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Vaja iPod Case Review- 10.05.06

Vaja has been earning quite the reputation around the internet the last year or so for being THE cases to have for phones, laptops, psps, ipods, etc. (and now they even have messenger bags!). This Argentinean company really knows how to take molded leather to the next level, and the number of pantone colors they offer, wow. I’ll put it out there, that when i was browsing their site, i wasn’t sure what to make of their i-volution ipod case, that bump on the back turned me off… But they were kind enough to send one over anyhow, in this gorgeous red… and that bump while still thickening the overall size slightly, manages to give it a “leather suit” that is more protective than most others. I’m also in love with their packaging… this is one company that you will never have to question their dedication to quality and design… look at the way they present their products!?!?! Gorgeous box - in a sleeve - beautiful logo and subtle gloss on matte repeated Vaja texture. The feel and color of the case really blew me away when i opened the box… the buttons on the back hold it very securely, and they also include protectors for front and back which are thin clear pieces of flexible plastic. One thing is that you have no hold button access, but otherwise its a gorgeously luxurious leather “suit” for your ipod. Many pictures from all angles below.

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