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Health in Harmony

One of the most inspiring things is still nature, between all the jaw dropping art and design i see daily, sit me at the beach and i could watch the birds and ocean for ages… you know exactly what i mean (if not, go rent some Planet Earth in HD or something, and i feel very sad for you). Anyhow, that being said, and just to mix things up a little here to regain some perspective before we go back to traditional design content… a few weeks back when i was over at the Revl Industries showroom, i met Toni Gorog and learned about this interesting project she’s working on in Indonesia and below are some images of the photography from the event as well:

June 2nd, the Revel Industries showroom in SF was hodge podge of Indonesian dangdut music, great Mondavi wines, margaritas by Angelita, and spicy Mexican snacks. The hip workspace/office—home of Headline Shirts, Gytha Mander, and Revl—was transformed into a classy photo gallery of pix by Erick Danzer featuring the faces of Indonesia and the biodiversity of the world’s largest island archipelago. The benefit fundraiser was held to support the work of the non-profit Health In Harmony in rural Indonesia. HIH’s mission is to improve both human and environmental health in West Kalimantan, one of the country’s poorest provinces. Using health care discounts at their new medical clinic as an incentive, the 501(c)(3) works with communities around Gunung Palung National Park, a stronghold for one of the few remaining populations of orangutans, to protect the park from illegal logging. The NGO also offers local people ecologically-friendly work opportunities, such as organic farming and reforestation, to cover health care costs. See Health In Harmony for more information and keep your eyes open for future events at Revel to support Health In Harmony’s medical/conservation program in Indonesia.

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ORG Roundup

NOTCOT.org #4845NOTCOT.org #4841NOTCOT.org #4835NOTCOT.org #4825NOTCOT.org #4823NOTCOT.org #4821NOTCOT.org #4801NOTCOT.org #4782NOTCOT.org #4770NOTCOT.org #4744Click the images to see more! It’s been a while since i’ve done some of these, been a bit wrapped up bouncing between LA and SF lately… and getting things ready with NotCouture - much like TasteSpotting there is so much i’m learning and desperately craving from the wealth of incredible submissions people have been finding. So i’ll definitely try to make these visual roundups more regular, but there is SO much showing up on NOTCOT.org daily, i have a terribly hard time picking what to display here as well! (*Hint hint* ~ if you haven’t already, bookmark it! make it your homepage! etc. and feel free to contribute great finds you think we’ve missed!)

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Web Design Index 7

I’m absolutely giddy ~ just picked up a copy of the new Web Design Index 7 from Pepin Press, and we’re in it! Close ups below!

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Shhhhh. This is still kind of a secret, but we need your help. So, NOTCOT.org you see our love of all things design/tech/gorgeous… and TasteSpotting feeds our addiction (because, we all need to eat! and no reason for it not to look delicious)… naturally our other obsession that didn’t always fit perfectly in the other two are for our fashion/beauty indulgences. And we have quite a few!

…. so here’s NOTCouture. And we need your help - we’re working through some bugs (as in trying to find and squash them), we’re working through the style and feel we want there (so far its all stuff we’re loving and wanting), and i guess i’m just nervous about fully launching it yet… so just sharing with readers first! Love to hear your thoughts… and you can credit the gorgeous design to Shade Elaine, this one’s all her! [oh, and it functions just like the others… but not help/guidelines/etc up yet]

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Design Blogfest

WOW. My head is spinning, i haven’t stopped since 4am PST… basically SFO-JFK flight, getting into the city, checking in, running by a very cool sample sale, walking to grab some delicious dinner at Rickshaw quickly, rushing over to the Design Blogfest… and a few adventures later and after meeting many incredible people… here i am back in the hotel trying to pop a quick post out for those who didn’t make it out.

Big props to Harry Wakefield from MocoLoco and the generous folks at The Apt… and Lockhart Steele over at Curbed/Gawker… they pulled off an insane party… short story? 2500 people RSVP’d (their space holds about 200), i showed up at 6:15, and we barely fit… but 6:30 they were barely letting anyone in (see pictures of hardcore bouncers below)… pseudo-VIP party migrates down a few doors to Gawker HQ (very fun space! sorry i was too busy bouncing around chatting with folks to take pics there), so check out some pictures of the main party at The Apt here. Going to try and catch a little sleep before roaming ICFF tomorrow and huge thanks to everyone who made it out.

update: just saw these pics over at Sellsius Real Estate - poor guys didn’t even get all the way in! but pics of the insane lines…

Apparently Funfurde was there too!

Core77 Pics from the party

MoCo Loco Pics! - check out the awesome cotton candy?

Design Notes was there! Check out his Flickr pics

LVHRD.ORG has some more pics!

MediaBistro’s two cents

Met up with Sally of SallyTV and MocoLoco - and she has some great pics

So does the brilliant Caroline McCarthy of CNet - gawker flickr set

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Off to NY

NOTCOT.org #4344NOTCOT.org #4343NOTCOT.org #4341NOTCOT.org #4335NOTCOT.org #4292NOTCOT.org #4290NOTCOT.org #4286NOTCOT.org #4272NOTCOT.org #4251NOTCOT.org #42206am flight to JFK ~ so not sure how much posting i’ll be doing today, but hopefully Shade Elaine has some goodies for you… but before i try to catch an hour or two of shut eye… here’s a fun roundup of some designer goodies, many of which i will hopefully be seeing in person, and other which would just be fun and or inspiring to have around. So, you know the drill… click those pics to find out more.

