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Sasa Saddle Pail

It’s summertime, and that means fishing, berry picking, weeding in your garden, and other fun outdoor activities. The Sasa Saddle Pail by Kitta Perttula is the perfect companion. Both a seat and a container in one, you can relax as you pick blackberries and store them as you go. Designed by Kitta as a school project, you can now find the Sasa at the Design Forum shop. Close up below!

NOTCOT Note: I’ve been a HUGE fan of Sub-Studio for sometime now, and Anna has been nice enough to write this post for us. If we’re lucky, Anna and Sean will join our team with more regular submissions! Feel free to let us know if you have any comments about this potential collaboration.

Sub-Studio is a two-person team of Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung. The pair met in architecture school at Cornell University and started the studio in 2004, shortly after moving to New York City. The practice is multi-disciplinary and draws from interests in architecture, photography, illustration and graphic design. The Sub-Studio Store carries an ever-expanding line of silkscreen prints, stationery and clothing. The Sub-Studio Design Blog catalogs projects and objects that float our boat and which we think might float yours, too.

p.s. Don’t they sound like our kind of people?

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Forever Young

Forever Young by Robert Stadler - 3 and 5 kg dumb-bells in Carrara marble. I just saw these over at Sub Studio, and desperately want some. Don’t they bring out your inner Flintstone? Couldn’t you see Betty and Wilma working out with these, while a dino-bird instructs them how to use them in their TV? Also i was actually at the Carrara marble quary! Way back in ‘02, and these made me think of that fun trip seeing the enormous slabs of marble, and the incredible sculptors in the area.

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Delight-ful Surprise

The ladies of Delight.com sent over a fun surprise package that really brightened up my weekend ~ and that was before i even got to seeing what was inside (but more pics of unboxing and goodies below). For those who don’t know, Delight.com is an online shopping destination that announces a new product each day at lunch (noon central time) and keeps it in the store up to 30 days (when its gone. its gone!).

What i didn’t know until this package showed up was how impressive their gift wrap was ~ certainly a joy to open (and if you don’t get gift wrap, you still get the exciting burst of tissue paper and shopping list sticky notes!). Bookmark this one for quick gifts that are sure to impress. That being said ~ go see a sneak peek of Thursday and Friday’s black and white goodies that were in the box after the jump.

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Design House Stockholm produced Marie-Louise Gustaffsson’s Carrie, which comes in a bike model and a shopping basket model and hit store shelves around April apparently, but i finally encountered it in person today… and couldn’t resist, and bought a white shopping basket (not being a biker). I’ve long admired Gustaffsson’s work, her slacker chair (remember the bean bag office chair?) as well as her Table of Trash (images of both below incase you’ve forgotten). I also have great respect for the quality and simple beauty of products from Design House Stockholm, and how much they embrace young designers.

The Carrie basket has been written about greatly ~ but getting hands on with the baskets themselves (and having one on my desk as i write this) ~ made it worthy of a post. I found the green bike basket and white shopping basket over at Zinc Details, which unfortunately is slow to update their online store. More thoughts (read: gushing about the bike model i didn’t buy) and images below.

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Gloo Man

Gloo Man (and WOman) ~ From Pixels to Paper, Just Add GLOO! Business in the back, party in the front? Or vice versa depending which side is facing you… These guys have officially taken the bored at work paper toys to a whole new level… you can customize away online, and out comes the pdf. Then cut and paste your dual personality character and *poof* instant amusement. SO. CUTE. Let’s just say when your office runs out of magenta ink… hide your army of Gloo Persons.

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Maker Faire Bay Area 2007

Make magazine is putting on the Maker Faire twice this year, and it just passed through the Bay Area on May 19-20 (it will be in Austin Oct. 20 & 21). The Maker Faire is “A two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful folks who like to tinker and love to make things.” A friend of mine went to check it out this past Sunday and I asked her to take some pics for us (thanks, gigglebliss!). She shared a bunch of pics with me and this super cute “T@B” camper/trailer caught my eye. A Bay Area company called Hardtent rents out these little guys for when you wanna go camping and don’t wanna go in a big RV but don’t wanna totally rough it with just a tent either. The interior is so cute, with a dining area that turns into a larger-than-queen-sized bed, and there’s even an awning so you can chill outside in the shade. Check out more images of the trailer and the Maker Faire after the jump!

