are so intense. Best part, it’s “as told by Morgan Freeman”…hahahaha. You know you want to see it.

Other cool penguin facts…penguins “fly” underwater. They move in masses, constantly trying to stay out of the wind and get inside the huddle. You can actually track large groups of penguins using satellites as they drift miles and miles, just because every individual wants to escape the windchill.

And, while we’re on the promotion of cheesy animal movies. Go see MADAGASCAR. Comes out this weekend. It’s got lemurs, so it MUST be cool. [notcot note: it was amusing, silly, beware of being engulfed by children under 5 at a matinee]

MORE LINKS: Pics of penguins: Duke primate center: Lemur Conservation: p.s. click the image to go watch the trailer.

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