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Digital Life NYC- 10.12.06

I have new found respect for booth babes. How do they stand that long in heels? Really. Even in flats. Standing in general. Spewing happiness to press and consumers alike? Seriously. Wow. And it’s only been one day… I’ve never really been on this side of a trade show before - craziness. Haven’t stopped since i got on that plane at 6am in LA, which feels like days ago.

So here is my round up - unedited pictures thrown together below to give you the most honest feel of what Digital Life seems to have to offer (unless you’re a diehard gamer, then you should just come for yourself and sit and play game after game - or sing karaoke on a few stages). So i’m here with ThisNext - people are obsessing about the Shawnimals’ Wee Ninjas we’re raffling away with a bunch of other top recommended picks… then other show worthy mentions (pics below) are Blurb, Mimobots! (which we’ve already loved for so long, but finally met them in person), Palm’s Treo 680, Namco’s old school gone mobile, Sony’s Mylo and ebook, and the etchamac.

I hid a wee ninja in the flowers…

Here’s our booth, and the raffle maddness stickered all over ~

If i had to pick one thing to be the next big thing from digital life - i’m loving blurb. Review to come next week…

Love the blurb books ~ very impressed with the quality…

The big over hyped palm 680 release - in white/red/orange/grey

The Sony Mylo - its even more enticing in person - the sidekick might really have something to worry about here… it feels great in your hands, nice shape/design/feel/keyboard.

New Sony eBook - thinner than the last one - still cool idea, not sure if its for me though.

Finally met the mimobot folks in person - LOVE it. reviews to come next week.

Most creative booth presence - Namco - they are brining pacman, digdug, galaga and such to mobile phones, loved their over their top experience of a booth.

Love how they set up the upright arcade games, with mobile phone stands to have people play them on the demo phones.

Can you believe how much they were selling? Fluffy Pacman heads and dig dug toys and pins and keychains and schwag galore!

Finally poked at the etchamac in person - i’m feeling iffy about it - will give more insightful thoughts when more conscious. it’s been a LONG day, and a few more left,

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