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Angus Hutcheson Chrysalises- 02.11.08

cocoon1.jpgIt’s incredible what can be done with raw silkworm chrysalises. While at FORDBRADY last week for Dwell’s cocktail party, i was immediately drawn to the work of Angus Hutcheson. He creates some breathtaking lighting pieces by wiring up hundreds of silk worm cocoons for wall, floor, ceiling, and table lamps, which come in both white and black, and the natural variation in the cocoons creates such a mesmerizing effect, particularly when casting fabulously dramatic shadows. The only thing that i couldn’t help feeling was… what if they missed one! What if one of the moths was waiting to emerge… and found myself peering into all of the tiny chrysalises. Images below of the lamps, as well as a roundup of from Angus’ collection.






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These have been available through the Thai design firm PANTA for several years now…


As well as several other eco / cool items, well worth a look.

Thanks for running a killer site, I find inspiration daily.

----- MHYP 11.02.08 09:16

Cute and kinda gross. How do you clean that?

----- Desperate Housewife 11.02.08 08:29

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