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Whaleboy by Patrick Morgan

While perusing ToysREvil we found this toy and had to share. I love toys with cracked out faces that make me laugh out loud. Whaleboy is the creation of illustrator Patrick Morgan, and the comic that the toy is based on is being pitched to Nickelodeon to possibly become a cartoon! Reminds me of Ren & Stimpy and Spongebob a bit. Oh and the best part? He apparently has a sidekick named “Sucka”, one of those little sucker/cleaning fish! Too funny and cute. If you wanna get your hands on one of these guys check out whaleboytoy.com.

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Puma Table Tennis

While sifting through the designer goodness at .org, i simply HAD to repost the Puma ‘PT3 Ultramagnetic Collection’ paddles and balls here, because just LOOK at that incredible magnetic packaging. I’m not big on ping pong what so ever, but love these. (although i do love Rockstar’s Table Tennis, remember the party?)

So, check out High Snobiety - to read more about the PT3 (PUMA Table Tennis Tournament) and these limited edition paddle sets designed by long-time pong enthusiast Johan Liden from the New York-based creative agency aruliden.

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Doma Acid Sweeties

What happens when toys go save the world happy? DOMA’s Acid Sweeties toys for Kid Robot. “From Argentina, where suave desserts and happy pills keep company with nauseous oil barrels and 3-D lightning bolts, street art and design collective DOMA firmly plants one foot in reality and the other in psycho-tropics. Acid Sweeties, their first mini figure series, is an absurd medley of happy colors and bright characters.”

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Good vs. Evil Foosball

When it becomes good versus evil ~ which side of the foosball table are YOU on? On the team of Evil XI we have: Pot, Lucifer, Calgula, Ripper (as in Jack), Impaler (as in Vlad the), Hitler, Macbeth (as in Lady), Hyde, Klebb (as in Rosa), Amin, Catcher (as in the Child). Playing for Good XI we have: Claus (as in Santa), More (as in Sir Thomas), Moore (as in Bobby), Gordon (as in Flash), Robin (as in Christopher), God, Assisi, Jekyll, Poppins, Teresa, M.K. Gandhi.

This is a limited edition “opus football table” by Eleven Forty for the super exclusive 20LTD. Only 20 were made ~ and it retails for 14,500 pounds. We previously featured Eleven Forty back in June ‘05. See the team’s lineup below…

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Svan Scooter

Svan Scooter ~ the perfect mix between the scandinavian sleek bent birch and playful scooter… it took everything in us not to jump on that and roll around barkar hangar. The one odd (or perhaps brilliant?) detail, was the use of what looked like office furniture casters for the wheels… now if only they’d make a larger one that could be used as a desk chair/studio transportation.

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Nodders ~ you know, those silly things that bob their heads in cars? Well i’ve never been a huge fan, but this extensive and bizarre collection manufactured by B. Shackman Company is impressive… from poodles and german shepards, to hippos and lobsters… Also available at Rose and Radish.

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20th Anniversary Rabbids

On more rabbids to love, just found a link to these, 20th Anniversary Rabbids, but there were only 150 sets made, and it doesn’t seem to want to let me add them to the cart. See my other Rabbids here.

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Adopt A Squid

Adopt A Squid ~ and parts of the profits are donated to the Red Cross to help Tsunami Victims. Incredible enormous handmade stuffed animal squids… playful graphic design on the site. (see more images below.)

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Endorphins @ NOTCOT

Endorphins are the feel good hormones… you know you love em… they give you that happy high. And who would have thought that you could sculpt them out of resin for a similar effect? Well the pictures made me smile enough… but i just received the sweetest package from Dave Pressler today with a set of 4 Endorphins from his latest show at Munky King ~ and as much as i love collectible toys, i HAD to open one… its living just below my monitor next to my mimobot… and in reality ~ that grin is even more contagious than you can imagine, when you can actually hold them in your hands. Big thanks to Dave, these endorphins gave me just the energy boost i needed today!

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