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iPod Review Roundup- 10.05.06

So it’s been iPod day here at NOTCOT, three great cases found their way here this week, and i was impressed enough that i saved them to show you all at once. You’ve seen the thorough reviews of the Brenthaven Flip Case, Podstar Diablo Darkside, and the Vaja i-volution Case… but how do they compare?

In my opinion, and after some serious ipod case shopping, there are a LOT out there, and only few that truly stand out in terms of design, quality, functionality and packaging. These three all have a bit of character and stood out above the rest. Together i feel they show you three personalities of my ipod, ok or i shouldn’t project onto my technology… they perfectly represent my various moods when using my ipod. My final conclusions? See below.

And if you beg to differ, or have better options to offer, feel free to comment.


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Brenthaven Flip Case : Great Leather, nice color combos, accessibly priced at $34.95 ~ great practical case. And that it doubles as a dock is perfect, since those apple folks stopped including docks with new ipods!

Podstar Diablo Darkside: Some days you just feel the devil on your shoulder… for those days, the podstar will warn those around you. Sleek case, doesn’t add to much weight or bulk to your iPod. Love the black, white, red options, and you can get them with tattoos too… Reasonable at $32.90

Vaja i-volution Case: That feeling of Argentinean molded leather in that vibrant red ~ wow. Priced starting at $70.00, its your higher end case, and it’s worth it. And with its gorgeous packaging, it really makes a great looking gift with minimal gift wrapping needed. The level of customization offered is exceptional: you can personalize it by embossing text or logos, mixing and matching color options, and more.


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