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DemTags- 03.25.05

demtagsbig.jpgI know these are a bit late, but i just found them, and i’m kind of sad i missed out during election time. It’s a new idea, i could see these taking off like those sillicon bracelets? Maybe? And they have that great black and white appeal which you know i’m a fan of. Based in NY, founded by American Design Company, Homecrest, and an attorney’s joint inspiration this was the result.

They noticed that campaign buttons have virtually disappeared from New York City’s landscape, and decided to give them a new and fashionable twist. DEMTAGS, as they’ve come to be known, are a collection of black and white dog tags, two per chain, with pro-Kerry/Edwards images, slogans to get out the vote, and quotes ranging from notable Americans ranging from Albert Einstein to Barbara Bush.

So take a look at Demtags and get some ideas for the next big thing.

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