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“The Goorin Hat is the ultimate mark of individuality, style, and status. Since the first Goorin Hat was sold off a horse cart in Pittsburg, PN in 1895, Goorin Brothers has redefined the art of hat making.” That is how the story of their history begins, and its a fascinating read both literally and visually, and the hats are stunning (and apparently being worn by all sorts of celebs these days)… But why i’m posting them is for their BAGs i discovered today, stumbled upon these down at Animal House in Venice Beach today, and they are incredibly well made and full of character. The little design details from the clasps to the linings and most importantly the great fabrics they use - make it well worth the mere 40$ it cost. I was torn between the “Chewie” fuzzy bag and the “Bunny” pin striped fabric bags - both the perfect size/shape for a comfy pillow of a purse that can hold a LOT of stuff (think between messenger bag and tote sized purse) and still be a comfy around the town bag. Ended up getting the Chewie - might have to go back for the other.

*notcot - 04.30.06 , 16:10 -

Beatles Bands

Wow, firstly how can one not like the beatles, and secondly those are some really fun vintage candy wrapper graphics. The work of Clizia Ornato is playfully delicious and she manages to turn these really cool vintage wrappers into cuffs! In addition to the candied ones, there are also some with postal stamps and kimono covers.

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Ok, well old habits are hard to break, and i’m sure you know NOTCOT has a soft spot for animals and weaponry in jewelry. SF based Anonymous Apparel has some great pieces - you can see my obvious favorites being the tiny owls (which you can buy in “couples” - black and silver and black and gold) - and the antique turtle has such a unique charm to it that just makes you smile. And the gun, well it was just fun.

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So apparently Fall Out Boy guys have their own clothing line “Clandestine Industries” and they like bats - like old school Batman bats… and they too have a Razor necklace (only it has a bat in the middle!). And for some reason, today the whole idea of having super powers and then exposing them via indie hoodie makes me giggle… and no, love can’t save you. But yes, super powers can. [feeling a bit cynical on the love today, sorry]

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Great Laundry

Ok so here are photos of Great Laundry - the japanese tshirt company’s first american store. Gorgeous displays and the quality of these shirts blow away my usual American Apparels and most others i’ve tried recently. All shirts are unisex, but the S fits like something a tiny bit larger than a girls S (and its not too short!). “Laundry USA, Inc. With the theme of (World Peace), Great Laundry put the message in the T-shirts and sending it out to the world… To be a part of lifestyle of the people all over the world is the goal of Great Laundry.” Check out pictures below of the store, the packaging, the sweet skull shirt, and a really fun Samurai shirt i couldn’t resist.

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Headphones + Samurai

I was at the Earth Day festivities at the LAB and the CAMP in the OC… (ah, so many caps to be had there). While i pop by there often between LA and SD trips, it’s been a while lately and i came across this new store Laundry, fresh from Japan, first one in the states. More to come on that in the next post actually about their shirts… but check out this sweet headphone necklace - and below you MUST see this really awesome Samurai Figurine.

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Owl Belt

I met Amy Di LaMarra at today’s GenArt Shop LA event - and fell in love with her owl belt. Tried it on, couldn’t take it off. You know how it goes. I adore the owl design, and was delighted to hear she has all the pieces custom cast. More interesting is that her background is that of a wardrobe artist/stylist in film, music video and theatre - and then launched Kudra in 2003… she has a fascinating bio - “she got a job creating leather costumes for a George Michael video, the experience expanded her understanding of leather craftsmanship and quality.”

I’m currently kicking myself tonight for not having given in and gotten the purse below - what her site doesn’t tell you is that instead of that brass ring you can swap in the buckles (most work well except for my owl which would end up sideways! although that could be interesting) - and have a really unique gorgeous yet temporary combination… and i’m a big fan of something of such high quality giving you that kind of options.

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Happy Owl Glass

Gorgeous individually handcrafted fused-glass badges by Happy Owl Glass. Measuring 7/8” square and no two are exactly alike (says the site). There are also some fun cufflinks and adorable little dishes available. I love the style and natural quality of the images, very fun for gifts. Check out the images below for my favorites of the creatures.

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Fancy Pony Land

fancypony.jpg What a name, Fancy Pony Land, but do not fear, its not a my little pony shiny rip off… its actually a fun fashion line of Lorna Leedy who grew up in Washington and is apparently now wandering the states in a Eurovan Camper. This collection with the oceanic theme is cute, and i’m liking the octopus skirt and the shark top, but put these all together and it feels very Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series i grew up on. Come to think of it - i think this could be a great line for fun elementary school teachers teaching an oceans lesson!

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les demons

The cosmetics line Bourjois Paris has nice little design details and fun products that always drew me into their displays… just noticed this game/promo on their French site you need to go poke around! Not to mention it uses the work of Genevieve Gauckler, one of my favorite artists ever, to show “les anges contre les demons” in some great animations. I will even admit that my french is lacking so the card game probably lost much of its point on me, but clicking away for the animations was well worth it. (Feel free to post notes on the goal/how it works/etc!)

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Colette is one of my most pleasantly inspiring sites to visit, no matter what mood i am in when i stumble upon it, those 2d black and white dogs just put a smile on my face. Not to mention the incredible little world they live in that is the store, etc - as well as the incredible collection of great designer goods. New things there are —- Smiley Perfume by Ora Ito, “first ever happiness factor in the form of a perfume” Who could say no to that? Imagine walking down the street spraying it on grumpy people… and then there is the Bourjois mini kit - now the trend the last few years has been the mini lip glosses on keychains (which i still believe is a brilliant idea since a) seldom do i finish a full sized lip gloss before moving on to the next and b) saves space and is always handy) Well with the trand of having electronic keys picking up, or your cellphone as your key - this lipgloss is ready as your phone/zipperpull! Cute twist on the current trend.

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Octopus Girl

gaoctopus.pngKarmaSoup’s Gary Gao has some great illustration and graphic design work - you probably know his infamous Threadless tee with the Pet Human (girl and giant robot, or robot and mini girl)… But check out his new tee with the girl and the octopus! and what looks like mini baby octopi that are poking at her toes? Very cute.

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Full Bleed

Amazing - thought provoking - beautiful - and well designed shirt + poster placement. I’m a big fan of Full Bleed which i just discovered thanks to Prickie. The work of Rob Dobi grew into Full Bleed in the summer of 2004 as a side project - and apparently his following began due to his eye catching work with bands… letting “the music i listen to influence the work”. I love his mentality that “you pay enough money for a shirt, why have it act as a billboard?”. Love the site as well, great use of space and colors.

Also - this main image i like is “work is for the birds” poetic, punny, and i must admit it reminds me of that threadless shirt of the girl blowing her brains out and out comes butterflies - but i love this one so so much more.

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PRICKIE! Perfect name for what seems to be one of the most beautifully designed unique/artistic button sites, no? Must go check it out, it was my “how have i not seen this before!” find of the day - my source of inspiration for the moment that sent me launching off into sites of designers i found through their fabulous buttons. I love how the images load into the blank button, and all have the 3d effect subtly helping them POP.

*notcot - 04.03.06 , 18:57 -

Forget Me Not

forgetmenot.jpgNoticed this at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn, then again at Propeller in Hayes Valley, SF, and then recently popping up in mags and design sites- Kiel Mead’s Forget Me Knot ring is another piece that casts an everyday object/idea into precious metals (sterling silver or gold). He’s an undergrad Pratt ID student. You’ve also probably seen his bent keys rings around - which remind me a lot of that bent spoon/fork handle jewelry you see at art fairs.

note to self: need one of these to remind me not to forget things i see wandering around for notcot.

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