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Delight-ful Surprise- 07.10.07

The ladies of Delight.com sent over a fun surprise package that really brightened up my weekend ~ and that was before i even got to seeing what was inside (but more pics of unboxing and goodies below). For those who don’t know, Delight.com is an online shopping destination that announces a new product each day at lunch (noon central time) and keeps it in the store up to 30 days (when its gone. its gone!).

What i didn’t know until this package showed up was how impressive their gift wrap was ~ certainly a joy to open (and if you don’t get gift wrap, you still get the exciting burst of tissue paper and shopping list sticky notes!). Bookmark this one for quick gifts that are sure to impress. That being said ~ go see a sneak peek of Thursday and Friday’s black and white goodies that were in the box after the jump.

There’s something far too satisfying about untying a luscious satiny ribbon ~

Tracey Tee knows me too well ~ black and white and eco happy? Here is the Sigg Bottle (with genius BottleCAT so the twist off top doesn’t get lost) and a set of 5 Envirosaxs. Oh and shhhhh these are a sneak preview for this Thurs and Fridays products.

These bags were far larger and stronger than i imagined ~ might need to try them out for groceries next time (although i am quite addicted to the reusable green Whole Foods ones) and they also seem great to leave in the car for any random excursion, bag needs, impulsive beach trip (it will protect your nice leather bag from sand?)

Here’s how they look fresh out of the bag… tiny little buttoned up bags!

How adorable are these tiny Delight.com shopping list sticky notes? I fear that many a to do and to buy list will be all over the sides of my monitor in no time.

p.s. Why the semi-ghetto sidewalk photoshoot? Well, this is right by the Haight post office outside my car, and while on my way to return the iPhone (done!) i picked up the package… and i needed to open it! So i took some quick pics for you in the process. AND it was a gorgeous day out, i’m not sure why i felt the need to justify that to you.

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It’s true that retailers benefit when they take the time to beautifully wrap gift or do something special with our package. They make my buy again list.

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