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Coat Rack Help?- 04.28.07

Not to send you all on a mission or anything, but i’m terribly frustrated this saturday morning… i have this skinny hallway that is pretty much useless for anything but walking through and the scribbling on the giant whiteboard on one wall… and on the other side i want to have a long strip of coat rack/hooks… but i want them to be pretty functional, and not stick out TOO far, but enough that i could not only hang coats, yoga mats, tennis rackets, etc but also hang hangers with fresh dry cleaning or what not as well… so up top are the things i’ve found that amused/intrigued me, but nothing seems quite perfect. Perhaps it is time to get crafty? Also thought i’d just ask to see if someone has seen something really nice/minimalist/functional. (FYI, i am currently reviewing in my head the hooks of some of my favorite store dressing rooms that are more unique for inspiration even.) Listing below of what those are in the image.

Foosball Offsides Coat Rack

Chris Jackson’s Skyline

DESU Symbol Coat Rack: with the pop out when you need them hooks

UMBRA’s Flip Hook: much like the concept of the symbol coat rack

Ikea’s TJUSIG Hat Rack

Modular IVY

Green Branch Hanger

OR - maybe i will just end up with simpler more traditional options like these… from Container Store

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Hi - know that you posted this a while ago but was flicking through on a horrible rainy Sunday afternoon and thought you’d like to see these options of hooks. I know they don’t answer your brief (functional, long line of them and don’t stick out too far) and obviously not great if you overload them with coats but for a few choice items I think they are stunning!!


----- Sally F 19.08.07 09:10

hey jean, these hand hooks are kind of funny. not super functional since you can’t hang many things on one and they do stick out, but fun nonetheless.


also, unica has simple hooks, but not many coat hooks.

----- ann 29.04.07 09:28

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