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VOTE for the Window

It’s still Tuesday in most places! Hey everyone, sorry its been a bit slow, i’m not running the show on this one, and we’ve been a bit pressed for time ~ so BIG THANKS to Harry over at MocoLoco for making everything possible with the Design Blogfest coming up friday. SO, sadly only one design (or hopefully a series if Alice Wang’s Pet Plus products or Chris Dimino’s Typewriter series win!) get displayed in the window all through ICFF… but its up to YOU to vote. So please vote below! (I’m sure you can guess of those, which i’d love to see up there)… and for anyone who can’t make it, you can be sure i’ll take lots of pics for all of you.

The voting will remain open until 11:47pm EST tomorrow.

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NOTCOT Buttons

Where in the world are the NOTCOT buttons? Well, thats what i want to know, and a few people have sent pics back. (and for those who have recently put orders in, they are all in the mail! I’m doing batches about once a week) Miguel over in Spain has a post up on Evasee about his buttons that’s had me smiling all day. And Sara (Milano, Italia) sent in this cute shot of them… and Larry (Framingham, MA) has them on his bag strap already! More in the Gallery

And if you want buttons… see here. I will also probably have some with me in NY, but haven’t figured out how to distribute… any ideas?

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The Apartment has kindly offered Design Blogfest their Crosby Street window for the duration of New York Design Week. SO! We need something to put in it!

Have a brilliant design that would look great in the window? Know of a friend with one that is just too shy to show off their incredible work? Then upload an image and a brief description to Wists and tag “designblogfest”. All the entries will be available at wists.com/everyone/designblogfest. The Design Blogfest bloggers (Us! + mocoloco, cool hunting, apt therapy, treehugger, curbed, cribcandy) will create a shortlist on Monday afternoon, then it will be on you readers to vote on the best design.

Important dates:

- NOW! upload an image to Wists and tag it “designblogfest”
- Monday May 14, 12noon EST, deadline for entries via Wists
- Tuesday May 15, shortlist of finalists, voting begins
- Wednesday, May 16, 12noon EST, voting ends

CHOP CHOP, people. This is going to be a quick one, but well worth all the much deserved attention the design will be getting!

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ICFF Design Blogfest

ICFF Design Blogfest! May 18th (next friday) in Soho 6-9 ~ first physical event NOTCOT is officially partaking in… so if you’re in town, you’d better be there! A bunch of my favorite blogs have teamed up for this one… Mocoloco, Cool Hunting, Apartment Therapy, Treehugger, Cribcandy, and Curbed… and it’s being sponsored by The Apartment and 10 Cane Rum. So if you’re up for it, RSVP to icff@theapt.com ASAP! More flyers below…

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.ORG & TasteSpotting

NOTCOT.org #4071NOTCOT.org #4072NOTCOT.org #4061NOTCOT.org #4048NOTCOT.org #4038TasteSpotting #1482TasteSpotting #1475TasteSpotting #1470TasteSpotting #1465TasteSpotting #1413Click the pics! - Another roundup of some goodies seen on .org and TasteSpotting this last week…

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NOTCOT Buttons!

USA, 2 for you + 2 to share, $5:

International, 2 for you + 2 to share, $6:

Yes, these are all over my floor right now. The package from Busy Beaver showed up, i tore it open, poured them out, and can’t stop grinning. There is something extremely fun and satisfying about seeing NOTCOT on all these little 1” buttons. (And it probably helps that i’ve always wanted to bulk order buttons, but never knew what to put on them!) So please excuse me for being a little slow on the posting yesterday and today… between the pins, figuring out hosting, and cleaning/rearranging to make space for the new couches showing up tomorrow - been a little behind! BUT - back to the buttons… not sure what to do with them yet, perhaps Shade Elaine and i will make cute sets you can order cheaply, or start a flickr group to see where they end up, or just leave them in bars, or hand them out randomly at an art show…. ideas? (there will surely be a follow up post soon once we figure this out)

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.ORG Roundup

NOTCOT.org #3925NOTCOT.org #3919NOTCOT.org #3910NOTCOT.org #3864NOTCOT.org #3964NOTCOT.org #3962NOTCOT.org #3961NOTCOT.org #3954NOTCOT.org #3944NOTCOT.org #3973Click each little square to find out more! You have no idea how hard it is to pick 10 great posts from NOTCOT.org each time i try to do these… There are constantly too many inspiring and brain tickling posts that all of you contribute (and if you haven’t been contributing, but find things you think are even cooler than what you see on the site, why aren’t you?) Seriously, if you haven’t tested it out yet, NOTCOT.org and TasteSpotting are our pet projects that we have tried to make as EASY as possible (except for the part where you need to pick a picture - BUT we autocrop and scale it!) - all you need is an image, link, and a quick caption to make us want to see what it is.

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Hosting help? And update…

Hi everyone - tons of exciting news and posts coming up - but at the moment i am a little bit frazzled at the fact that Dreamhost is going down multiple times a day lately - (but from what i hear we’ve been lucky we’ve been up as much as we have been?!?!) So basically, while scrambling to try and figure out what to do - where to move - who has the least downtime, good support, php5, mysql 4-5, nice amounts of HD space and bandwidth… got any pointers? or things to desperately avoid? We played with media temple a while back, kept having some odd email issues… considering going back to them with their new plans…

So sorry for the mini posting break - technical side of things taking over for the moment (there really are pretty much 2-3 of us doing everything over here!)… but please bear with us as we try to smooth things out!

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.ORG Roundup

NOTCOT.org #3845NOTCOT.org #3829NOTCOT.org #3816NOTCOT.org #3815NOTCOT.org #3788NOTCOT.org #3773NOTCOT.org #3784NOTCOT.org #3794NOTCOT.org #3790NOTCOT.org #3800IMAGE MAP! Click the pics to see more… here are some .org favorites of Shade Elaine and I!

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