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Random Peek SG

So - a random peek of more amusements in Singapore… on my dragon fruit theme, this “capri sonne MYSTIC dragon” juice made me giggle. The asianified Guinness Chinese New Year packaging was quite nice. And S$40 for lego star wars guys!!! INSANITY. Click for bigger pic if you want…

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Happy Year of the DOG.

Gung Hey Fat Choi (or however you bastardize that into english these days) - but its my year! (so i’ll be 24 this year) - i’m a water dog - this is the year of the fire dog… so welcome to another chance at another fresh start. This is an image of the feast we put out for the ancestors on this occaision… figured it was a nice way to welcome you all into the new year as well. So enjoy, be merry, and best of luck for the new year.

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This is today’s inspiring texture/pattern i found - at the market mayhem of many stalls i wandered across a dragon fruit and had to try it - it was just such a gorgeous fruit - low and behold i fell in love with the black and white fleshy interior when i sliced it open - the taste was not so interesting but the design of this incredible fruit is just beautiful - imagine flash frozen slices as coasters? or duplicating that pattern for a wallpaper? i might have to get some high quality scans of thin slices of this sometime this trip. Read more about dragon fruits here - its part of the cactus family.

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Singapore anyone?

Hello jetlag? Sorry for the delay in posts - just landed over in Singapore for the next 2.5 weeks (will be here till the 6th of Feb)… So i’ll be back on posts later tonight - but just wanted to post a quick message for any idea on things to check out here - or designers to meet up with! More to come…

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LA Auto Show

LA Auto Show was the last two weekends - nothing rocked my world so hard i wanted to post it. But there were some great displays as always, especially by Porsche and VW… there is an incredible flocked black and red poster for the GTI that VW was giving out i will have to get a good shot of to share with you soon. But for now, here’s my favorite pic of the entrance wall of Porsche.

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So that’s what a cat’s tongue looks like up close, eh? It freaked me out a bit. So naturally, i had to post it. Also apparently people are attacking my server. Stop! Stop spamming it so badly, just leave it be. And to readers, sorry it’s been slow… we’re working on it. So be patient, or help fix! Thanks. And i will never feel the same when a cat licks me again.

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AdBrite Code

AdBrite has an interesting system set up that you have probably see on other sites as well - and in my curious state tonight i signed up to see how the system and interface worked… It allows me to set prices and have people post ads on the site and they manage the cost and timing of display. Also a nice feature is the ability to create promo offers… so for readers i set up “cotnot” as a passcode you can enter at the bottom of this link if you want to try out an ad on Notcot for a week! Or if there is interest for shorter ones/longer ones/etc just drop me an email, i’m dying for excuses to mess with the system more and see what we can do with it.

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Worlds Largest Plasma

1031080p.jpg On CES… a major theme certainly was the “My PLASMA is bigger than your PLASMA”… and the hands down winner was definitely the Panasonic 103” World’s Largest… and while you all may have heard from those boys of Gizmodo and Engadget and such… it is HUGE, but i just have to tell you all that it is a work of art. As for the mine is bigger than yours (oh and the worlds biggest isn’t even 1080p - another one of the big competitions between booths)… nothing smaller than a 60 catches my eye anymore. CES has left me jaded on what is considered a large TV.

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CES anyone?

[UPDATED] Hey guys, quickie - anyone hitting up vegas for CES this weekend? I registered, but haven’t decided whether pop up there for it yet. Could be fun to meet up with some notcot/tech/design folks - drop me an email!

Sooo… i just gave in and booked a flight for Friday (heading out in the morning, back late that night? unless i can somehow figure out a place to stay, or hey, its vegas, anything can happen, maybe i’ll run off with some crazy ideas and relocate notcot there… or not. i’m hyper tonight) But if anyone’s going to be around friday, or has more ideas about things not to miss, EMAIL! =)

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So a while back my sister found the town of DIDCOT, the anti-NOTCOT… well Jermacide and i were perusing the internet, and as always you just keep finding more… so in line with NOTCOT… we found NOTcOM an italian research group, Notcon “the last piece of the puzzle” design/marketing/internet group, and my personal favorite Notcutts garden center. And then, well there’s us, NOTCOT. So for all of you who thought NOTCOT was random (as did we), apparently we’ve got some competition in the NOTs.

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Tag. Yahoo got it?

Yahoo bought del.icio.us. Saddest line in the SF Gate article “The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company didn’t disclose how much it paid for New York-based del.icio.us because the purchase price wasn’t large enough to have a significant impact on its finances.” So yahoo is buying out all the tagging guys? (they got flickr) and gearing up for a war against google?

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My BDAY present to you…

SAMPLE SALES - SAMPLE SALES - SAMPLE SALES - SAMPLE SALES - SAMPLE SALES Ok i guess you got the point. It is that time of year again, and here is my master list for the moment of invites and events that have floated past my inbox for the next two weekends in SOCAL…drop me an email if you know of more… these silly sales straddle my 23rd bday, and just wanted to share my finds with readers this year… Enjoy!

… yea i think the sample sale scene is getting a bit out of control this year… but shopping/cocktails/art/music is always fun… gift bags are usually amusing… and you meet some great people and fun little designers.

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The Dirt on Notcot?

dirt.pngNotcot got press… Dave Burdick of the Boulder Dirt did a feature article on Josh Spear (joshspear.com), and in the process emailed me to see what Notcot was all about as well. Congrats to Josh… its a nice article giving you all more background on him and his new endeavors. As for Notcot, well it gives away a little bit more about where i am and what i’m doing.

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Back from SF update

So… i ran off to SF last weekend… it became more like 5 days or so, and found some super cool stuff… but much of my efforts and free time have gone to writing for Charles and Marie lately… So for people to catch up, and just to archive some stuff i loved that i sent that way, the next few posts are reposts from things i sent over there… =)

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Oh yikes, its been a while… i’ve been focusing efforts towards Charles and Marie lately, so check in there for some great finds (you will probably notice which ones come from me… and as a result Notcot has been a bit slow lately) BUT i’m working on it, and tonight i’m too exhausted to type much copy, but will be image happy… so check out the cool stuff, and click them to read about them!

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