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Chive Tears- 04.23.07

Took a stroll down Haight and noticed these gorgeous glass vases - Tear by Canadian company, Chive, over at Doe. Couldn’t decide between the colors and sizes so opted to run home and post them first while i mull it over. More images below. There was something so beautiful and simple about how well it hung from a single nail, and had such a nice organic giant water droplet feel. I think i’m leaning towards the clear ones.


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saw the ones at cb2, they are a bad copy of the origional as most of cb2 is. the ones at cb2 are thin cheap glass that weighs about 1 onze, the chive ones are vibrant and weigh about 2 pounds

----- Anonymous 26.09.07 17:22

You can find an inexpensive alternative at CB2.com ( a branch of Crate & Barrel) for just $3.95


They have teardrop hanging vases, teardrop diamond vase and more if you like this style.

----- diane witman 24.04.07 10:33

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