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Not Your Mother’s Apron- 03.31.05

apron.jpgIt’s a little bit nostalgic, a little bit trendy, and a nice remake of something that’s still useful. It’s not your I Love Lucy Apron, but certainly reminds you of the look, only with a twist. Some great designs, a fun idea, actually makes me want to pull away from my world of tech to bake a batch of cookies.

Featuring lively colors in flirty patterns and cuts, Jessie Steele’s hostess aprons are driving a forward-looking trend in domesticity, yet also hearken back to the romantic aesthetics of 1940’s and 50’s women… It all began with Helena’s vintage apron collection. The mother counterpart of the mother daughter team behind Jessie Steele, Helena had been collecting 20th century vintage aprons for years. She regarded these aprons as beautiful relics of a by-gone era, but lamented that these amazing pieces were largely forgotten today, and longed to bring them back into the fashion and consciousness of today’s markets. Imagination led to inspiration when Helena realized that who better than she could actually affect this dream of a domestic goddess revival.

Take a look at the Jessie Steele collection.

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