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Podstar Review- 10.05.06

I’ve had a crush on the Malaysian brand Podstar since they launched (see old post)… so i’m just glowing that the product has surpassed my high expectations. So here is my iPod dressed in its Diablo Darkside…. the baseball card like bio for him says he’s age:30, and ex-con/costumed defender of justic, likes: spike lee and wu tang, and dislikes: corruption. But seriously, i thought it would be like my old iskin cases… silicon - does it’s job, thats all…. well Podstar’s cases, are incredibly high quality to the touch, and absolutely love the horns (and the earing is removable!) and the TAIL! Gorgeous design, well executed, fun packaging, nice website. Nice touch is that they have a flap to protect the port on the bottom as well. So on my more devious days, you’ll find my ipod in this. Lots of images below. Also, new limited edition angelically devilish white series available now.

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Comes with a great hard plastic screen protector, mini caribeaner, and dogtag… also brilliantly efficient, instead of having a separate case for the 30, 60, 80gigs…. for the 30 gigs, they provide you with a silicon piece to add in to have the perfect fit.


Has grips on the sides, so it doesn’t slip away…


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