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Hot pink looks better on Hulger than it does on Barbie. I was surprised these guys manage to pull of a hot pink email newsletter that is nearly painful… yet a pleasure to browse/read. Anyhow, i’ve been in love with the images of their products for a while, perhaps someday i’ll actually play with one. From bluetooth to corded headsets, these great vintage phone designs even have bases for your old school skypeing/treoing. And the bluetooth models just got upgraded with bluetooth 2.0~

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Vogue Italia Sept.

I indulged myself with the massive issue of Vogue Italia in hopes of escaping my web 2.0, social networking, california based craziness that has been quickly taking over my life… after doing some serious NOTCOT house cleaning till 8am (read: fixed .org atom feed, cleaned up all .com rss/atom, fixed .com search, added features to .org, finished emails, and a ton more)… all i wanted was a little break from the web. Just some good old fashioned, relatively shallow product/fashion obsession and drooling over accessorizing as an art form.

So imagine my surprise when in the midst of Vogue Italia, i find myself reading about how “Il web sta cambiando… Gli user-generated sites stanno decisamente rivoluzionando la rete.” and see giant myspace, flickr, and craigslist facing me. TOM made it into VOGUE. Maybe its not the web thats changing, but Vogue sta cambiando. Also this is by far one of my favorite Vogue covers to date, the image of that model at the gun range… those pumps amidst the shells… and LOVE the font… and how that orange picks up on the glasses of the guy in the next stall, and the target on the ground. Closeups below… token Diesel Sweeties to make you giggle too.

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Versace + Lamborghini

More big brand mashups - this time we have the high end Versace meets Lamborghini, to give us the Murcielago LP640 Versace Edition. While the white seats may be utterly impractical ~ i must admit i’m loving the mod black and white feel they have going on. Paris Auto Show got all the good sporty releases this year! via Sybarites, who has quite a few high res pics.

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2008 Audi R8

Most sinister sports car i’ve laid eyes on… it’s those swarovski looking false eyelashes on the headlights look isn’t it? and those wolverine claws coming out of the trunk that does it? You know, imagine you’re watching transformers or some animated feature, you would see this and KNOW it was either the villian, or the vehicle of the villain… the very deviously genius villain. So here we have the freshly announced in Paris, 2008 Audi R8. Gorgeously evil. Wicked fast. Fun images and schematics below. Watch videos of it in action at Left Lane News.

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Seed’s del.icio.us

September’s SEED magazine (possibly one of the most gorgeous non design mags out there to grace my mailbox) ~ has an article titled “You Look Around: A Visual Exploration of Complex Networks” featuring some mind blowing visualizations of amino acid sequence alignments, visual correlations of spatial awareness, and this one which intrigued me the most… Above (full image and more below) you see the relationships in the del.icio.us network. “It employs simple algorithms that recommend items of personal note to the user, and demonstrates the operation of interest and influence within an online community - in this instance, between a group of eight participants.” Created by Ian Timourian, Mandalabrot.net, San Francisco. See more in depth graphs and explanations at del.icio.us project.

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Lockpicks Card

Possibly the most brilliant business card i have seen to date. [Thanks Craig!]… and apparently they are functional picks… Would love to get my hands on one to see how the tension wrench works (bending it yourself and all). Designed by Jeni Mattson.

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Paint by Pixel

Remember paint by numbers? Do kids even have that anymore? Well apparently for the DS Icon kids (and adults and not so creatively inclined) for icon making - you have paint by pixel! And this grumpy bear is just… so grumpy and pixely. DS Icons. [via wonderland]

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Widescreen Intuos

I3WideFormatFamily.jpgWacom announces the new WIDESCREEN Intuos 3 line. Funny thing is that while i’ve been working with my old massive first gen Intuos tablet with the 23” Studio display, i never really considered why i had issues when i set it proportional to the screen… and it all just clicked now. And i guess i kind of want a widescreen tablet to go with my widescreen! Pity they aren’t stretch to desired proportion… maybe the next gen will be!

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Floppy Screensavers

Who can resist screensavers with flipping clock images - or Briblo (lego-esuqe building blocks?) - especially when the site shows you images on floppy disks? via ThisNext.

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This is the Logitech NuLooq, i have been trying to figure out how i missed this when the press release came out a few months ago, but none the less - here it is. For photoshop junkies like us, and those who need new ways to interface with their tech. I’m curious - have any of you played with it? and the new ToolDial?

Its an interesting new USB/dial/touch sensitive scroll/zoom tool for designers aimed at easing the constant tool switching we do while chained to our large monitors. My main curiosity is regarding the use of this tool while working, and how intuitive it really is. The physical design of this product reminds me a lot of various projects i worked on during my masters program - and the ability to combine various layers of dials/wheels for zooming and panning simultaneously intrigues me. So posting this as a physical interface worth playing with as a case study, and might need to buy it just for this reason! And i haven’t even begun to discuss the idea of the ToolDial software/dock interface they’ve designed to match as well. [More details below]

Just noticed the Amazon page for it and the reviews seem surprisingly good. As for ToolDial, just downloaded the demo, and its actually kind of nice… will try it out for a few days, but off to get some 3:30am sleep now.

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Golden Porsche

Been a saturday filled with fighting with my now basically dead crapbook ~ transferring and cleaning up files to the macmini so i can post and work from it, so needed a silly post to cheer me up. And then found this golden porsche that just made me smile. Perhaps less because it was gold, and more watching the pictures and imagining how much time it must have taken that man in the pictures to cover the porsche one gold leaf at a time. Currently on display at Schmuckwelten, a jewelry museum in Pforzheim, Germany.

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Hot Polaroid

Tarsh Einfallsreich posted this great Australian Polaroid Rossa over to .org [which is under construction, the rss feed is down, and registration is in the works - we might need a few days to get this sorted, so post GENTLY] This is one sexy Polaroid that i am desperately wanting - and since the .org post look is very polaroidy - you won’t be surprised that their interface is something i can’t help but love! So check out Polaroid Rossa, you know you want it.

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Treonauts Hands On

I know i showed you this limited edition treo 650 before, but i’m a bit obsessed with it today - and just found this great hands on review of it over at Treonauts. The coating of the whole phone is the same as that great thin subtle rubbery coating that the hardcase has… i can’t stand how slippery the current one is. Tempting.

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Black Tie

Happy 10th bday to Palm. They are releasing this special “Black Tie” edition of the Treo 650 (which i guess is only something us GSM folk can crave, since everyone else has moved on to the 700 and 700p?) - bundled with this hardcase and a stylus. My focus here is actually more on the hardcase, when i first got the treo back in december, i couldn’t find ANY cases i actually liked - then at CES the palm rep had this great case i loved - and then shattered my excitment by telling me it was just a prototype… but there it is. Something about that sleek look of it just gets me.

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CL Sound Machine

Designed by the Cucumber Lab, this incredible object is the CL Sound Machine. It seems reminiscent of an overhead projector, mailbox, and gramophone to me. The fusion of the familiar to create something so beautiful and still functional - certainly qualifies as drool worthy design. “Beats emanate from our sound projecting, music machine with automated transitional glass for direct visual surveillance of one’s finest wines. It features high gloss finish, 12 bottle wine-liquor storage, Smart Glass technology, direct drive digital record player, 5 disc slim line cd player, universal mp3 player and stand, 200 watt rmf mono bridged amplifier, 8” subwoofer, and 42-25,000 Hz range.” Hyperventilating slightly? Me too. I want one. And you haven’t even seen the interior yet… after the jump.

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