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Presto! Duo!

WT0023_001_A.jpgThe shopping rule. If you aren’t obsessed with it, don’t buy it on first impulse. If you can’t stop thinking about it, go back and stare at it at least 3 times and bring it up in conversations (or post it), go buy it. (assuming neccessary funds exist)

That’s all i have to say about this really. I can’t explain why this 59$ Nike Women’s watch has gotten to me. Wandering through the Nike women’s store today i realized their design is getting better and better, more fashionable and cleanly sporty. Kind of loving it, as much as i try and fight it.

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Zero Haliburton - PURSE!

zero.jpgZero Haliburton, a classic american brand, the original in high quality aluminum cases… apparently from briefcases to gun cases to pool cue cases to camera cases… to PURSEs?

I am not sure why, but i always kind of wanted one of these, in the matte black, as a briefcase to hide my laptop in (back when i was tiny, my laptop heavy and before they made laptop cases). And due to size/weight ability to carry it off while looking slick and not having it weigh me down… they now have a cute purse (if only it came in matte black of carbon fiber, i’d definitely be all over it). and only 12”x9”x5”. It was new to me, so had to share. Zero Haliburton

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LOLA bits

lola.jpgLola Cosmetics… fabulous matte ruby red makeup line by Victoria Jackson, has a Beverly Hills Boutique (adorable interiors worth checking out), and found at Sephora, and now Ulta. I’m a long time fan of their lip glosses (esp that tiny keychain one) and eyeshadows… always been curious about their foundations, but heard good things.

While wandering Ulta today noticed they now have mini liquid foundations… they are just such cute packaging… and functional too for tiny purses (or large purses that are growing too fast)… use it as a tester of their product, or concealer, or just for touch-ups. [also it’s nice and oil free, injected with vitamins A, C, E] As Lola says “Lust Often, Love Always”.

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Knuckle Purse

asskickingpurses.jpgContinuing the slightly darker feeling, more agressive concepts and items… here’s the “Sundae Best Handbag” from James Piatt. I always wanted a set of brass knuckles, for no real reason… i also always assumed they’d hurt my finger hitting someone with them more than it would hurt the person! (but then again i’m just a little girl, not a ripped large guy) But this was cute, actually has a nice metal+black type of look, that could work with the cute black dress and heels on a first date. A little edgy, but still simple and subtle in a way? Ok, well they amused me.

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YETI hat!

yetihat2.jpgSO cute in that weird funny “must touch” sort of way. This is the Yeti Hat from Creature Co-op (also found at Alt Press Expo).

Be the shy, reclusive, but potentially ferocious Yeti in this hat. Part snow bunny, part sasquatch, wear this fur and polar fleece hat and you’ll blend in perfectly with the locals.

With a full collection of playful (yet scribbly) creatures in the forms of hats, bags, plushes, and more… they are a delight to browse through. For kids of all ages? From the creators:

Creature Co-op is the creative cooperation between Rachel Chow, Jason Carpenter, and our friends and family. We started Creature Co-op in 2004 as a hobby to create cute yet dark plush friends with strongpersonalities. Some of the creatures are very dumb and bump into things a lot. Some of them are crazy. Some are dumb and crazy, but very, very sweet.

Creature Co-op

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rainy.jpgLOOT by Stina B… preshrunk featured the “hold the phone” tee, but browsing through their site, it certainly seems like their strong point is in the vinyl goods… from purses to pouches to wallets, they definitely create graphics that “pop”. A few more funky images after the jump. Loot

--> to more images

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Corporate Pig

Picture 13.jpgPicture 14.jpg
Corporate Pigs! Intruiging name, and cute characters, go through the galleries… lots of monster’s inc. meets monsterism type creatures, mostly one of a kind, and then there are clones.

The necklace is also kind of cool to look at, definitely funky enough for anything, and have a magnetic clasp. These creations come out of Portland, OR hand made by Meredith Dittmar (also known as mermak). Enjoy! Corporate Pig

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Green Squirrels

greensquirrel.jpgGreen Squirrel, a find from my own google ads. [Lately my google ads have been a good source of random new finds, surprisingly enough]

Their designs, philsophy and site are so cute and playful with just the right balance of cheeky humor and a hint of intellect, we’ve just given in and ordered the four seen. They even have a Cheapskates section with the Gas mask shirt for a mere 5$! A real steal. Not to mention hilarious ways for you to help them out, create some art, design a shirt, or more to barter them for free shirts. And even a buy 3 get 1 free deal on at the moment for their regular shirts. Additionally for the adventurous folks, Adopt a MUPS!!! (aka Messed Up Printed Shirt) A cute idea really.

