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Forever Young- 07.13.07

Forever Young by Robert Stadler - 3 and 5 kg dumb-bells in Carrara marble. I just saw these over at Sub Studio, and desperately want some. Don’t they bring out your inner Flintstone? Couldn’t you see Betty and Wilma working out with these, while a dino-bird instructs them how to use them in their TV? Also i was actually at the Carrara marble quary! Way back in ‘02, and these made me think of that fun trip seeing the enormous slabs of marble, and the incredible sculptors in the area.



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I can’t tell if I think it is a stunning item or if it is a stunning photograph of an okay item. I guess that’s the best part. It’s intriguing enough to buy it to find out.

----- Angel Robinson 17.07.07 18:52

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