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Brenthaven Flip Case Review- 10.05.06

I used to have an iPod 3gen before i finally caved and got the new 80 gig video… so when i first saw the Brenthaven case, i must admit i was curious, why would i REALLY need a replacement dock/case duo? But then, like so many other things you don’t realize you NEED until after you try it, i got hooked. Imagine you’re crammed on a plane, or just sitting at your desk at work, it IS kind of nice to be able to pull it out of its case, and have it at the perfect angle for close quarters movie watching, or to see what’s playing while at your desk. So while i never needed this brilliant multipurpose case, now i can’t live without it. Also the leather is great quality, and the brown and baby blue combo is one of my favorite color palettes. Fits like a glove… a very perfectly fitting glove… that’s lined with baby blue suede so nothing gets scratched up. Flip Case by Brenthaven… More close up images below…

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