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Lockpicks Card- 09.14.06

Possibly the most brilliant business card i have seen to date. [Thanks Craig!]… and apparently they are functional picks… Would love to get my hands on one to see how the tension wrench works (bending it yourself and all). Designed by Jeni Mattson.

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I agree with “BLAH” - poor design, poor idea, bad execution, and a pretentious desire to put design so far in front of functionality it is disturbing.

----- Bunsen 29.10.06 15:04

Now punch card surgical tools I would love to see. They would have some real appeal.

----- Emilié 13.10.06 09:22

yeah, great idea except for a few things.
once you punch the tools out, the section with all the contact information gets thrown out. so now all the recipients of you card are thinking “thanks for the free lock picks, whatsyourname”.
and how does lock picking pertain to the business card owner’s career? is he a locksmith? this card may work well for a “mischief maker” (as quoted from the designer’s site), but i don’t see any application for any real career. i mean, c’mon. mischief maker? hacker? it sounds to me like she created the career title to fit the business card design. shouldn’t it be the other way around?
and to top it off in some states it’s ILLEGAL to carry lock picks unless you are a licensed locksmith. so yeah, maybe it’s not such a great idea after all. in fact, i don’t think any real thoughts of design, problem solving or ingenuity went into this concept at all. what she did was akin to slapping feathers on a pig and calling it a duck. this is not design. it’s a gimmick. why is it a gimmick, you may ask? because the average person wouldn’t know how to use a diamond pick or a tension wrench let alone know what one is. you might as well make punch card surgical tools.

----- blah 10.10.06 21:43

absolutly amazing

----- micaela cabral 03.10.06 15:21

Next job I get… I am totally getting one of these

----- Jackson 14.09.06 20:05

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