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IronMAN- 07.20.05

iron.JPG.jpgThis one’s from mom! Who, if we’re lucky will keep sending more fabulous finds, after all she’s the one i probably inherited much of my design aesthetic from. Here is Shane Inder’s IronMan…

“I wanted to put a bit of fun into it. They’re usually seen as a utilitarian item but now, with the Ironman, they are being seen as gifts. I think it’s pretty much on all the wedding lists at Living & Giving.” Just because they have become aesthetic objects doesn’t mean they have become less practical than ordinary ironing boards.

Cute idea, pity the man doesn’t actually put the shirt on, and magically iron like those 10 second machines? Still, absolutely adorable.

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where can i buy a replacement iron man board cover? sydney

----- nici 22.11.07 22:56

where can I buy an ironman in Melbourne, Australia

----- joanna 01.10.07 00:20

i got nothin

----- hmmm 19.07.07 15:03

Yes, like a lot of people I was suckered by the ‘design’ of the board. However, I’m sorry to say it is impractical. The chest part is too short to flat iron any adult clothes with ease, so shirts, blouses etc. take twice as long. I have given up trying to iron trousers using the legs of the board - they’re too short. If you like duvets and sheets ironed, you need to fold them over and over to fit the chest part. I’ve been using the board for 6 months now, and I can’t put up with it any more, so it’ll be going to the recycling yard.

----- marian 05.12.06 04:57

I have an ironman ironing board and am in Sydney.

I bought quite a few because i couldn’t decide on the colours (have red,green and blue) and they were almost sold out. I really won’t be needing them all so i will consider selling as long as I know ‘he’ will be going to a good home.

I will sell for the rrp which is $210.

I can be contacted on 0415 218 398.Delivery would be extra.



----- paul silva 25.07.06 18:21

Yes I have been looking for one for sometime. Where can I buy one in Sydney?

----- Nicci Fripp 03.07.06 23:21

LOVE IT!!Certainly not one to hide away! Where can they be purchased in Hobart and Sydney,Australia?

----- Jayne 03.04.06 04:19

Could you pleasde tell me where i can buy a ironmam ironing board in Brisbane Australia.

----- rosa 11.01.06 18:24

Iron Man ironing board, place to buy it in Melbourne Australia?

----- Darren 29.11.05 18:36

where can I buy an ‘ironman’ ironing board in Brisbane, Australia?

----- Georgina 20.09.05 21:38

Where can i purchase the ironman ironing board?

----- T 19.08.05 06:07

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