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Skeleton Keys- 07.27.07

Friday craving - glow in the dark white skull key cap. Richard from Fresh Arrival just reminded me about the great site of Fred and rebrowsing, i love this image of the skull key cap, and they’d be amusing as random gifts (for some reason i see having more than one of these on one keychain being too many).

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hi, you can get the skeleton key cover right now at www.perpetualkid.com, on sale for actually $1.99 the set of six. I hope this helps! :o)

----- sara 20.08.08 21:26

Hey! Does anyone know of an online shop that actually has Fred’s skeleton keys, and not just the key-shirts or monkeys??? Trying to buy some from the UK, and it is proving difficult.

----- J 05.09.07 11:36

Nice, but that link to Fresh Arrival has literally just eaten up 2 hours of my night! :D

Ah well, nothing worth watching on the TeeVee anyway.

----- The Slapster 28.07.07 21:30

Clever, I like them! ;-)

----- speedmaster 28.07.07 04:49

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