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This weeks .org round up brought to you by Shade Elaine - Tea towels, plastic cutlery, toilet paper holder, junk mail, and tape. You probably have all these ordinary things in your home right now, but things are never “ordinary” ‘round these parts…

(l-r, 1108, 1105, 1061, 1082, 1079)

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Let the Shopcasting Begin

Thisnextlaunch.jpgI promised more info earlier when i showed you the goodies that ThisNext was giving out - and here it is. As of now, ThisNext is officially launched! See the official press release here.

How does this effect NOTCOT - well we’re trying something new in collaboration with them… Scroll down - below the gallery tags - and you see the 50 most recent NOTCOT PIcks! This is your opportunity to show us what you love - what you own - what you recommend - and shopcast it here on NOTCOT. Here’s the deal - if you are playing/shopping on ThisNext and you make a pick/recommendation (i recommend using the bookmarklet, too much work otherwise) - tag it NOTCOT and it will show up below. Just like that… like magic!

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Another week has flown right by - and here are this weeks digitally picked .org selections by Colin. Our theme seems to be very eco and park like - grass everywhere you go, park benches out of bike racks, flower fonts, and some ghosts!

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Happy Saturday everyone, in my many attempts at have less computer time, here is a glimpse at the latest batch of shirts. We have kids tees, Girls Summer Tees (LOVE these, they actually fit so nicely, esp with the wider neck and sheer jersey), and classic tees in men and womens. And one day i messed up and made an inverted screen - so made a gym bag… For anyone lost, see previous post on this here. (Click pic to see bigger.)

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House & Garden

Blushing from the nice words and mention Grace Bonney (aka Design*Sponge) gave NOTCOT over at her House & Garden gig. She’s one of the first blogs i started reading regularly what feels like forever ago… or maybe that really was merely a year and a half ago? Also a nice roundup of what i consider the “usuals” for quality design sites - the ones you hit when you only have a few minutes. (MoCoLoco, Reluct, Josh Spear, TreeHugger, Apt Therapy)

And while it feels like the blog roundup kind of day - here are a few other essentials on my list :: Core77 + DesignBoom + Ektopia + DesignSpotter + Fabulist + VinylPulse +… well this list could go on for a while, but those are just a few! [Feel free to suggest more in the notes?]

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NOTCOT.org #011


Jermacide has been working steadily on the backend of NOTCOT.org lately, and we have some new user pages to launch soon. But until then, here are his picks for the week + keep the good stuff coming, its all the contributions that keep us so excited every time we load the page.

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ThisNext is Growing

Sticker marketing - Lots have tried it - ThisNext is taking that to the next level. The basic concept is that when you love something, you sticker it - but unlike those Coolhunted and Lucky Magazine (yes/no/maybe) stickers - these work digitally (you can add your own text blurb and one of these stickers will appear on your product image) as well as physically (see below for pictures of the just released ThisNext stickers). They are about shopcasting and picking the best products you use/want/love. For those of you who pay close attention… this is the side project i’ve been writing for and official launch is coming, but not quite yet. So be patient.

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Its the end of the world… dinosaurs, paint barrages, gas masks, and giant squids from the deep… I don’t think the deer are going to make it. (l-r, 966, 963, 959, 953, 956)

This weeks .org roundup digitally picked for you by Jackson.

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Colin Rundel does this weeks digital curation of .org —- which has been under much craziness lately - for those of you who have noticed the periodic construction and such. The more complexity through features we add, the more bugs (some absolutely bizarre as far as my logic can determine) pop up - and the more fixing and backing up - and LEARNING happens on this side. But no posts have been lost - the RSS feed is on hold till we finalize our db to a stable state… so post away. Still loving the content, in fact i’m proud to say that i think you have all been getting better and better at it! And i’m addicted!

That said here’s what Colin picked for you : This week all kinds of beautiful prints from .org and a few other random bits and pieces. Prints on a swing seat, prints that really are for your wall and prints of a happy little anteater to tie it all together. If that doesn’t do it for you how about some painted access panels from utility posts around the streets of barcelona or the truly bizarre jewelry from cultured bone tissue.

(l-r, 877, 885, 890, 896, 910, 914)

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The Kid in Me

I’m sure by now i can’t hide that i never outgrew my cartoon loving, sugar craving kid within. So it should come as no surprise when i tell you that i’m slow today on posts (but have quite a bit of amazing larger features on the list to post for you!) - because i need to pop down to Comicon and see what all the fuss is about, and check out new toys. But i’ll be back! Also, we might be in need of help/hiring/need more fun people to come play with us and find cool stuff or design with us. I’m deciding. But you know how to contact me if this even remotely piques your interest.

But for now, how fun are these kids shirts? These icons epitomize some of the phases of my childhood obsessions. Go JEETO! … also their Allergy Collection is freaking brilliant… see below.

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Git along little doggie, git along git along…that’s right boys and girls, its time for the weekly .org roundup. It’s been another wild week at .org with generous posting by plenty of the old crew as well as some classy contributions from the new school. We’ve got fab tintin figurines, a gorgeous ecosmart fireplace, sunlight trapped in a jar, the ever-so-handy self-destruct button and floating tigers. Keep posting .orgers! —- This week’s were digitaly picked for you by RUGenius.

(l-r, 786, 810, 850, 770, 775)

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Toni on Project Runway

CONGRATS go out to Toni Heath who modeled for us in NOTED #001… our photographer, Jackson, just dropped me a line to check out this new season of Project Runway because she will be one of the models! Check out her Project Runway Bio. We loved working with her, and wish her the best!

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Beauty in the moment, enlightenment in a bottle, sanrio in real life, crop circles in perspective, and cheap dreams are featured on .org this week and digitally selected for your viewing pleasure by Colin.

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This week’s favs, as digitally selected by Shade Elaine - Space is one place that Matt hasn’t danced his jig, but if he were in space, he could eat space ram! (I bet it’s good for consumption on Earth too.) Elephants poop paper which, theoretically, artist Peter Callesen could use to make awesome art. If you feel icky about using paper made from elephant poop, go take a shower with an SAT math shower curtain.
(l-r, #548, #588, #626, #538, #618) - - - with voting started this week, and you can click on a poster’s name to see all posts by that person, NOTCOT.org is becoming more interactive… baby steps - come vote! and contribute!

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Voting now on .ORG

VOTING! and Chronological vs. Popular Sort options. So here’s a quick little collage to get you going… its in like pre-alpha modes - we whipped it up last night in about an hour - just for kicks. B/c we’re just like that. Also when you click on a NAME - you can see all the posts from that person. Lots of bugs possibly, maybe not, so let me know - but in a nutshell you see your possible rollovers in red up there - click the heart to vote on it - click it again to unvote. But i didn’t feel like having it say vote - so it’s NICE! and NOT NICE. Anyhow for all of you who read, but don’t post, you can vote and it becomes slightly more interactive. NOTCOT.org

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