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20th Anniversary Rabbids

On more rabbids to love, just found a link to these, 20th Anniversary Rabbids, but there were only 150 sets made, and it doesn’t seem to want to let me add them to the cart. See my other Rabbids here.

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Adopt A Squid

Adopt A Squid ~ and parts of the profits are donated to the Red Cross to help Tsunami Victims. Incredible enormous handmade stuffed animal squids… playful graphic design on the site. (see more images below.)

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Endorphins @ NOTCOT

Endorphins are the feel good hormones… you know you love em… they give you that happy high. And who would have thought that you could sculpt them out of resin for a similar effect? Well the pictures made me smile enough… but i just received the sweetest package from Dave Pressler today with a set of 4 Endorphins from his latest show at Munky King ~ and as much as i love collectible toys, i HAD to open one… its living just below my monitor next to my mimobot… and in reality ~ that grin is even more contagious than you can imagine, when you can actually hold them in your hands. Big thanks to Dave, these endorphins gave me just the energy boost i needed today!

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Rabbid Portraits

Rayman’s Rabbids in combination with the Wii changed my life. (And now there is also a wii off to change Pres Rodriguez’s life out in Florida ~ CONGRATS! to our wii winner). That being said, anyone who has yet to experience the insanity of the Rabbids on the wii, get to it! So, i finally did a mini shoot with my vinyl Rabbids… and they were too fun not to share, more below.

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Baby be of use

SwissMiss has been finding the BEST baby stuff… for people like us. Things like McSweeny’s “Baby Be of Use” series by Lisa Brown. I still have no babies, but am tempted to order this set of board books (there’s something so satisfying about flipping board book pages)… for future babies, for babies who might visit, for potentially brilliant babies i might meet in airplanes… But seriously, this maybe the the perfect way to leave a hint for that special someone that you want to make you breakfast, make you a drink, fix your car, or help with the banking.

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Lomography Notebook

The cult like world of Lomography ~ announces a notebook… and it looks great! (and no no don’t compare it to moleskine already, since the elastic around is so standard these days, and its not as if they invented it)… there’s something nice about a notebook that gives you your space to doodle and ruminate at will… yet also inspires you on every page with some little tips and tidbits and pictures. And everyone knows it can sometimes be hard to fill a notebook in one calendar year depending on your usage and how many you have… this one has calendars fro 2007-2010! As if they knew some of us like the plan ahead… as well as dialing codes and time zones, for us international types. Lomographic Notebook (more info and images below as well!)

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Oh. Mi. Bod.

One last one for the lonelier or more playful Valentine’s Day people… OhMiBod turned up on .org a week or so ago, and we were intrigued. And conceptually its really pretty brilliant ~ basically its a vibrator that takes audio input and vibrates to the rhythm. For all your concert going kids, you know that feeling of standing right next to the sub? Now imagine taking that vibration you feel and concentrating it into this device… and aiming that wherever you please.

So two days before Valentine’s, this box shows up containing the OhMiBod, the pink garter, the ‘softskin sleeve’, and a t-shirt. (unboxing images below) They’ve got some nice clean branding and packaging ~ and even provide itunes’ playlists for songs that work especially well.

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DIY Cat Toys

We have a fascination with the DIY - print + cut + paste/tape - toy revolution going on these days… and i’m surprised i haven’t seen more like this! Marmalade’s promotional materials are DIY cutout corrugated cardboard cat toys! And even print and cut your own designs as well… BRILLIANT! not to mention, recyclable, cost effective, and STILL endless amusement for your kittens. Also, pretty site design, more images below. (via Core77)

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Designer Airsickness

Poor RUGenius has been quite ill as of late ~ so this one’s for her. Even when you are puking your guts out in cars, planes, and trains ~ you can apparently do it in style with these designer air sickness bags. By the Redstr Collective, “These limited edition, hand-screened barf bags were designed through the AAA. The bags have been released in limited editions for The Future Perfect, Terminal 5, and Le Bon Marche. They are meant to serve as a vehicle for the everyday consumer to display their distaste for BAD DESIGN.” Noticed this in the Core77 Newsletter.

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Manuella’s Elephant

Manuella’s elephants and bunnies (also ducks and dogs exist)…. brain child of Merav Flam, graduate of Bezalel Academy for Art and Design Jerusalem… and i’m smitten not only by these creatures, but also by the motivation behind the line… “With children in mind, her unique designs reflect her own longing for childhood without digital and electronic toys… ‘Manuella’ - is reminiscent of the mechanical system that was used a long time ago to operate dolls, musical boxes, and toys.” Now if that doesn’t hit you somewhere in your laptop toting, cell phone attached, wii loving being… i give up, go buy your kid an Ugly Doll.

But i have this habit of always shopping for kids toys (some of which admittedly i end up buying myself) ~ and having a few products in mind for all of those last minute baby showers that keep popping up, and to find the perfect gift is hard, but it will be hard to go wrong showing up with one of these Manuella Elephants.

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Alife Sketchbooks

Always on the look out for new sketch/notebooks as gifts and as the next volume in the never ending pile of scribbles… came across Alife Design. Fun packaging, cute display, and there is something fun about the pliable plasticy cover marked PLAIN and NOTES in such vibrant colors… Also while browsing their site noticed they have a really fun line of passport covers, checkbook covers, and travel bag tags worth taking a peek at.

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95$ for a bat never seemed quite so worth it… VISUALIZE bat from Orange 32 (who brought you the “you’re a douche” cards). Shade Elaine exclaimed “Wow. So. Awesome.” as soon as we saw it ~ because, well, as the site says “For “those” clients. Also comes with wall-mounting hardware so you can camouflage it as a piece of art until “that” client comes by.”

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GMT Jetset Bag

Stumbled upon this Vlieger & Vandam GMT (glasses - music - tickets) “basic travel equipment for all time zones” bag and it appealed to my inner jetsetter. Something fun about that envelope like pocket… not exactly the most subtle of pockets… and what about the most critical - mobile phone!!! But i suppose music and phone are really one in the same these days. The details were cute, the quality looks nice, and it would be a good fit for my quick/short in and out of planes, trains, and automobile trips…

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If there’s one thing i learned this christmas, it’s that you cannot leave RUGenius alone with a printer and internet access all alone in oxford tending to her lab. After the amazing cardboy calendar, she proceeded to find lots of other “print, cut, + build” toys on the internet and filled the lab with them (and my inbox with fun pics of them). So this one is for her.

FWIS has two amazing series of DIY toys over at ReadyMech.com - so get printing!

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Meet the Marks

Meet The Marks, a playful little e-book to get your kids into both punctuation AND typography at an early age… nothing like watching some sassy question mark and exclamation mark trying to break out of their book… only to learn a very important lesson. And what does it mean when the period and the comma get together and beget a ‘?’ and a ‘!’ ?

Brought to you by the Right Brain Terrain, home of those brilliant Alternative Motivational Posters - my all time fav is still the Focus… (via Josh Spear)

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