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Seed’s del.icio.us- 09.20.06

September’s SEED magazine (possibly one of the most gorgeous non design mags out there to grace my mailbox) ~ has an article titled “You Look Around: A Visual Exploration of Complex Networks” featuring some mind blowing visualizations of amino acid sequence alignments, visual correlations of spatial awareness, and this one which intrigued me the most… Above (full image and more below) you see the relationships in the del.icio.us network. “It employs simple algorithms that recommend items of personal note to the user, and demonstrates the operation of interest and influence within an online community - in this instance, between a group of eight participants.” Created by Ian Timourian, Mandalabrot.net, San Francisco. See more in depth graphs and explanations at del.icio.us project.






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I am interested in developing a series of graphics for Information Systems Security Issues(planning, architecture, convergence and future security issues to be addressed by global Security Professionals within the next five years)
I would appreciate knowing how I can get that done by Ian T.

----- Judy Trummer 04.01.07 13:02

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