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Carolyn Mendoza- 03.30.07

CA Boom 4 started today ~ and i must admit, a bit small, and quite an odd assortment of goods… standouts were the new section dedicated to toddler/baby goods and some incredible living art (i feel a new obsession with aerial plants coming on).

Fell in love with the work of Venice based Carolyn Mendoza ~ particularly her mixed patina techniques/metalwork/aerial plant pieces… absolutely stunning, mesmerizing, and easy to take care of! (they just need to be misted regularly)… see some pics of her booth below, as well as a unique corner sink unit she created in collaboration with Advanced Concrete Enhancement. Thing to watch out for? She tipped us off that she’s working on a large movable wall (yes, picture a large scale of one of these incredible living artworks in your loft or patio!)… should be ready in a month or so, can’t wait to see them!



Fascinating thing about this piece is that the whole sink unit (although made of concrete) disassembles for moving, and her piece above velcros to the wall!


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