So support some friendly happy Green Squirrels, and maybe help them scribble a cute banner for their site if you are bored.

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sw04a3503.jpgIn researching Taiwan, hot spots, shopping, weather, etc. came across these cute little “REAL nozzles”. It’s an interesting way to pay hommage to the spray paint cans that enable graffiti and much street art everywhere. Ok, and there’s that cute appeal for some reason. See some other random goods at X-Large

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Garden Geta

frontiso.jpgI’m a flip flop girl. Admittedly these have less flips and flops, and more plink plunk type sounds… but i love this image. Another woody wonder by Joey Roth.

●These geta are modeled on a traditional Japanese design, and form a rough circle when viewed from above. ●The finish is sandblasted so that the wear that comes from using the geta while gardening only adds to their beauty. ●Both geta are carved from the same piece of wood.

Pretty to look at, are they not?

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Not Your Mother’s Apron

apron.jpgIt’s a little bit nostalgic, a little bit trendy, and a nice remake of something that’s still useful. It’s not your I Love Lucy Apron, but certainly reminds you of the look, only with a twist. Some great designs, a fun idea, actually makes me want to pull away from my world of tech to bake a batch of cookies.

Featuring lively colors in flirty patterns and cuts, Jessie Steele’s hostess aprons are driving a forward-looking trend in domesticity, yet also hearken back to the romantic aesthetics of 1940’s and 50’s women… It all began with Helena’s vintage apron collection. The mother counterpart of the mother daughter team behind Jessie Steele, Helena had been collecting 20th century vintage aprons for years. She regarded these aprons as beautiful relics of a by-gone era, but lamented that these amazing pieces were largely forgotten today, and longed to bring them back into the fashion and consciousness of today’s markets. Imagination led to inspiration when Helena realized that who better than she could actually affect this dream of a domestic goddess revival.

Take a look at the Jessie Steele collection.

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Bling Bling*

bling.jpgFollow this for a visual story… ENGAGEMENT: “the ultimate reverse settingnothing is stronger or sharper than this killer ring. also perfect for tagging any surface… WEDDING: “hidden diamond ringwho else should care?… BACHELOR PARTY: “money padpeel as you go, 100 real american singles bound with peelable notepad glue and cardboard backing… PARTY FAVORS: “silver pills24 hours of pure silver leaf. Resulting in sparkly poo.

pointed in this direction by We-Make-Money-Not-Art

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demtagsbig.jpgI know these are a bit late, but i just found them, and i’m kind of sad i missed out during election time. It’s a new idea, i could see these taking off like those sillicon bracelets? Maybe? And they have that great black and white appeal which you know i’m a fan of. Based in NY, founded by American Design Company, Homecrest, and an attorney’s joint inspiration this was the result.

They noticed that campaign buttons have virtually disappeared from New York City’s landscape, and decided to give them a new and fashionable twist. DEMTAGS, as they’ve come to be known, are a collection of black and white dog tags, two per chain, with pro-Kerry/Edwards images, slogans to get out the vote, and quotes ranging from notable Americans ranging from Albert Einstein to Barbara Bush.

So take a look at Demtags and get some ideas for the next big thing.

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70Six Tees

70six.jpgThere’s an interesting blend of Japanese, Chinese, and Cali mixed into the 70six designs that gives them that uncommon edge in its designs. I personally love the twist on Hokusai’s Wave and how its created a visual V-wave across the girly-T. Also news to me was that the adorable car you see is the “soob 3sixty: subaru’s first car. at 360cc it’s no impreza but you gotta start somewhere.” (site quote)

Chudo Loo wrote us (after we inquired about the inspiration behind 70six) and informed us to keep our eye’s out for the 70six site update coming this weekend! Chudo is a web designer/developer full timer with a passion for heritage as seen through design. (And anyone with the guts to quit being a software developer and fulfill the dream of starting a tshirt line is worth helping out in my books!)

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Everything Will Be Ok

men_cowsweat_13.gif I’m sure you’ve picked up on today’s trend… a little pick me up for an overworked stressed friend. And there’s something heartwarmingly comforting about this graphic, and also as the red girly hoody print, and men’s and women’s shirts. Also take a look at some of the other retro cali feeling shirts by No Star.

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