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70Six Tees- 03.24.05

70six.jpgThere’s an interesting blend of Japanese, Chinese, and Cali mixed into the 70six designs that gives them that uncommon edge in its designs. I personally love the twist on Hokusai’s Wave and how its created a visual V-wave across the girly-T. Also news to me was that the adorable car you see is the “soob 3sixty: subaru’s first car. at 360cc it’s no impreza but you gotta start somewhere.” (site quote)

Chudo Loo wrote us (after we inquired about the inspiration behind 70six) and informed us to keep our eye’s out for the 70six site update coming this weekend! Chudo is a web designer/developer full timer with a passion for heritage as seen through design. (And anyone with the guts to quit being a software developer and fulfill the dream of starting a tshirt line is worth helping out in my books!)

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